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How To Stop Viruses From Spreading In Your Home

How To Stop Viruses From Spreading In Your Home


How can you stop viruses from spreading in your home?

  1. Practice Personal Hygiene
  2. Sterilize and Disinfect Your Utensils
  3. Thoroughly Clean Your Surfaces
  Infections and sicknesses are caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. They set foot in your body and multiply. How do viruses spread? They can be transmitted in a variety of ways, mainly through droplets spread by coughing and sneezing. With the looming threat of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the country, each family is asked to take extra safety precautions in their daily routines. Protect your household, family, and children from diseases. Keep your home virus-free with these home virus prevention tips!  

Practice Personal Hygiene

A young Asian woman sick with a cold The development of any virus begins and ends with personal hygiene. They are encountered through person to person contact. This means that if someone coughs or sneezes and then proceeds to touch something, it could eventually lead to another acquiring the virus. Here are some of the personal hygiene practices you should take note of to stop viruses from spreading in your home. They will be a tremendous help in breaking the transmission cycle. Make sure to discipline and educate your family members on these proper personal hygiene practices:  

Wash Your Hands Frequently

It’s no secret that washing your hands is important. This has constantly been strictly implemented for personal hygiene practice. If you want to stop spreading viruses in your home, simply washing your hands properly and frequently can be a big help. Remember to wash your hands before and after any tasks you are about to take on. Don’t forget to also wash your hands after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, playing with pets, and eating. Be sure to wash and rinse thoroughly by lathering up your hands with soap and washing for at least two minutes.

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough And Sneeze

Growing up, you have surely been told to cover your mouth whenever sneezing or coughing. This is because it is the best advice for people who want to avoid viruses. Flu viruses are spread through particles that we don’t see. This is why it is best to cover your mouth, use a personal handkerchief, and wash your hands after coughing and sneezing. It will prevent viruses from spreading around your home.

Don’t Share Utensils and Napkins

Illnesses like the common cold, mumps, meningitis, and most common diseases can be caught through saliva. Keep in mind to use your own utensils and napkins in public and at home to keep your family safe.  

Sterilize and Disinfect Your Utensils

A mother feeding her newborn baby with a bottle It’s best to invest in materials that do the job perfectly. Appliances like a dish sterilizer can kill almost all the bacteria in your daily utensils. Sterilizers such as Hanabishi’s HDS 12 CUFT provide 80°C heating and ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria in an instant. Aside from your spoon, forks, and plates, it prioritizes special care for your baby’s bottles too! For moms, it is definitely worth the purchase. In addition to that, there is no risk of burns because it does not make use of hot water. With the push of a button, you can conveniently kill 99.9% of bacteria! Aside from that, it can also shield your kitchenware from crawling insects and rodents that also carry diseases. Free your mind from all the worries and ensure that your family and kids are safe from germs and bacteria by investing in a dish sterilizer.  

Thoroughly Clean Your Surface

A mother and daughter cleaning their living room Microbes, soil, dirt, and dust are all factors that can transmit infections. For family members that attend school, work, or do daily tasks outside the home, their shoes and clothes can collect unwanted foreign materials. Due to this, cleaning practices should be kept in mind and applied. Floors, especially carpets and rugs, should be cleaned daily. Simply sweeping it with a broom can help eliminate bacteria and dirt in the household. On the other hand, vacuuming can be an effective and hygienic way to clean carpeted areas and hanging curtains. Investing in a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with filter designs and high suction power can greatly decrease bacteria from spreading in your home.  

Key Takeaway

We know that you want nothing but the best for your home and family. It is essential to know home virus protection tips to defend your home from being a source of diseases. They say that prevention is ultimately better than a cure. Indeed, it goes a long way towards stopping viruses from getting the family sick. Hanabishi values and ensures the safety of your home and family through quality appliances like our vacuums and sterilizers. Click here!

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