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5 Must-Have Appliances For Home Bakers

5 Must-Have Appliances For Home Bakers


What are the must-have appliances for home bakers?

  1. Oven
  2. Electric mixer
  3. Microwave
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Dishwasher

If you’re a home baker, there is one recipe that sparked your love for baked goods. Whether it’s that peanut butter and oat cookie you made in a frying pan or the no-bake cheesecake you set in the refrigerator—there’s something special about making your favorite desserts from scratch. That’s why if you want to pursue this passion, you might be looking for some appliances for homer bakers. Here are some recommendations!


The first order of business is to choose an oven that you can use for a long time. This will be the main appliance that you will rely on whether you’re baking cookies, cake, brownies, or croissants! As a bonus, some ovens also come with a rotisserie feature, so you can make roasted dishes at home.

But you might be wondering, aren’t ovens expensive? Fortunately, you don’t have to hurt your wallet with the ovens from Hanabishi! If you’re on a budget but need a good entry-level appliance, you can consider the Hanabishi Electric Oven HEO23R

For 3,370 pesos, it already has a 23-liter capacity, a 100-250° temperature control, 4 stages of switch heating & function selector, and a rotisserie function. Aside from that, there are also additional accessories provided — enamel bake tray, wire rack, tray handle, roasting fork, and fork handle.

Electric Mixer

If you plan on baking a Brazo de Mercedes rolled cake or making whipped cream for your cupcakes, you need to invest in a good-quality electric mixer. This device can help get the job done in just a few minutes, so you don’t have to manually whisk your ingredients!

Just like with your oven, Hanabishi also offers a list of useful but affordable electric mixers for you to choose from. For as low as 960 pesos, you can buy the Hanabishi Hand Mixer HHM51 and make professional-grade buttercream icing from home. It comes with a 5-speed control and a turbo option. Dough hooks are included too!

If you’re considering a home baking business, you can also invest in the Hanabishi Professional Stand Mixer HPM900, which has 12-level speed control and a 4-liter capacity!


If you’re interested in baking, you would find it handy to have a microwave in your kitchen. Aside from reheating leftovers and defrosting ingredients, it’s going to be useful in plenty of recipes.

For example, do you need to melt a bar of chocolate? Or maybe you need to use melted butter for a softer and denser loaf. A microwave is also useful for proofing your bread dough. 

Fortunately, you can purchase a microwave for as low as 3,155 pesos. The Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20G has a 20-liter capacity and 6 power levels, which is suitable for a beginner home baker. For a bigger capacity, there are other options available!


While flour and sugar have a long shelf life, there are some baking ingredients that will spoil easily after opening. Examples are sour cream, yogurt, soft cheese, and yeast. If you buy them in bulk but don’t use them up in time, you’re just wasting your money.

To keep your baking ingredients and goodies in the best condition, you’ll need a refrigerator. Essentials such as yeast, coconut milk, milk, mayonnaise, jams, sour cream, yogurt, and cheese should be stored in the fridge. This appliance is also useful for storing your leftover buttercream frosting. 

Other than that, you can store cookies, brownies, and muffins in an airtight freezer bag, so you always have access to treats. Looking for a refrigerator? You can buy one from Hanabishi for as low as 5,780 pesos!


If you’ve tried to bake before, you have probably experienced the common problem for bakers — washing the dishes! After preparing a number of ingredients, using more than one mixing bowl, and decorating your baked goods, you’ll end up with a sink full of things to wash. Creams, syrups, and oils are difficult to remove too.

As you go through your baking journey, you’ll get used to doing the baking and the washing. You’ll also learn how to minimize the number of dishes, bowls, and kitchen tools you use. But if you have other chores to do, then you might want to consider a dishwasher.

The Hanabishi Dish Washer HDISHWASH50SS features 6 washing programs to help you wash your dishes more efficiently. With a 360-degree spray system and 70C hot water washing, all the soiled dishes will come out clean and sterilized.

Key Takeaway

Imagine the smell of freshly baked pandesal in the morning. It’s not coming from the neighborhood bakery, but from your kitchen at home. There’s just something fulfilling about mixing different ingredients, using the right measurements, and watching the dough rise and turn golden brown. With the right kitchen appliances, you can make your favorite baked treats every day!

If you’re looking for appliances for home bakers,  you can find them here at Hanabishi! Some products listed above may not be in stock in physical stores, so you can also check out our official flagship store at the Lazada Mall

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