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3 Airconditioning for Summer 2024

3 Airconditioning for Summer 2024



  • Air conditioners can help families live more comfortably and maintain their health in the summer.
  • Window-type units are a popular type in the Philippines.
  • Split-type air conditioning is ideal for larger spaces or areas.
  • Portable units are used for spaces smaller than 16sqm.

Apart from the high points such as staycations and family outings, summer can also have its low points which are always connected to the level of heat it brings out. This is why people tend to flock to places such as malls or even Baguio to cool off. It is also the reason why many households invest in proper air conditioning units to live more comfortably.

In this article, we look at three types of air conditioning for summer 2024. Read on to understand the benefits of this appliance and the available air conditioner types you can choose from.

Why Do You Need an Air Conditioner This Summer?

Why Do You Need an Air Conditioner This Summer?

Air conditioners are essential appliances for many Filipino households. In the summer, they are in demand so families across the nation can combat the high temperature.

Livability and Comfort

In a country where the temperature can reach as high as 48 Celsius, this appliance is important so that we can effectively enjoy movie marathons and game nights with our family and friends in a cool and controlled environment. Apart from bonding moments, they are also key to a more productive work day for professionals who work remotely or at home.

They are also ideal to control the humidity, especially in tropical countries. They can prevent the growth of mold in your fabrics as well as decrease asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and skin irritations.

Better Sleep

Sleep is important in our everyday lives. It is what gives us the energy to be productive at work or in school. It is also heavily affected by the change of seasons especially in summer. This is because room temperature can impact the quality of our sleep.

With air conditioning, you and your family can get a restful sleep by controlling your room temperature to the ideal 60-68°F or 15.6 to 20°C. This ensures that you fall asleep quickly and more easily.


Summers are notorious for their impact on our health. They are the seasons of increased probability of heat stroke, asthma, sore eyes, food poisoning, and more. People with serious medical conditions like heart problems are always advised to avoid heat. Apart from people, animals like pets are also prone to overheating in the hot weather.

Air conditioning in your home allows you to prevent heat-related illnesses. By staying in a cool environment, you can enjoy the summer with peace of mind about your family and your pets.

Hanabishi Airconditioners

If you’re looking for air conditioning for summer 2024, consider shopping at Hanabishi. We provide three types of air conditioning units at a varied price so you and your family can spend summers easily.

Window Type

Window-type units are common air conditioning in the Philippines. This is because they are used in many different places such as apartments and small offices. They are also essential student dormitory appliances for college. Plus, they have a straightforward installation process that requires no professional help.

Our HWTINVAC10HP window-type air conditioner is ideal for the job. They have one horsepower that can conveniently cool a room up to 18sqm. It has a 3D airflow with a 4-way air deflection system. To add more convenience for you, you do not need to climb beds or chairs to customize your temperature because this unit comes with a remote control.

Split Type

Split-type units require no windows to be used. They are installed high on a wall by a technician. This type of air conditioner is famous for its quiet operation and faster cooling, preventing disturbance and maintaining the temperature in your space.

This HSTAC25HP split-type air conditioner is perfect for larger spaces in your house like living rooms and master bedrooms. They can cool areas as large as 42sqm because of their 2.5 horsepower. They also come with an ionizer, making your air quality cleaner and healthier.



If you’re looking for a more transportable option, this type might be for you. Portable air conditioners have many benefits like suitability for smaller spaces. They are also perfect for households on a budget because this type can be moved to different spaces in your home.

Hanabishi's HPORTAC15HP portable air conditioner is best for areas between 14-16 sqm. It has a low-noise design with three modes which are cool, fan, and dry to make your summers more comfortable. They have a digital LCD to make it more user-friendly. It also comes with a self-evaporative system and easy cleaning filter, making it more convenient to maintain.

Key Takeaway

When looking to cool off this summer, air conditioners make great appliances so you can work, eat, sleep, and have fun more effectively. They are essential appliances, especially for areas and countries that experience tropical weather.

Hanabishi, a Filipino brand, offers a range of cooling appliances to suit your needs. Contact us for the perfect cooling solution for your family.

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