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Home Appliances For Sale in the Philippines From Hanabishi

Overwhelmed with the list of appliances for sale in the Philippines? Don’t even know where to begin and which one you should buy?

When looking for essential appliances that you would need in your home, try to tackle them per area. Think of the appliances that you would need for your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room, and more. This will help you list down the home appliances that you need. To make your life even more efficient, take a look at the vast selection of appliances available in the Philippines offered by the country’s trusted brand- Hanabishi.

Read on to learn more about the appliances for sale in the Philippines that every home needs.

Kitchen Appliances For Sale in the Philippines

One of the most important parts of your home that will need numerous appliances is your kitchen. These could range from major appliances to countertop appliances and accessories. To keep food fresh and ready to consume, make sure that you invest in quality kitchen appliances for sale in the Philippines.

Here are some examples of kitchen appliances that every home needs:



Hanabishi Refrigerator Appliance for Sale in the Philippines

Buying enough ingredients to feed a family is hard. Trying to fit them all into one place is even harder.

When you start looking for appliances for sale in the Philippines, remember your grocery list. Try to imagine how much space it would take up in your refrigerator. Where would you place the fresh produce, frozen products, drink bottles, and even your children’s favorite ice cream?

Consider buying Hanabishi’s Refrigerator HADDREF 75 for ₱17,895.00. This double door refrigerator spans 7.5 cubic feet and has energy-saving properties. It features a big freezer with high cooling efficiency and a 2L bottle rack.

Does your grocery list include lots of frozen items? Will they not fit into the freezer section of your preferred refrigerator? Well then, you may want to consider investing in a chiller.

Hanabishi’s Chest Freezer HCHINVF12 spans 12 cubic feet and has a dual function chiller and freezer. It is an inverter type that has an adjustable thermostat to keep any type of food and drinks fresh. Plus, it comes with a lock & key and wheel caster for easy transport. Get it for as low as ₱11,580.00.


Hanabishi Stove Appliance for Sale in the Philippines

The next set of kitchen appliances for sale in the Philippines that you need to take home are stoves. You have two options: gas stoves or electric stoves. When thinking of what type of stove to purchase, take note of how skilled you are in terms of cooking.

If you are already a skilled cook, then you may want to consider investing in a gas stove. Purchase Hanabishi’s Gas Stove HS 1 for ₱1,250.00 and you’ll have a reliable double burner gas stove for your home. Turn on the automatic ignition switch and it will give you a constant flame that can cook your food quickly and more evenly. It is also teflon-coated for easy cleaning.

If you have only recently started learning how to cook, then you may want to invest in an electric stove instead. For only ₱2,830.00, you get to take home Hanabishi’s Electric Stove HES 120FC. This double electric stove is easy to operate and it comes with a 8″ hot plate and 6″ coil.

Rice Cooker

Hanabishi Rice Cooker Appliance for Sale in the Philippines

A rice cooker is another staple in any Filipino household. It is among the kitchen appliances for sale in the Philippines that can serve both small and large families. Hanabishi’s Jar Type Rice Cooker HJC 10SS has a 1.0-liter capacity and can cook for 5 people in one serving. It can make rice, soup, and congee. It also has a keep-warm system and a teflon inner pot. Score it today for as low as ₱1,185.00!

Interested in an innovative device? Hanabishi’s Multi-Cooker HMC550SS has a 9-in-1 function. For only ₱1,770.00, it can act as a braising pan, broiler, slow cooker, steamer, BBQ, stew, stir fry, deep fry, and warmer. It has an impressive 3.0-liter capacity, perfect for preparing meals for a large family.

The next place in your home that you will need to take a look into is the living room. What type of appliances would you like to have in it?

Living Room Appliances For Sale in the Philippines

The way that you design your living room is all up to you. Aside from styling it based on a decor that you saw in a magazine, try to make it practical for your family as well. What type of appliances does your family use for entertainment? Is it simple enough for your children to use? These are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration when looking through living room appliances for sale in the Philippines.

Here are some of the appliances that every family should have in their living rooms:

Television Set

Hanabishi Television Set Appliance for Sale in the Philippines

Modern and innovative television sets now have multiple functions to them. You may be used to connecting your television to cable. However, did you know that it can now also be plugged into your laptop?

