Ceramic Cooker Philippines

Looking for an electric cooking device as an alternative to a gas stove? A ceramic cooker in the Philippines can help you out! These days, many are opting for ceramic cookers as they provide much more convenience to the home. Plus, who wouldn’t want safer cooking? All you need to do is plug the device in and cook! Apart from this benefit, ceramic cookers also give off high temperatures and are very durable. It is also easier to clean!

Ceramic Cooker Vs. Induction Cooker

You might be thinking about if ceramic cookers in the Philippines are similar to induction cookers. These may look the same at first glance, but they are very distinct. While induction cookers cool down once the pan is removed, ceramic cookers only do so when they are turned off. They both provide convenience to the home so it all depends on your preference. In fact, we have both of these appliances here at Hanabishi!

Ceramic Cooker Philippines Price

Looking for an affordable and convenient cooking device? When it comes to quality, affordability, and long-lasting appliances, rest assured that Hanabishi has got you covered. Our ceramic cookers are a staple in Filipino households today! It is praised for its child-lock safety features, thermal fuse for safety use, and of course, its capability to cook up all your favorite foods!

Ceramic Cooker Hanabishi

We have two variants of ceramic cookers! Our CERAMIC COOKER HCERC 300x is priced at PHP2,315 and is best for small spaces. It is also useful for those who live alone and those who don’t need to cook large meals in a day. On the other hand, we recommend the CERAMIC COOKER HCERC 100 for families and for those who cook many meals per day. It has a higher wattage of 1800-1200. This one is priced at only PHP3,265 pesos. Take your pick!