Mother Knows Best: Here Are 6 Feedbacks For Hanabishi

Oct 29, 2019 | Posted By: Specialist

Mother Knows Best: Here Are 6 Feedbacks For Hanabishi


Moms are amazing. They can juggle the work of three people inside one household, from cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, to taking care of the children. They only deserve the best home and kitchen appliances to make their lives easier.

Are you looking for the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines? A professional appliance store in the Philippines such as Hanabishi offers quality home and kitchen equipment. This has earned them a well-deserved spot in every Filipino household and kitchen.

Take a look at these 6 #PraktikalnaNanay and their #PraktikaliTIPS on exceptional products that Hanabishi has provided them with.


Berlin A. Domingo-Maynigo

Berlin A. Domingo-Maynigo

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Berlin Domingo-Maynigo is a wife and beloved mother to five kids. She is also a lifestyle and parenting blogger. She started her personal blog, Momi Berlin, to cope with the boredom of staying at home. Her blog features personal narratives, plenty of mommy tips, and her thrilling discoveries to make everyday life happy.

Berlin shares the same sentiments as the local moms out there. With her “Live”, “Life”, and “Love” write-ups, she has been able to touch the hearts of moms all over the country. This has also helped her shed light on how motherhood is not a gift until you have learned how to appreciate it.

Some of her other articles are about discovering the best products for her children as well as the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines. She also shares her experiences and thoughts about finding reliable local appliance stores. With her honest and well-written opinions, plenty of Filipino moms learn tips to acquire only what is best for their families.

Here is what she had to say about her overall experience regarding the years of using Hanabishi appliances at home:

“We [the entire family] are satisfied [with Hanabishi appliances]. The brand [Hanabishi] is something I would recommend to friends.”

Berlin has tried and tested Hanabishi’s electric fan units and a few small kitchen appliances. She said that they bring convenience to users with a price tag that does not hurt the pocket. Moreover, the simplicity of the designs makes Hanabishi suitable for any kitchen.

Berlin also mentions that Hanabishi appliances are for long-term use, which is why Hanabishi’s kitchen equipment remains a great choice for all practical moms out there.


Jean Ricamata

Jean Ricamata

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Jean Ricamata is a mother of two, a full-time stay-at-home mom, and a lifestyle blogger. She writes reviews of products that she has tried and tested, as well as events that she has attended. In her blog, JeanSane Mom Writes, she focuses on sharing her daughter’s journey with autism in hopes of inspiring other people. Jean also creates video logs (vlogs) about her daily life. Typically, she unboxes new kitchen equipment and beauty products that she has just recently purchased.

This 2019, she made a vlog where she gave tips on how to purchase goods at the wet market with only PHP150.00. The YouTube video was entitled, “150 Pesos Palengke Challenge: #PraktikalnaNanay Vlog for Hanabishi”. At the end of the video, she proudly stated that “walang budget na maliit, kung #PraktikalnaNanay ang gagamit.” The video garnered plenty of comments from subscribers admiring her for accomplishing the challenge.

For kitchen tools and home equipment, Jean trusts only the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines. The first electric fan that she ever owned was from Hanabishi and it lasted her for almost 8 years. Here is what she had to say about the brand:

“I find Hanabishi, as a brand, unique in many ways. My first reason is [that] their appliances are suitable for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a full-time mom, have a small business, or are even an established business owner, Hanabishi has an appliance fit for your lifestyle. Second is the wide variety of the designs of appliances as well as their prices wherein everyone’s budget is taken into consideration.”

She left a note of recommendation for anyone who wants to try and test Hanabishi appliances. Her advice? Buying from official sellers is better than acquiring equipment elsewhere. Additionally, visiting the official Hanabishi website will allow customers to discover a great list of appliances covered with a legitimate warranty.


Anna Floriza N. Marcelo
Anna Floriza N. Marcelo

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Anna Marcelo is a dedicated mother to two little girls. She posts videos of herself unboxing and testing body care essentials and other products on her Facebook page. Anna also shares her daily experiences with her children, including their school activities, family bonding time, and the kitchen appliance brands that she trusts.

As a #PraktikalnaNanay, Anna highly recommends Hanabishi products for their affordability and durability. According to her, Hanabishi appliances remain one of the best kitchen appliances. It can save you up on costs and make your life easier. From washing machines, spinners, flat irons, air coolers, blenders, ovens, and electric fans, buying Hanabishi can satisfy your needs at home.

Anna shared that when they moved into their new home in 2014, she instantly chose to obtain Hanabishi products. She mentioned that the brand was a part of their family’s life. The home and kitchen appliances made their everyday routine convenient for the entire family. Here is more of what she had to say about the appliances’ durability:

“The Hanabishi kettle that [was] bought in 2010 by my boyfriend, who is now my husband, is still rocking and kicking! Amazing, right? The uniqueness [of Hanabishi products] is its remarkable quality. Yes, [they are also] unique because of its price as well as the long life span. Now I can tell, Hanabishi appliances are for [the] people.”

