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5 Budget-Friendly Appliances To Give This Christmas

5 Budget-Friendly Appliances To Give This Christmas


What are good some budget-friendly appliances to give this Christmas?

  1. For the beginner coffee enthusiast: Hanabishi Coffee Maker HCM35GCM
  2. For the health-oriented friend: Hanabishi Juicer HPJ100
  3. For the home baker: Hanabishi Hand Mixer HHMB120SS
  4. For the bread lover: Hanabishi Pop Up Toaster HPOP30SS
  5. For the K-bbq fan: Hanabishi Griller HGRILL50

You don’t have to deplete your savings this Christmas just to make your loved ones happy. The key tip to making the most out of your budget is to first know what they might need or want. This could be related to a new hobby, a business, or a food preference! Next, and the most important step is to find affordable but high-quality products that will match their tastes. To help you, here are some of the budget-friendly appliances to give this Christmas. Keep on reading!

For The Beginner Coffee Enthusiast: Hanabishi Coffee Maker HCM35GCM

Whether it’s due to working from home or a preference for café style drinks  — plenty of people are now saving space in their home for a coffee nook. If you know someone that would benefit from brewed coffee or has a growing interest in the art of making each cup, you can consider giving them a useful kitchen appliance this Christmas.

But coffee shop quality coffee makers can be extremely expensive. For a beginner, the Hanabishi Coffee Maker HCM35GCM is recommended. It features a cone-style permanent filter so coffee lovers don’t have to repeatedly purchase disposable filters. 

The appliance can brew 4-6 cups of coffee, which is perfect for a small family. The design of the coffee reservoir is stylish, which makes it suitable for people who are into home decorating and aesthetics. And best of all, it’s only 1,399 pesos. 

For Health-Oriented Friend: Hanabishi Juicer HPJ100

For the health-oriented friend- Hanabishi Juicer HPJ100

Juicing allows you to get a concentrated amount of nutrients per ounce, which effectively increases your intake of vitamins and minerals! It can help people with difficulty eating fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

That’s why if you know someone that recently committed to a healthier lifestyle despite their picky preferences, help them reach their goal with the Hanabishi Juicer HPJ100! This way, they can make fresh juices without the preservatives.

This Hanabishi juicer is available for only 1,565 pesos. If you’re considering giving this as a gift, you can also add a few fresh fruits to encourage the recipient to try the appliance immediately. 

For The Home Baker: Hanabishi Hand Mixer HHMB120SS

Baking pastries and cakes are a good way to earn extra income. But once sales start to increase, bakers might find it hard to mix huge batches of batter and dough.

If you know someone who loves to bake for their business or as a hobby, one of the best things you can give them is a stand-up mixer. Fortunately, you don’t have to deplete your savings because the Hanabishi Hand Mixer HHMB120SS is available for only 1,330 pesos!

This kitchen appliance will surely be helpful when it comes to mixing cake batters, making frostings, and even kneading doughs. It comes with a stainless steel bowl, mixing attachments, and dough hooks. 

For the bread lover: Hanabishi Pop Up Toaster HPOP30SS

For the bread lover- Hanabishi Pop Up Toaster HPOP30SS

Some people eat rice for breakfast, while others prefer bread because you don’t need to cook it and it also pairs well with a lot of foods! If you know someone with the same thoughts, you won’t go wrong with choosing the Hanabishi Pop Up Toaster HPOP30SS for a Christmas gift. 

For only 1,180 pesos, you’ll be getting a kitchen appliance that can toast two slices of bread at the same time. There’s also a defrost and reheat button so toasting frozen and cold bread is possible. For easy cleaning, a crumb tray is provided too. 

This 2 slice toaster will be appreciated by a bread lover as it can make their food preparation routine much more convenient. Instead of toasting bread in a pan, they can just click a few buttons and wait for the toaster to finish while they prefer the toppings. 

For The K-bbq Fan: Hanabishi Griller HGRILL50

Even if you don’t watch K-dramas, you probably know what K-bbq is. Samgyupsal or K-bbq is a popular food option when you’re dining with a friend or a group. You cook the meat as you dine, so it’s a perfect bonding activity for family and friends. It’s the usual choice when you’re looking for something filling and sulit to eat. 

But samgyupsal can be quite expensive if you eat at restaurants often. If you have a friend that is a K-bbq fan, you can give them the Hanabishi Griller HGRILL50 for Christmas. It comes with a non-stick surface for easy cooking and cleaning, so they can cook samgyupsal at home anytime. Lastly, it’s only 1,685 pesos!

Key Takeaway

When you mention giving appliances for Christmas, most people would turn down the idea because of the misconception that it’s expensive. But if you do your research well, you’ll find affordable but high-quality products that won’t deplete your savings. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly appliances to give this Christmas, you can find plenty of options here at Hanabishi! Aside from this list, you can also browse our products at the Hanabishi flagship store at the Lazada Mall. There, you will find appliances that are hard to find in physical shops. Discounts are also available so you can save more!

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