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6 Amazing Benefits Of Food Steamer

6 Amazing Benefits Of Food Steamer


What are the benefits of a food steamer?

  1. Healthier lifestyle and lower cholesterol
  2. Can cook all kinds of food
  3. Easier and faster cooking
  4. Keeps the color of food
  5. Less messy and easy to clean
  6. Saves more time, money, and energy

One of the healthiest ways of preparing food at your home is steam cooking. With a powerful combo of water and heat, it helps to enhance the flavor of your food while sealing in its nutrients, and so on. 

That’s why tons of Filipinos are rooting for food steamers today because they’re convenient to use. Plus, it saves so much preparation time in the kitchen and offers a lot of healthy benefits.

Enjoying healthier and tastier food won’t be difficult with a food steamer! Read more of this blog and you’ll find out the benefits of food steamers. 

What Is A Food Steamer?

Counted as one of the most versatile and practical kitchen appliances, a food steamer is a sealed pot with a set of steaming trays piled on top of each other. It is created to properly heat or cook food using its heat. 

The first step to using this appliance is to check the water level to make sure you put in the right amount. Second, you simply place your food — veggies, chicken, dumplings, what have you — on the steaming tray. After this, set a timer, and wait for your food to be cooked.

Benefits Of Food Steamer From Hanabishi

A food steamer holds many health benefits that many should take advantage of. Instead of opting for deep frying, steam cooking makes your food healthier, tastier, and more nutritious.

Healthier Lifestyle And Lower Cholesterol

Want to indulge in your favorite foods while also making sure they’re not too fatty or greasy? It might sound difficult, but it’s entirely possible with a food steamer. 

As we mentioned, steam cooking is a healthy way to cook your food such as vegetables and meat. A food steamer does not need grease to cook food, so anything you make with this appliance is made with significantly less fat.

Plus, steaming food helps preserve all the nutrients your food has — including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

It’s a great alternative if you need to lessen your cholesterol intake, or simply want to create healthier, more nutritious food. You can now say hello to a better lifestyle and lower cholesterol by using a food steamer in your kitchen!

Can Cook All Kinds Of Food

Can Cook All Kinds Of Food

One of the amazing benefits of using a food steamer in cooking is it can cook all types of food from meat, fish, vegetables, and even desserts! There are limitless options for using a food steamer. 

Easier And Faster Cooking

Using a food steamer at your home makes cooking food faster and easier. Compared to the traditional way of cooking food such as deep frying, you don’t need so much time in cooking your favorite food. A food steamer can cook the food in just a matter of minutes!

Keeps The Color Of Food

Keeps The Color Of Food

What many Filipinos love about our food steamers is that they keep the natural colors of food, especially vegetables since they only steam the dish unlike using the heat or stove that can make vegetables lose their fresh colors. Because of food steamers, you can now enjoy your favorite food in its finest colors!

Less Messy And Easy To Clean

Aside from their convenience when used, food steamers are also easy to clean! You don’t have to worry about sticky sauces and oils splattering to wash after cooking your food because food steamer trays are dishwasher safe or you can hand wash them as well!

Saves More Time, Money, And Energy

Steaming food saves you a lot of time, money, and energy. You can cook different types of food all at the same time which does not require you to make an extra effort on cooking your food! Second, you don’t have to use other ingredients such as cooking oil when using a food steamer. Lastly, cooking at the same time helps you save enough electricity!

These appliances are economically priced, too, especially if you choose one from Hanabishi! We have several food steamers to choose from, based on your budget and needs! 

Made with high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials, we assure you that you’ll experience a better, faster, and more enjoyable cooking method using our food steamers. Ranging from Php 2,200.00 to Php 4,330.00, our food steamers are very affordable appliances for any kitchen.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve dished out the amazing benefits of food steamers. Hopefully, after reading our blog, you’re convinced how beneficial it is to use food steamers that you and your family or friends can truly enjoy.

If you’re interested in more high-quality, convenient, and affordable tools for your kitchen, visit the best online appliance store in the Philippines: Hanabishi! Don’t hesitate to shop for all your kitchen needs with us! And, follow our official Shopee and Lazada accounts to keep you updated with our appliance products. 

Happy steam cooking from Hanabishi!

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