You can score Hanabishi’s Digital LED TV HLED32DGCURVED is a 32” HD TV for as low as ₱12,630.00. It includes a PC Input, USB Input, and 3 HDMI Inputs. Stream your favorite movies on this ultra-slim, high-definition television set with enhanced color imaging and sound equalizers.

Want to watch your late-night television shows without waking the kids up? This TV also has an Audio Out option that you could plug your headphones into.


Hanabishi Fan Appliance for Sale in the Philippines

Keep cool as you and your family enjoy your new TV by investing in quality fans. In order to choose the perfect one for your family, take a look at your living room. Is there a steady flow of wind coming in from the windows? Or is the wind flow weak in that part of your home?

If you are looking to simply boost the available flow of air within your living room, you may want to look for an electric fan. Stop searching through the endless list of electric fan appliances in the Philippines, Hanabishi has an impressive selection of electric fans for you to choose from. These include Ground Fans, High-Velocity Fans, and Stand Fans.

Looking for something stronger? Invest in Hanabishi’s Air Cooler HAC-500. This has a 10-liter water tank capacity with a honeycomb filter. Use its remote control to switch between its 3 modes and to set its 24-hour timer. Enjoy a wind speed of 12 m/s with a trusted air cooler from Hanabishi for only ₱8,190.00.

Besides your living room, another area of your home that is important to keep cool is you and your family’s bedrooms.

Air Conditioning Appliances For Sale in the Philippines

For your bedroom, you only need to look for one thing among the appliances for sale in the Philippines: an air-conditioning unit. At Hanabishi, there are three different types that you can choose from: Inverter Type, Split Type, and Window Type. Each has its own ways of providing you with a constant flow of cool air.

Here are some of the air conditioning units that you can choose from:

Split Type Airconditioner

Hanabishi Split Type Airconditioner appliance For Sale in the Philippines

A split type air conditioner makes use of two units: an outdoor and an indoor one. Take a look into this type if you have a lot of room on the exterior of your bedroom wall.

The indoor unit is what is found inside your room. It releases the cool air into the room. The outdoor unit is placed on or near the exterior wall of your bedroom. It is where the compressor is located, which is what turns the air from cool to hot.

Hanabishi’s Split Type Air Conditioners comes with an ionizer, which cleans the air around you. It has an easy-to-clean filter and a 24-hour timer. Its innovative design will also help you save up on energy and the environment through its eco-friendly features. Enjoy its 3D air flow has a 4 way air deflection system for as low as ₱21,050.00.

Window Type Airconditioner

Hanabishi Window Type Airconditioner Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

The window type air conditioner units are also referred to as room air conditioners. This single unit is mounted on windows and walls. All of the components are encased within one casing. There are appliances available online in the Philippines that are created to cater to all types of rooms. The window type could be the air conditioning unit for you if you have limited space on the walls outside of your bedroom.

Hanabishi’s Window Type Air Conditioner HWTAC-10S is only ₱14,210.00 and 18 sqm. This will make it easier for you to place in your living room. It also has a 5-year warranty on its motor compressor. It runs on 1.0 horsepower, enough to cool small to medium-sized rooms.

Inverter Type Airconditioner

Hanabishi Inverter Type Airconditioner Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

Indeed, the air conditioning appliances for sale in the Philippines come in various types. Inverter-type air conditioning units make use of electric motors to control the speed of their compressor. This means that these units are able to regulate temperature automatically. Inverter-type air conditioning units can come in both windows and split types.

Hanabishi’s Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner 2.0HP HSTINV20HP will save you up to 60% of your energy consumption. It’s a steal for only ₱40,000.00. It is also quieter than normal split type units, offering you a more relaxing and serene environment to sleep in. Most importantly, inverter split types are able to achieve the desired temperature faster than other types of air conditioning units.

Floor Care and Cleaning Appliances For Sale in the Philippines

Besides major appliances, there are also a number of minor appliances that you need in your home. From floor care to cleaning kitchen utensils, there are several appliances for sale in the Philippines for you.

