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How To Keep Your Laundry Fresh During The Rainy Season

How do you keep your laundry fresh during the rainy season? Pre-soak your clothes before washing Maximize the use of spin dryers  Use a fan[READ MORE]

3 Recipes For The Rainy Season

What are some good recipes for the rainy season? Hot Cocoa: Microwave Oven Healthy Orange Smoothie: Blender Champorado: Multi-cooker When it’s raining outside and you’re[READ MORE]

6 Appliances You Need For The Rainy Season

What are the appliances you need for the rainy season? Mosquito Trap: For Protecting Your Family Against Dengue Spin Dryer: For Drying Clothes Smart TV:[READ MORE]

6 Things To Consider When Buying A Microwave

What are the things you should consider when buying a microwave? Set a budget and compare prices Consider manual vs digital microwaves Choose the right[READ MORE]

Living Room Appliances List: 5 Things You Need

What are the things you need on your living room appliances list? Smart TV Airconditioning Unit Electric Fan Water Dispenser Air Purifier Are you moving[READ MORE]

3 Simple Microwave Recipes

What are some good simple microwave recipes? Mug Omelet Microwaved Sweet Potato Cake In A Mug Whether you live alone in an apartment or have[READ MORE]

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