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6 LED TVs Under 16K To Buy This Christmas

6 LED TVs Under 16K To Buy This Christmas


What are LED TVs that are perfect as a Christmas gift?

  1. 20-inch: HLED-20HD
  2. 22-inch: HLED-22FHD
  3. 24-inch: HLED-24FHD
  4. 32-inch: HLED-32HD
  5. 32-inch: HLED-32HDDGR
  6. 32-inch: HLED-32DGCURVED
For every Filipino family, the Christmas season is one of the best times to replace old furniture or appliances with up-to-date and trendy ones. With all the great deals, promos, and discounts offered by reliable home appliance stores in the Philippines, you will definitely find an affordable LED TV fit for you. Here are some LED TVs that will add entertainment and leisure to your living room without breaking the bank.  

20-inch: HLED-20HD

20-inch HLED-20HD by Hanabishi If you are looking for a TV specifically for your room, a 20-inch LED television with advanced features is the most suitable option. For only PHP6,315 you can get ahold of an ultra-slim 20-inch high definition television by Hanabishi. The HLED-20HD comes with HDMI and PC inputs as well as a sound equalizer. Enjoy a mini 16:9 widescreen that can deliver you theatre-like picture movements thanks to its enhanced color imaging and excellent sound quality.  

22-inch: HLED-22FHD

22-inch HLED-22FHD by Hanabishi Watch your favorite primetime shows and experience the action at a whole new level with Hanabishi’s HLED-22FHD. See the emotions of your favorite actor or actress as they deliver a heartbreaking and powerful performance. At PHP6,845, you can own a full high definition 22-inch LED TV with a 16:9 widescreen ratio and enhanced color imaging. This 22-inch television is perfect for the living room as well as in bedrooms. They are easy to mount on the wall for a lesser appliance item footprint.  

24-inch: HLED-24FHD

24-inch HLED-24FHD by Hanabishi Have you been having constant problems with television dimensions? Ever been torn between choosing a larger screen with the best features or a small screen that provides insufficient features? Hanabishi’s HLED-24FHD is a 24-inch LED TV that can provide you with a humble-sized screen and a great watching experience. At a price point of PHP7,370, you get an ultraslim 24-inch LED TV with HDMI and PC input. You can also easily connect it to your laptop, gaming console, and other equipment to view movies on a bigger screen. With enhanced color imaging and sound equalizer, you instantly get a life-like view of the movie or series you are watching.  

32-inch: HLED-32HD

32-inch HLED-32HD by Hanabishi With Hanabishi’s HLED-32HD, you can get a 32-inch LED LCD HDTV with an additional HDMI input and a PC input for PHP10,525. With that, you can easily connect your laptop for a bigger viewing of movies. What else? It is an LCD, which means it consumes less power due to how the display screen works. Its USB port also allows you to connect to any compatible gaming console for leisure. This TV also ensures a great experience thanks to its enhanced color imaging, sound equalizer, and widescreen.  

32-inch: HLED-32HDDGR

32-inch HLED-32HDDGR by Hanabishi At Hanabishi, for only PHP11,580, you can get yourself an ultraslim 32-inch LED LCD high-definition TV. The HLED-32HDDGR has a built-in integrated services digital broadcasting (ISDB-T) signal. The ISDB-T allows televisions to receive digital broadcasts, which enables you to watch your favorite primetime and noontime shows through a clearer resolution. The 32-inch LED LCD television also comes with enhanced color imaging and sound equalizer. Turn watching television into a theatre-like experience that will make viewing fun and enjoyable.  

32-inch: HLED-32DGCURVED

32-inch HLED-32DGCURVED by Hanabishi HLED-32DGCURVED is an ultraslim 32-inch high definition LED TV with 3 HDMI inputs to connect to your laptop and other devices. At PHP12,630, you can enjoy a curved design that provides you with better viewing specs. The 32-inch curved LED TV is perfect for bedrooms wherein the bed is placed in the middle.  

Key Takeaway

The holiday season is always the best time to replace old appliances with new ones. Aside from scoring the best deals and promos, you also make enjoying entertainment in the house more interesting and fun to do. Moreover, television presents the most reasons why you should buy it for Christmas. If your goal is for everyone in your family to enjoy it, you will be investing in something that is both functional and entertaining. Obtain an affordable LED TV today for a happier watching experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

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