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5 Benefits Of Using An Air Cooler

5 Benefits Of Using An Air Cooler


What are the benefits of using an air cooler?

  1. Cooler and healthier air
  2. No installation needed
  3. Affordable and cost-effective
  4. Can be used in open areas
  5. Compact and portable
The tropical weather in the Philippines can be uncomfortable during the summer season. That’s why cooling appliances are a must-have for every home. When choosing an appliance, you have three main options: electric fans, air conditioning units, or air coolers. Chances are, you might already be familiar with the first two. But there are also multiple benefits of using an air cooler.  An air cooler is a home appliance that can cool the air in a room. The device has a fan that blows the warm air from the surrounding area into its water-soaked pad. When the air passes through the pad, it becomes cooler. This way, warm air is effectively converted into moist and cool air. If you’re interested to know the reasons to buy an air cooler, keep on reading!  

Cooler And Healthier Air

Cooler And Healthier Air During the summer season in the Philippines, the air is much warmer and humid. Longer exposure to extreme heat can lead to excessive sweating, heatstroke, and the like. In this case, you’ll need something that can effectively reduce the temperature in the room. This is where air coolers are beneficial. Air coolers can lower the surrounding temperature in an area, which can help you prevent excessive sweating and heat strokes. But aside from that, air coolers also offer a small amount of moisture with the air produced, which is great if you live in hot and dry areas. This prevents your skin and eyes from drying out.  

No Installation Needed

Do you want cooler air immediately? Air conditioning units are effective at cooling the air, but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require installation, air coolers are a good choice.  Air coolers do not need to be mounted to a window or connected to ducts. They also occupy less space and are perfect even for smaller rooms. When you get the unit, all you need to do is to plug it into the power outlet, pour water into the tank, and point the air cooler in the desired direction. Turn it on and enjoy the cooler air in the room! This is also beneficial if you’re living in a rental property. Since you might move again in the future, you might prefer having the convenience of not having to install a cooling appliance. So when you decide to move, there are no special uninstallation processes needed.  

Affordable And Cost-Effective

Affordable And Cost-Effective Generally, air coolers cost less than air conditioners. This is why many people consider them for their cooling needs! Aside from that, air coolers also use much less electricity and require less maintenance and repairs, so overall it’s very cost-effective. If you’re searching for a cooling appliance, air coolers start for as low as 6,095 pesos here at Hanabishi! The Air Cooler HAC650 has a 6-liter water tank capacity and is only 60 watts. It also features a 24-hour timer and 3 modes, so you can better control the temperature of the air in your home. 

Can Be Used In Open Areas

If you’re using an air conditioner, you need to have your doors and windows shut. But just like electric fans, air coolers can be used with the window or door open. You don’t need to worry about letting warm air into a room because the air cooler can easily turn it into colder air. These appliances also work effectively when positioned by a window. You can also use air coolers in outdoor settings — whether you feel like relaxing on the balcony during the afternoon or watching the kids play outside.

Compact And Portable

One of the main advantages of having an air cooler is that they’re very much compact and portable. This means that you can use one unit for your whole house if you live alone. For example, in the morning you might want to feel cool while preparing meals in the kitchen while in the evening you need cool air to sleep comfortably. Since air coolers and portable, you can move them from one place to another with ease.

Key Takeaway

Because of the hot weather in the Philippines, cooling appliances are desired by many Filipinos. Whether it’s an electric fan, air conditioning unit, or even an air cooler — having an appliance that can improve airflow and cool the air is essential for increased comfort. This is especially important during the summer months when the temperature can increase significantly. Experience the benefits of using an air cooler by purchasing one of our units! If you’re interested in cooling your home all year round, you can check out our appliances here at Hanabishi! Be it an electric fan, an air conditioning unit, or an air cooler, we can provide you with durable and affordable cooling appliances that can help take away the heat. Can’t find a specific model in physical stores? You can check out our official store at the Lazada Mall

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