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3 Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home This Summer

What are the iced coffee recipes you can make at home this summer? Blended Brown Sugar Coffee Iced Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Coffee If you[READ MORE]

7 Appliances To Make Your Home Summer Ready

What are the appliances you need for summer in the Philippines? Air Conditioner: To Keep You Cool Air Circulator: To Help You Save Electricity  Exhaust[READ MORE]

3 Smoothie Recipes You Can Make In Your Blender

What are some good smoothie recipes you can make in your blender? Cucumber Melon Smoothie Mango Graham Shake Iced Mocha Coffee With Whipped Cream There’s[READ MORE]

5 Best Grillers In The Philippines You Can Order Online

What are the best grillers in the Philippines? Electric Griller: HANABISHI ELECTRIC GRILL HLSMOKERGRILL 10 Griller with Hotpot: Hanabishi Hotpot BBQ Griller HHOTPOTBBQ100 Grillers with[READ MORE]

3 Recipes You Can Make With Your Sandwich Maker

What are some good recipes you can make with your sandwich maker?  Tuna Cheese Melt Sandwich Pinoy Flying Saucer Chocolate Filled Waffle When it comes[READ MORE]

A Guide To Designing An Industrial Kitchen

How can you achieve an industrial kitchen design? Aim for open and airy spaces Keep the walls and floors bare Include elements of wood Play[READ MORE]

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