Here are some of the appliances that you need to clean your floor and other parts of your home:

Vacuum Cleaner

Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

Have you ever accidentally spilled food on your living room rug? Have your children ever accidentally hit their bottle over and spilled its contents on the floor?

Spills and fallen pieces of food are inevitable in any home. For an effortless time cleaning things up, remember to invest in a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner while looking for appliances for sale in the Philippines. Hanabishi’s Vacuum Cleaner HVC 20B is able to soak up both wet and dry materials. It runs on 1400 watts and has a high suction power that can remove dust and other small particles on a multitude of surfaces. It also has an easy-carry design, allowing you to conveniently move it around your home. Get it for only ₱6,095.00!

Dish Sterilizer

Hanabishi Dish Sterilizer Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

How old are your children? Do they still make use of baby bottles? Then you may want to take a look at the several appliances for sale in the Philippines and purchase a dish sterilizer for your home.

A dish sterilizer keeps your utensils, glasses, and baby bottles safe from any type of bacteria. Hanabishi’s Dish Sterilizer HDS12CUFT is 1.2 cubic feet long and can heat up to a temperature of 80°C. It can kill off 99% of bacteria on glassware or high-temperature-resistant plastic. It can also protect your kitchenware from any rodents or insects that may crawl or fly over it if left unprotected. Ensure that the kitchenware that you and your family use are safe by buying this dish sterilizer for only ₱5,790.00.

Besides appliances that clean parts of your home, it is also recommended that you invest in appliances that can clean your clothing.

Garment Care Appliances For Sale in the Philippines

Choose garment care appliances for sale in the Philippines that can give you an easier time. Save up on money by investing in appliances that can keep your clothes clean and tidy.

Here are the appliances used to clean and maintain your clothes:

Washing Machine

Hanabishi Washing Machine Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

You have three types of washing machines to choose from at Hanabishi: A Fully Automatic Washing Machine, a Single Tub, and a Twin Tub.

Hanabishi’s Single Tub Washing Machine HWM 190 is semi-automatic. This means that all the washing and dry spinning is done in one tub. Wash up 9 kg for only ₱6,000.00!

On the other hand, Hanabishi’s Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM370BL has two tubs: one to wash and one to dry. Have no problem washing up to 7kg when you buy this unit for only ₱8,105.00. Investing in this type of washing machine would require you to manually move your clothes from one tub to another.

The last choice that you can go for is Hanabishi’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine HAWMD175LX. This model has different functions that it can automatically do with one push of a button. It can wash up to 7.5kg and this type of washing machine can clean different types of clothing better than any other type. Hurry and score it for only ₱12,630.00.

Spin Dryer

Hanabishi Spin Dryer Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

If you would rather have a washing machine separate from a dryer, then invest in a spin dryer while searching for garment care appliances for sale in the Philippines. This machine dries wet clothes by spinning them in a drum for a selected period of time. Hanabishi’s Spin Dryer HSD-65SS has high power, a low noise motor system, and is incredibly durable and temperature resistant. Load up to 6.5 kg for as low as ₱3,895.00!

Flat Iron

Hanabishi Flat Iron Appliance For Sale in the Philippines

Once you have dried your clothes, you would need an iron to remove any creases. Consider Hanabishi’s Flat Iron HI-78, which has an aluminum soleplate. Enjoy variable temperature control and automatic thermostat control to be able to safely iron any piece of your family’s clothing.

Hurry and get yourself one of the best flat iron in the Philippines for as low as ₱540.00

These are just some of the home appliances for sale in the Philippines that every home should have. These products from our brand, Hanabishi, will definitely give you a more stress-free time doing your everyday chores.

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When searching for an appliance store in the Philippines, use the items listed above as a guide to help you get started on your list of home essentials. Take note that each family’s essentials may differ depending on their preferences and lifestyles.

When it comes to affordable appliances in the Philippines, make sure that you invest in long-lasting and easy-to-use products manufactured by trusted brands.

Professional home appliances brands such as Hanabishi can provide you with quality and affordable products that cater to your needs. Explore our service stores and online website to take a look at the most reliable appliances for sale in the Philippines.

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