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5 Appliances You Need "for A Cozy" Valentine's Day at Home

5 Appliances You Need "for A Cozy" Valentine's Day at Home


What appliances do I need for a cozy Valentine’s Day at home?

  1. Coffee Maker or Kettle
  2. Microwave
  3. Griller or Hot Pot
  4. Electric Oven
  5. Air Cooler


  • Coffee makers and kettles make the morning beverage ritual more convenient.
  • Microwaves are the ultimate device for convenience. They can help in satisfying your needs quickly.
  • Grillers, hot pots, and electric ovens are perfect appliances for people who want to make homemade dishes for a romantic night.
  • Air Coolers are affordable and portable devices that help set the mood in a room.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day within the comforts of your own home doesn't detract from its specialness. Romance transcends extravagant dinners, outings, flowers, or jewelry; it can manifest in the simplicity of shared home-cooked meals, being fully present with your loved one, and cherishing intimate moments.

Transforming your home into a haven of love requires no less effort than venturing out. Consider these appliances for a cozy Valentine's Day at home today.

Coffee Maker or Kettle

Beverages such as coffee or tea are important in our mornings. It gives us another boost to wake up and get ready for a busy day. Even with just the aroma of these beverages, you can already feel a bit more energized and alert. Start your Valentine’s Day morning right with a cup of your favorite drink for yourself or your partner.

Coffee makers and kettles can make this ritual more convenient and hassle-free. The Hanabishi Coffee Maker HCM25XB has a capacity of 12 cups with a non-stick heating plate and an ergonomic design for ease. The Hanabishi Electric Water Kettle Pearl White Series has a capacity of 0.8 liters with automatic shut-off, thermostat control protection, and a clean and minimalistic appeal.



The microwave is the master of convenience. It is also perfect for busy persons or couples this Valentine’s Day. It can let you reheat leftovers, prepare instant meals, and quickly thaw frozen food.

The Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMO2IN136 has a 36-liter capacity, 5 power levels, a grill function, and 8 auto menus ready to be of help in whatever you might be craving for.

Griller or Hot Pot

Bring in the date night experience at home with a griller or hot pot. Stir up some simple Korean barbecue variation or a simple soup with these appliances to make the day a little more romantic and full of delicious food.

Hanabishi’s innovation in their products can be seen in the smokeless griller products with built-in exhaust fans and drip trays to make cooking easier. A combination of griller and hotpot is also available with non-stick materials and a thermostat or heat control. It also has a removal power supply for easy storage.

Electric Oven

Electric Oven

Valentine’s Day is always a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Bake your cravings and desserts to complete your date night at home, and let your space be enveloped in the cozy smell of something baking in the oven.

Endless recipes can be made with Hanabishi electric ovens. Hanabishi Electric Oven 45L HEO45WHT sports a white exterior to give your kitchen a more aesthetic and cleaner look. It holds a capacity of as much as 45 liters with a 250C temperature control.

It also has convection and rotisserie functions you can use to prepare a hearty and savory meal. It is also already complete with accessories such as a baking tray, rotisserie stick, and rotisserie forks, providing you with all you need to prepare a great menu.

Air Cooler

Nothing is cozier than a cool room. Because of the unpredictable climate in the Philippines nowadays, air coolers are beneficial for those who want an installation-free appliance that can add to the comfort of the space.

Hanabishi air coolers are affordable, compact, and portable. You can move the unit to the room you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day in and snuggle under the covers with something warm, creating ultimate comfort.

The Hanabishi Air Cooler HAC650 has a 6-liter water tank with a wind speed of 9 m/s. This unit also has a remote controller, making it easier for you to control the 24-hour timer and choose between the 3 modes.

Key Takeaway

In this season of love, create a special atmosphere with appliances for a cozy Valentine’s Day at home. Thoughtful decisions in appliances help you create special moments and memories alone or with your loved one. Convenience might be the main allure of appliances but don’t forget that simple gestures are what truly build a romantic day.

Make your space cozier with Hanabishi. From air coolers to electric ovens, we have you covered. Contact us or check out our website to browse more of our products.

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