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4 Appliances for Garment Care

4 Appliances for Garment Care


What are the appliances used for garment care?

  1. Handheld Steamers
  2. Flat Irons
  3. Spin Dryers
  4. Washing Machines


  • Appliances offered by Hanabishi have contributed to making laundry more efficient and accessible to all genders, revolutionizing garment care.
  • Garment care appliances include handheld steamers for delicate fabrics, flat irons with safety features, spin dryers for efficiency, and washing machines for convenience.
  • Caring for garments preserves their appearance, quality, and lifespan, saving money by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

In the Philippines, laundry historically fell under women's domestic duties, involving labor-intensive methods like pounding clothes on rocks.

However, with technological advancements, including appliances offered by Hanabishi, laundry has become gender-blind, shifting from a predominantly female task to a shared responsibility. These innovations have revolutionized garment care, making it more efficient and accessible to all genders.

Today, modern appliances streamline the laundry process, reducing labor and time, and ensuring effective garment care, irrespective of gender roles. In this article, we not only tackle four appliances for garment care but also the benefits of taking care of your clothes.

The Benefits of Caring for Your Garments

The Benefits of Caring for Your Garments

It's important to prioritize garment care and cleaning. Ignoring these tasks can cause premature damage, odors, and stains, leading to more frequent replacements and higher environmental impact. Proper care offers several benefits.

Maintaining Their Original Appearance

Regular care routines like ironing, steaming, and washing preserve clothes' quality, preventing fading, stretching, pilling, and wear, maintaining their fresh appearance.

For people who are into style and fashion, preserving the value of their collection is important for their resale or vintage value. When clothes are properly maintained, they can be historic and iconic pieces that can be more desirable in the future.

Saving Money on Purchasing New Items

When you can get more use out of your clothes and maintain their quality, you can save money on purchasing new items from online or physical retail shops. Apart from another strategy of investing in quality timeless pieces, clothes that are well-looked can also reduce your need to spend money on extra storage space at home.

Extending the Life of Your Garments

Taking care of your garments extends their lifespan, allowing for more wear. Follow care labels for proper maintenance. Here is a simple guide to care label symbols.

  • Washtub symbol: Indicates washing method (hand wash or machine wash) and appropriate cycle (normal or gentle).
  • Triangle symbol: Denotes bleaching options, including normal bleach, non-chlorine bleach, or no bleach.
  • Square symbol: Represents drying methods, such as normal, delicate, or permanent press cycles.
  • Iron symbol: Indicates ironing temperature preferences, ranging from cool to hot, or advises against ironing altogether.

Apart from understanding caring labels, you can extend the life of your clothes by using quality detergents, cleaning their storage spaces, and investing in trusted appliances for garment care.

Appliances Used for Garment Care

To help you maintain the quality of your clothing, it is always more convenient to use tools. Here are four appliances that you can use to extend the life of your garments.

Handheld Steamers

Handheld Steamers

Handheld steamers are favored by those who find traditional ironing cumbersome. Ideal for delicate fabrics like silk and polyester, they prevent burns common with flat irons. While gentle on delicate materials, they're also effective for steaming cotton garments.

If your style revolves around classy silk pajamas and airy linen blouses, you can try Hanabishi’s Handheld Garment Steamer. It has a 120mL water tank capacity with a quick pre-heating time of approximately 30 seconds. It can reach at least 185C with two power steam levels.

Flat Irons

The Hanabishi Flat Iron HI93CC is the perfect tool for garment care with its smooth gliding ceramic-coated sole plate, safety features like thermal fuse protection, and powerful steam options for tackling stubborn wrinkles, all in a compact design with a self-cleaning function for long-lasting performance.

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals, including men, as it offers them a quick, versatile, and efficient solution for their garment care.

Spin Dryers

Spin dryers are popular for their energy efficiency. They are used to extract excess water from your clothes when you are doing laundry. Compared to the tumble dryer, they are much quieter and ideal for delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, or cashmere.

With our Stone Series Spin Dryer, you can dry clothes that can weigh as heavy as 8kg. It has a low-noise motor system which is ideal for smaller spaces, reducing the noise in the home. It is also made of plastic making it rust-proof. This is beneficial because laundry spaces are often high in moisture.

Washing Machines

Automatic washing machines simplify laundry tasks by efficiently removing dirt, stains, and odors from clothes, enhancing cleanliness and wearability. Featuring a user-friendly design, they save time and effort, offering convenience.

Hanabishi washing machine’s 9.5 kg capacity model boasts a fast cleaning system, triple punching flow, and eco-friendly inverter motor, ensuring effective and energy-efficient performance.

Key Takeaway

In choosing appliances to take care of your clothes, consider Hanabishi for the task. We provide a variety of products for your garments from washing machines to clothing steamers regardless of your budget. Contact us or check out our Lazada shop to learn more about our products.

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