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4 New Appliances to Start the Year With

What are some appliances you need in the new year? New year, new home, new appliances. As the new year begins, many may be thinking[READ MORE]

4 Sandwich Recipes to Try with Kids this 2023

What sandwich recipes to try with kids this 2023? Sandwiches have become a staple for every kid’s baon at school. They’re easy to prepare and[READ MORE]

7 Appliances You Need During the Cold Season

What are the appliances you need during the cold season? As the ber-months roll in, Filipinos brace themselves for longer and colder nights. This season[READ MORE]

7 Tips for Preserving the Color on Your Clothes

What are some ways to preserve the colors of your clothing? Separate your clothes before you wash them. Follow the cleaning instructions. Wash clothes inside[READ MORE]

7 Signs You Need a Dishwasher

How do you know if you need a dishwasher? You’re spending too much on washing dishes by hand. You want cleaner, more sanitized dishes. Washing[READ MORE]

How to Clean Your Water Dispenser

How do you clean a water dispenser? Turn off and unplug the appliance. Prepare what you need. Buy or make your cleaning solution. Drain all[READ MORE]

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