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How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner


What are some good tips on how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

  1. Know the different types of vacuum cleaners
  2. Set your budget
  3. Determine your cleaning needs
  4. Consider the additional features

Most households have a walis tambo and dustpan kept in the cabinet for cleaning. While this is the typical cleaning device used in Filipino homes, some people opt for vacuum cleaners to make the cleaning much more efficient. They have high-suction power, so no dust and debris are left afterward. Other than that, you can also use wet vacuums for spills! Keep on reading to know how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

Know The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

The first step in choosing your vacuum cleaner is knowing the different types in the market. Chances are, you will make your choice between canister-type vacuums and stick vacuums. 

Vacuums that are connected to a canister typically have a bigger capacity. The bigger the dust bag or cup that can be filled, the less often you need to change it. If you have a home with kids and pets, getting this type will be beneficial. In addition to that, because the vacuum head is separate from the canister, your arms won’t hurt when you’re cleaning for a long time.

For a more portable option, you can go for stick vacuums! These have tall and thin bodies that make them suitable for emergency cleanups. These are also easy to store because of their size.

Set Your Budget

Consider Your Budget

Now that you know the different types of vacuum, you need to set your budget. If you have an unlimited allowance for this purchase, that’s great! But if you still have to buy groceries, pay bills, and more, the good thing is Hanabishi vacuum cleaners are affordable.

For less than 3,000 pesos, you can buy a stick-type vacuum such as the Hanabishi HVC40D! You can add a little more for a canister vacuum such as the Hanabishi HVC10A which is available for only 3,370 pesos. This way, you can replace your ‘walis-tambo’ without hurting your wallet. 

Determine Your Cleaning Needs

Depending on your cleaning needs, the vacuum you choose will also vary. Here are some tips to help you!

Bare Floors

If you have mostly bare floors, both canister and stick vacuums will do the job! Most models offer a choice of attachments, so you can also clean corners and tight spaces.


If you have stairs, you can pick a canister with a long hose. But if you plan to bring your vacuum up a flight of stairs, a stick-type vacuum is convenient to use! Just make sure that it has a long cord.

Multipurpose Use

From getting rid of pet hair, cleaning mattresses, and more—a vacuum with numerous attachment options is great for multipurpose use! If you need to vacuum ceilings, a telescopic metal tube or attachable extra tubes can help you.

Wet And Dry

Most vacuums are only made for dry use. For spills, a wet and dry option such as the Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner HVC20B is your best bet. 

Quick Daily Cleanups

For quick daily cleanups, the Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner HVC40D is a good lightweight option! You can just keep it in your room and plug it in when needed.

Consider The Additional Features

Consider the additional features

You’re purchasing a vacuum cleaner to make your cleaning experience trouble-free. For this reason, you also need to consider the ease of use when buying this cleaning appliance!

Bag Or Bagless Option

If you prefer a quick and easy way to empty your vacuum, you can opt for a bagless option. But for people with allergies, a vacuum with a filtered dust bag—which is either reusable or disposable—is recommended. This way, all the dirt and debris will be contained and sealed.

Cord length

The longer the cord of your vacuum, the easier it is for you to clean a big room. For example, the Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner HVC30C has a 4.5 cable length in addition to an automatic cord rewinder for hassle-free storage.

Noise level

Because of the powerful motor, most vacuums will produce a sound when switched on. If you have pets or live in an apartment with thin walls, you will benefit from a low noise-level vacuum such as the Hanabishi HVC40D.

Full Dust Indicator

If you have other chores to do, you probably don’t have time to check the dustbag every time. This is where the full dust indicator from the Hanabishi HVC10A comes in handy!

Easy-Carry Design

If you’re going from room to room for general cleaning, you need a vacuum cleaner with an easy carry design such as the Hanabishi HVC20B. Because of the large capacity, you can use it all day!

Key Takeaway

If you want to know how to choose a vacuum cleaner,  you need to consider your cleaning needs, set your budget, and take note of the additional features for ease of use. This way, you can get rid of all the dirt, dust, and debris in your home without any hassle! This can help lessen allergies, increase the air quality, and make your house a more comfortable place to stay in.

Fortunately, Hanabishi offers multiple types of vacuum cleaners for different preferences! If you’re having trouble finding them in physical stores, you can always check out the official store at the Lazada Mall so you can have your orders delivered to your home.

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