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5 Dishes You Can Make In A Rice Cooker

What are some dishes you can make in a rice cooker? Frittata with Summer Vegetables Chicken Curry Char Siu Puto with Cheese Not everyone knows[READ MORE]

5 Home Appliances For People Who Live Alone

What are some home appliances for people who live alone? Electric fan Personal refrigerator Multicooker Vacuum TV Living alone is both challenging and fun. On[READ MORE]

7 Best Refrigerators In The Philippines

What are the best refrigerators in the Philippines? Personal refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF18 Single-door refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF60HMBLK Double-door refrigerator: Hanabishi HADDREF78SSINV Showcase Chiller: Hanabishi HINVCHILL130 Upright[READ MORE]

How To Reduce Smoke From Grilling

How do you reduce the smoke from grilling? Check your griller for broken parts Heat your brand-new griller  Get rid of the residue before grilling[READ MORE]

Why You Need A Food Processor

Why do you need a food processor? Easy to use Multipurpose Time-saving Space-saving Cost-efficient If you have to cook food after a long day at[READ MORE]

How To Make The Perfect Waffles

How do you make the perfect waffles? Choose a good waffle maker Add the right ingredients Avoid overmixing the batter Pre-heat the waffle maker Do[READ MORE]

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