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8 Benefits Of Ironing Your Clothes

8 Benefits Of Ironing Your Clothes


What are the benefits of ironing clothes?

  1. Helps to kill germs
  2. Makes your clothes look new and fresh
  3. Makes you stand out from the crowd
  4. Prevents and controls shrinkage
  5. Removes body odor
  6. Creates a clean and professional look
  7. Better than dry cleaning
  8. Improved first impressions

Ironing clothes is one of the most hated household chores of many Filipinos, but is there even the most favorite one? Well, probably none. But on the brighter side, ironing your clothes makes you look better while feeling good about yourself. 

For many, wearing ironed clothes does not only give a clean and put-together impression to others, but it also has other advantages! This blog covers the benefits of ironing clothes to show you why it’s such an important chore, and why you should invest in wearing fresh and wrinkle-free clothes! 

Helps To Kill Germs

Helps To Kill Germs

Hanging out laundry under the hot sun can indeed dry them quickly, and even help kill germs. But, some germs are very temperature resistant, such as thermophilic bacteria and fungi, and continue living on your clothes. In addition, leaving your clothes to dry outside can get bacteria stuck on them. 

You may have noticed that many Filipino families choose to iron their clothes once they’re all dry before hanging or folding them in their cabinets because they believe that it helps to get rid of germs — and that’s true!

Makes Your Clothes Look New And Fresh

Makes Your Clothes Look New And Fresh

Ironing your clothes softens the fabric, returning to its original look and quality while also ensuring a long life. When we don’t iron our clothes, we notice the fabric stretching out until its shape changes from the original. 

Therefore, if you want to maintain the shape and look of your clothes for longer use, start ironing them when needed. 

Tip: instead of ironing your clothes in a circular motion, try parallel strokes to avoid stretching the fabric and distorting its shape. Also, press the seams, collars, pleats, and cuffs correctly to maintain their look.

Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

You will not see it, but we know you can feel the confidence within when wearing ironed clothes. It’s the thought of feeling better by wearing fit, clean, fresher, and wrinkle-free clothes that gives you a better look of yourself from the crowd.

Prevents And Controls Shrinkage

Shrinkage happens when you just throw your clothes in the washing machine without reading the washing or ironing labels on your clothes. Fortunately, ironing your clothes prevents and controls shrinkage, which can possibly salvage them if ever they do end up shrinking a bit. 

Removes Body Odor

Removes Body Odor

Unfortunately, our bodies naturally produce different odors — some of which are unpleasant to smell. These can be made worse by certain products or bacteria that come into contact with our skin. Worse, they can even end up sticking to your clothes, even after you’ve thoroughly washed them. 

Luckily, you can kill off these smells by ironing your clothes, as any remaining bacteria, product, oils, or any other source of smell can be removed through the heat of the iron. 

Tip: if your iron has steam settings, turn it up and spot treat shirts under the arm part of your clothes. This helps to make your clothes look fresh and hygienic.

Creates a Clean and Professional Look

When you’re working in a corporate environment, an impeccable and clean look is a must. It’s essential to iron your clothes so that when you face other professionals in your office, especially when you have a big day full of meetings! 

By ironing your clothes, you create a clean and professional look. This can help you make a great impression and can even give you another opportunity you never thought existed!

Better Than Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners use harmful chemicals that you’re avoiding by ironing your clothes. Most of them are using a chemical called perchloroethylene (PCE). This sticks to your clothes and can be inhaled and absorbed by your skin. This toxic chemical is very dangerous to health while inhaling even a small amount of it can cause respiratory irritation, dizziness, vision problems, and headaches.

Improved First Impressions

If you’re going on a date, make sure you leave a good first impression. Don’t wear wrinkled clothes that could disappoint or distract your partner. It’s also an indication that you didn’t make an extra effort to look pleasing for your date together.

Ironing our clothes keeps a great level of care and hygiene we have for ourselves. Although wearing wrinkled clothes at night or on a Sunday morning is acceptable, make sure that your appearance is good when going outside with your partner.

Key Takeaway

Do you iron your clothes? If the answer is no, then you might want to keep these benefits of ironing your clothes in mind! They show you exactly why you should start ironing your clothes. 

Here at Hanabishi, we provide every appliance that your household needs — including high-quality and long-lasting flat irons! With Hanabishi’s flat irons, you can gain all these benefits, and keep your clothes (and yourself) looking great! 

See our flat iron products here — available for purchase through our online store — or, contact us today to learn more about our other appliances!

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