Microwave Philippines

Microwaves are, without a doubt, the home’s kitchen staple. Whether you live in a single-unit condominium or a grand home — the kitchen is simply not complete without this appliance. It is highly convenient — it heats food fast and quick, consumes much less of your electricity bill, heats your food without losing all its nutrients, and is much safer to use. With all these advantages on offer, it’s certainly no wonder why there are many homeowners getting their hands on a microwave in the Philippines by Hanabishi!

Microwave Philippines Price

Looking for great prices for a microwave in the Philippines? When it comes to value-priced microwaves, rest assured you’re given the bang for your buck here at Hanabishi. We have microwaves for as low as 3,155 pesos. Our MICROWAVE OVEN HMO20G showcases the best features of a 20-liter capacity, manual control, 6 handy power levels, and a glass turntable.

Best Microwave Philippines

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the ultimate microwave in the Philippines — we’ve got that for you too! Hanabishi’s DIGITAL MICROWAVE OVEN HMO 4IN1-30 holds a 30-liter capacity with full digital controls. Plus, it also acts as a 4 in 1 appliance. Here, you can microwave, grill, use it as a convection cooker, or even as an air fryer. It also has a child safety lock and 10 auto menu items. It doesn’t get better than this!

Affordable Microwave Philippines

We’ve got more than ten microwaves here at Hanabishi with different functions, features, and prices. You’re sure to find one that will exactly fit your needs for your home. We hold some of the best prices in the Philippine market for microwaves.