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5 Household Appliance Tips for the Rainy Season

5 Household Appliance Tips for the Rainy Season


What are some good household tips for the rainy season?

  1. Don’t Let Your Appliances Get Wet 
  2. Unplug Your Appliances When Not In Use
  3. Inspect Your Switches And Wires
  4. Clean Appliances Regularly
  5. Invest In The Best Appliances

We are now in the middle of the year, which means more rainy days are expected. Apart from staying cozy inside your home, now more than ever is the time for you to know about household tips for the rainy season.  

We Filipinos are indeed used to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and even floods. However, no one should overlook its potential safety hazards associated with household appliances. 

All appliances require electricity. There’s no doubt that the risk of accidents increases for your whole family during the rainy season. Plus, no one wants an emergency trip to the hospital and the hefty bills that come with damage repairs. 

Let’s take a look at some household appliance tips to ensure the safety of your family throughout the monsoon! 

Don’t Let Your Appliances Get Wet

Mother and daughter ironing inside

One of the factors that cause safety hazards during the rainy season is the water that can get inside appliances. These can result in short circuits and fires. Moreover, if someone happens to touch a wet appliance, there’s a risk of electrical shocks and even death. With that in mind, make sure that your appliances don’t get wet. 

Bring all your appliances indoors and store them in a cool and dry place. Ensure that these are not placed near windows or doors, as there may be unsealed crevices surrounding them as well. Even the smallest gaps can let water in.

Unplug Your Appliances When Not In Use

A man unplugging his appliances

Unless you’re in the middle of preparing for a family dinner with your Hanabishi Ceramic Cooker HCERC 100 or washing the pile of laundry with Hanabishi’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine HAWMD-175LX, unplug all your appliances when they’re not in use. 

By doing so, you’re avoiding the risk of rooms being flooded with electrically charged water. Remember that heat-producing appliances such as irons, microwaves, and oven toasters pose electrical shock threats as well. 

Inspect Your Switches And Wires

An electrical team getting a home checked

To further stress our first tip about not letting appliances get wet, inspect your switches and wires. Check your whole home for signs of water leakage. In no way should your appliances have wet switches and cables.

It would also be wise to get your home’s electrical fittings checked by professional electricians. This way, you’ll know if anything needs to be repaired. This will also lessen electrical hazards.

Clean Your Appliances Regularly

A family cleaning their house and their appliances

Constant heavy rainfall can be the cause of dampness, humidity, and moisture inside the home. If you didn’t already know, molds love to grow in moist places. Even moisture inside appliances will allow fungus growth. 

No one wants mold. It is plain unhygienic and brings forth respiratory illnesses. Let’s not forget that it damages your appliances too. To prevent all of this from happening, make sure that you clean your appliances regularly. Using white vinegar or bleaching solutions will do the trick. 

Invest In The Best Appliances

A happy family indoors

Let’s admit it, you bought appliances to make your daily routine easier and more convenient. From the washing machine that saves you from hours of manual handwashing to the rice cooker that provides you perfectly cooked rice for every meal — you rely on your appliances to do several tasks.    

It only makes sense to invest in the best ones in the market. Doing so will not only make your life easier, but it will also ensure your family’s safety. Why do we say so? The best appliances should offer the latest safety features. 

At Hanabishi, we offer a wide variety of household appliances. With more than 30 years of experience, each one of our products is quality assured for safety and designed to meet every consumer’s kitchen, living room, and garment care needs. 

Key Takeaway

Don't overlook the safety hazards that come with the rainy season! Ensure that all your appliances are well taken care of with these household tips for the rainy season. Improve your standard of living with Hanabishi products. We aim to offer you safe and high-quality appliances. 

Click here to view our wide variety of products today. 

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