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A Guide To Buying Commercial Chest Freezers

A Guide To Buying Commercial Chest Freezers


What are the factors to consider when buying a chest freezer for commercial use?

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. Unit Footprint
  3. Cost
  4. Features
  In choosing the best commercial chest freezer, you must determine your amount of usage to reduce the consumption of electricity. If you have no plans of filling the chest freezer’s entire storage capacity, you will end up significantly increasing your bill. Aside from that, you must also consider the placement of the freezer. To avoid the pitfalls of obtaining the wrong unit for your commercial business, read on!  

Storage Capacity

Different types of meat sprawled on a table Before you start investing in a particular chest freezer, determine your usage. Do you have a large business that requires plenty of storage for meat and other items that requires cold temperature? By answering this question, it will be easier to slim down your list of options. Restaurants will essentially need a larger storage capacity to accommodate all prepared meat. If you own a humble stall or booth, half the size of a large chest freezer will be enough. A chest freezer varies from the smallest size of 3.7 cubic feet up to the largest size of 20 cubic feet.  

Unit Footprint

A chef cooking Once you have determined the storage capacity your commercial business needs, you must consider the space it will occupy in your kitchen. Evaluate the dimensions of the unit and compare it to the space allocated for its placement. Take note of the foot space the chest freezer will consume. Naturally, people obtain the wrong chest freezer because they are worried about the placement. Doing so will leave you with insufficient storage space to accommodate the items needed under cold temperatures. It is up to you to decide the importance of the unit’s footprint or storage capacity.  


Close up of a hand using a calculator Aside from the sticker price or price tag, you must consider the return on investment or the years you will use it before you obtain the investment back. An easy way to do so is to divide the price unit with the days of the year. For example, an affordable chest freezer you will find in the market costs about PHP10,525. If you divide the amount with the days of the year, you only spend PHP28 per day excluding electricity consumption. With that amount, you are able to prevent frozen meat and vegetables from spoiling. Naturally, closed days must be included in the computation since your freezer is plugged in and operating 24 hours each day of the year.  


A chest freezer from Hanabishi Control panels, temperature displays, and lamps are standard for all chest freezers. Of course, you must look for units with clear functional buttons for ease of operation and adjustments. Other features you must look for in chest freezers are the following:  
  • Sliding Glass Door Cover
The sliding glass door cover ensures the cold temperature remains inside the chest freezer. With a sliding cover, the consistency of meat is preserved well.
  • Lock and Key
While almost every chest freezer in the market consists of a lock and key feature, you will still find ones that do not have it. Make sure you obtain a chest freezer with locks to secure your items stored inside.
  • Wheel Caster
The wheels in the chest freezer allow for movement without the need to lift. These wheel casters have stoppers so that the unit will remain stationary and unmoved. It is important for you to find this feature in a chest freezer for ease of transportation.
  • Stackable Baskets Or Dividers
While it is not a necessary part of the chest freezer, having stackable baskets can make storing items easier and more organized. If you have experienced taking time to defrost two different types of meat, then a divider is a feature you must search for in a chest freezer.  

Key Takeaway

If you are to obtain a 20 cubic feet chest freezer yet you lack the space for its placement, your investment can go down the drain. The same goes for acquiring a small chest freezer. If you are to purchase a 3.7 cubic feet chest freezer, the storage might not be enough to accommodate the number of items you need to store. From the storage capacity to the features that you must look for, the only way to acquire the best commercial chest freezers is to determine your business' usage purposes. Take note that the capacity and footprint of the unit relies on the nature as well as the size of your business.

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