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5 Kitchen Appliances to Buy As a New Homeowner

5 Kitchen Appliances to Buy As a New Homeowner


What are kitchen appliances to buy as a new homeowner?

  1. Rice cooker
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Stove
  4. Oven
  5. Water dispenser


  • Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting chapter in life, marked by the thrill of having a space to call your own.
  • Equipping your kitchen with essential appliances enhances your culinary adventures and simplifies daily life.
  • Recommended appliances: Rice Cooker, Refrigerator, Stove, Oven, and Water Dispenser to create a functional and convenient living space.

Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting chapter in life, marked by the thrill of having a space to call your own.

As you settle into your new abode, the heart of your home – the kitchen, must be supplied with essential appliances for function and ease. Equipping your kitchen with appliances that enhance your culinary adventures and simplify daily life.

Choose some of the best appliances for new homeowners with a trusted and long-running appliance supplier that will ensure the durability of these must-have kitchen appliances that every Filipino kitchen should have. Read on to find out what these are now.

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

As a new homeowner, you'll quickly realize the convenience a rice cooker brings to your kitchen. If you're among those who incorporate rice into their daily meals, a rice cooker simplifies the cooking process and ensures consistent, perfectly cooked rice every time.

The beauty of modern rice cookers lies in their versatility; many models come equipped with additional functions. Whether you're cooking fragrant Jasmine rice, sticky Malagkit, or any other Filipino rice variety, a rice cooker ensures perfect texture and flavor every time.

This appliance saves time and effort, opens doors to a wide range of culinary possibilities, and is a staple item for any Filipino home.


Often referred to as the heart of the kitchen, a refrigerator plays a pivotal role in maintaining the freshness of your food and beverages. For new homeowners, selecting the right refrigerator size is essential to meet the needs of your household.

With Hanabishi's diverse selection of refrigerators, 'kuyas' and 'ates' can ensure their homes are well-equipped. A thoughtfully selected refrigerator not only stores your groceries but also keeps fruits and veggies crisp, dairy products fresh, and your drinks refreshingly cold.

Considering energy-efficient models ensures that you keep your food fresh and save on electricity bills, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective home.


Whether you have a penchant for culinary experiments or prefer preparing daily meals, a reliable stove is a cornerstone of any kitchen. The stove is the heart of the kitchen as it generates all activity in a part of a home.

The choice between a gas or electric stove largely depends on your cooking preferences, and both offer their own set of advantages. Your stove allows you to create diverse dishes, from quick stovetop stir-fries to simmering soups and sauces.

When designing your kitchen, deciding on a standalone range or separate cooktop and oven depends on your kitchen's layout and your personal cooking style. It's where countless recipes come to life, and a trustworthy stove can be a source of culinary delight.

Check out other appliances here: What You Need to Buy From An Online Appliance Store in the Philippines



As you embark on homeownership and settle into your new space, the addition of an oven opens the door to a world of culinary delights with a Filipino twist. Beyond traditional baking, ovens allow you to roast meats to perfection, broil savory dishes, and explore recipes infused with local flavors.

Whether you're baking bibingka, biko, or pandesal, an oven becomes your indispensable companion for crafting beloved Filipino treats. This versatile appliance has a special place in Filipino kitchens, ready for you to experiment with both traditional and innovative recipes.

For those who relish the rich flavors of local roasted dishes or the satisfying kakanin, having an oven in your new kitchen elevates your culinary journey in your fresh, Filipino-inspired home.

Water Dispenser

Staying hydrated is fundamental to your well-being, and a water dispenser in your home offers both convenience and versatility. Having access to hot and cold water options simplifies your daily routines.

Whether it's a soothing cup of tea or an iced beverage, a water dispenser ensures you can enjoy your preferred drink at any time. Newer models often come with water purification features, guaranteeing clean and safe drinking water. This ensures your hydration and contributes to a healthier living environment.

For new homeowners, the inclusion of a water dispenser enhances the comfort and functionality of the kitchen, making it a hub for nourishment and refreshment.

Key Takeaway

As a new homeowner, investing in essential kitchen appliances is an important step towards creating a functional and convenient living space.

These best kitchen appliances for new homeowners serve as a foundation for a good kitchen that will serve you and your family. It is important to invest in these pieces today to have lasting pieces of devices in the long run.

Trust Hanabishi to deliver quality kitchen appliances to you and your family when you contact us today!

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