Mothers like Anna appreciate the small conveniences in life that home appliances can bring. For Anna, even the small delights can have a big impact. From the speed of heating water with multi-purpose kettles to the fun of making juice shakes with a blender.


Ma. Yvette Heart L. Calimlim

Ma. Yvette Heart L. Calimlim

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Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim is a mother of three, a freelance writer, a home baker, a virtual assistant, and a blogger. On her personal blog BuhayMommy, she mostly talks about her unforgettable experiences as well as the struggles and successes of being a mother. She humbly shares the difficulties and challenges of being a mother to premature babies, hoping to inspire mothers who share the same sentiments.

Yvette owns a Hanabishi pancake maker, blender, electric fan, kettle, and oven. She shared that what matters to homemakers like herself is the opportunity to choose from plenty of product options offered by the same reliable appliance store in the Philippines. More importantly, the affordability of the products should not compromise its quality. Here is what Yvette had to say about her satisfaction over Hanabishi’s home and kitchen appliances:

“I am truly satisfied with Hanabishi’s products. If I were to give a rate, I’d say 10 out of 10. All Hanabishi appliances do not just exceed my expectation as [to] how it works, but they are also energy-efficient.”

When asked about the long-term use of Hanabishi appliances, Yvette commended the reliable manufacturing of Hanabishi products. As a #PraktikalnaNanay, she called out to all mothers to apply #PraktikaliTIPS for proper care of appliances so that quality is maintained and the life span is prolonged.

Finally, Yvette recommends Hanabishi products based on her satisfaction over their durability and reasonable price. She also mentioned Hanabishi’s customer care efforts. Backed by a 5-year warranty for motors and free lifetime service, Hanabishi is indeed a reliable brand for her.


Melisa Brayshaw

Melisa Brayshaw

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Melisa Brayshaw is a wife, mother, chef, and blogger. She mostly writes about her family life, travel adventures, as well as the dishes she cooks on her website ModernNanay. The main focus of her personal blog, which she refers to as a diary that is an open book for everyone, is her cooking journey. All of the recipes she shares reflect her own version and personal taste.

She started posting recipe tutorials back in 2014. Her first post was a tutorial for a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. The following years were very fruitful for her as plenty of moms noticed her Facebook page. Today, she connects with almost 500,000 followers by providing food tutorials and kitchen tips.

On her personal blog you can find kitchen hacks, cooking tips, and baking tips. To sustain this type of content, Melisa searched for an oven that fit her budget. Eventually, she discovered the Hanabishi Convection Oven with a capacity of 45 liters. Here is what she had to say about it:

“It [Hanabishi Convection Oven] is the perfect one for all my baking needs. It does have several similar functions to other expensive brands. You can never go wrong with its 5 cooking functions plus a convection fan. It also has a larger capacity that fits the standard tray sizes.”

When asked about the durability of Hanabishi products, Melisa stated that Hanabishi is a brand that is for long-term use. Even her children will be able to enjoy using it in the future. Overall, Melisa highly recommends the Hanabishi oven as an appliance all #PraktikalnaNanay must have in their households. In her own words, “It [Hanabishi Oven] is not just affordable, but definitely a high-quality product that will last a lifetime.”


Jenny Ann Casintahan

Jenny Ann Casintahan

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Jenny Ann Casintahan is a wife, a mother of two, and a #PraktikalnaNanay who loves to cook. Her Instagram feed is filled with delicious-looking meals as well as her daily life as a mom to her children. She mostly reviews baby care essentials and snacks.

Because of Jenny’s love for cooking, she has tried and tested Hanabishi’s oven, blender, waffle maker, coffee maker, and electric heater. The durability of the products allowed her to keep them functioning for more than five years. For Jenny, the durability, quality, and affordability of Hanabishi’s home and kitchen equipment are the selling points that made her become a loyal customer.

Here is what Jenny had to say when asked about what makes Hanabishi unique:

“As a user of Hanabishi Appliances, I’m super satisfied because they are affordable and easy to operate. Hanabishi is unique because of the designs of each appliance.”

Finally, Jenny mentioned her love for baking. The Hanabishi oven made her life easier and the baking time shorter. She recommends the brand because of the quality that you can get at an affordable price point.


Key Takeaway

Whether you are looking for kitchen equipment for breezy cooking time or home appliances for convenient living, the best appliance store in the Philippines has you covered. For all the #PraktikalnaNanay out there, acquire only the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines with Hanabishi.

Interested to learn more #PraktikaliTIPS? Click here to discover the home and kitchen appliances Hanabishi has in store for you!