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How To Get Rid Of Summer Insects

How To Get Rid Of Summer Insects


How do you get rid of summer insects? 

  1. Keep your home clean and hygienic
  2. Store food in your refrigerator
  3. Turn on your fans
  4. Install screens on your doors and windows
  5. Use insect traps and mosquito baits

Some insects such as houseflies, mosquitos, cockroaches, and ants thrive in hotter temperatures. You will probably see more of them come out during the summer season. Because they need a cozy shelter with access to food and water, it is highly likely that they will move into your home. But with the right appliances for sale in the Philippines and some pest control tips, you can reduce their presence in your home. Keep on reading if you want to know how to get rid of summer insects!

Keep Your Home Clean And Hygienic

Most pests are attracted to a cluttered and dirty home. For example, if you don’t get rid of your pet’s waste properly, house flies will happily feast in the mess and hang around for some time. Standing water will also attract mosquitos that can cause dengue! Other than that, exposed garbage cans can also draw in more cockroaches and ants.

A clean and well-maintained home will help you stop pests from staying. Instead of leaving the soiled dishes for cockroaches to scavenge, you can use a dishwasher to wash them immediately. 

Store Food In Your Refrigerator

Store food in your refrigerator

During the summer, food can spoil twice as fast because of the hot temperature. If you leave them on your dining table for some time, they might attract houseflies into your home. These insects love to consume decaying materials and spoiled food. If you have overripe fruits and vegetables sitting on your kitchen counter, you might also see fruit flies feeding on them from time to time.

If you’re planning to consume your leftover meals and cook your vegetables later, you need to store them in your refrigerator properly. If you don’t have this kitchen appliance, you can get the best value for your money with Hanabishi products! For example, for people who are on a budget, you can get small personal refrigerator for less than 7,000 pesos!

Turn On Your Fans

Watching the television, eating your lunch, and working at home might be difficult if you have flies and mosquitos constantly buzzing around you. They could land on your skin, contaminate your food, and provide distract you from your chores. That’s why if you recently bought an air circulator for the summer, you made the right choice!

This is because mosquitos are poor fliers. They can only travel short distances and fly at around 1 mile per hour. That’s why strong winds can deter them from your home. The Hanabishi Air Circulator Fan HACF88 includes two fans that can face different directions, so it can help you get rid of these flying pests in no time. Other than that, it can also keep you cool and comfortable!

Install Screens On Your Doors And Windows

Install screens on your doors and windows

If you have a bad case of fly and mosquito infestation, you might also want to consider an insect mesh. These can be easily installed in your windows and doors for an affordable price. Other than tightly knit mesh, you can also purchase ready-to-use screen doors and windows in the market. These are typically made of metal and last a long time. 

Because insects mesh and screen doors don’t provide enough space for mosquitos and houseflies to penetrate, you can keep these pests outdoors. Ensure that broken screens, no matter how small the mesh is, are immediately fixed. Aside from that, you should also inspect your walls, window frames, and broken pipes and have the holes sealed to prevent pests from crawling in.

Use Insect Traps And Mosquito Baits 

But if you want to eliminate pests inside AND outside your home, the best solution is to purchase insect killers and mosquito traps! For example, the Hanabishi Insect Killer HINSK50SQM can get rid of insects that are attracted to light—such as flies. It includes a chain, so you can hang it indoors and outdoors. After a few days, you can check the removable tray for any dead pest.

Indoors, you can use the Hanabishi Indoor Mosquito Trap HINSTK20. It uses a v-type semi-transparent air intake and stable double-U light technology to lure in mosquitos. This way, you can wipe out the dengue-causing pests inside your home! It is also child-safe.

Key Takeaway

Ants, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitos are active during the summer. They’re either looking for food or laying eggs in safe areas to proliferate. That’s why during the summer season, you will get your fair share of insects indoors and outdoors. But with both preventive solutions and effective insect traps, you can effectively reduce and eliminate this problem.

If you want to stop wondering how to get rid of summer insects, you can purchase insect killers and mosquito traps from Hanabishi! If you’re having a hard time finding them in physical stores, you can buy them from the official store at the Lazada Mall.

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