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How To Clean A Coffee Maker

How To Clean A Coffee Maker


How do you clean a coffee maker?

  1. Read the manufacturer’s manual
  2. Wash the removable parts after every use
  3. Cleanse the machine once a month
  4. Keep your coffee maker clean for longer
  Coffee wakes up the body and allows you to focus on your tasks for the day. For some, this drink is a necessity to function, while for others, the taste is the main purpose for drinking. Having a coffee maker at home is beneficial. If you need a quick pick-me-up or try out those new coffee beans that you just bought, you can quickly make a good brew with just a push of a few buttons. But with daily use, coffee makers get dirty too. For this reason, you need to learn how to clean a coffee maker.  Over time, your coffee maker can accumulate leftover coffee, making your brewed cup taste bitter and strange. You wouldn’t also want your appliance to breed germs, especially if you often make coffee for yourself and your family. Fortunately, cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult with these tips below. Keep on reading!  

Read The Manufacturer’s Manual

Read The Manufacturer’s Manual Before you do any cleaning to your coffee maker, make sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual first. There might be special instructions on how to handle the appliance and clean it properly. You might unintentionally damage the product if you use the wrong type of cleaning method and chemical not intended for the coffee maker. By following the manual, you can keep your coffee maker in the best condition for years to come.  

Wash The Removable Parts After Every Use

Daily cleaning can make a huge difference in keeping your coffee makers clean! It only takes a few minutes of your day and is easy to do, so there’s no excuse for you to skip cleaning! Follow these steps below:
  1. After making your coffee, you can proceed to dump the grounds or recycle them for other purposes, such as an abrasive cleaner, a garden fertilizer, insect repeller, odor neutralizer, and many more. If you use a paper filter, make sure to discard that too.
  2. Next, make sure to wash the removable parts, such as the carafe, the filter basket, and the brew basket. Place the filter and brew basket into the soapy water and wash with a soft sponge. After that, you can clean the carafe too, making sure to get rid of any residue inside. Rinse the parts and wipe and set to dry. 
  3. Using a damp soft cloth, wipe the inner lid, outer lid, and brewing area of the coffee maker. Then after all parts are dry, reassemble the coffee maker

Cleanse The Machine Once A Month

If you use your coffee maker daily, then you might notice a visible buildup in the machine or a strange taste in your coffee. To fix these problems, you need to deep clean the machine once a month. Here are the steps you can follow:
  1. Prepare the things you need:
    • White distilled vinegar
    • Clean water
    • Paper coffee filter
  2. Fill the coffee maker reservoir with a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water. Vinegar is effective in dissolving the buildup and also sanitizing your coffee maker. 
  3. Place the filter in the basket. Turn the coffee maker on and let the mixture brew. Halfway, turn the machine off and allow the mixture to soak in the carafe and the reservoir for up to an hour.
  4. Turn the machine on and finish the brew. Discard the paper filter and the vinegar mixture. 
  5. Fill the reservoir with clean water, put another filter in the basket, and let the coffee maker brew again. This will rinse out the vinegar scent from the machine. Then pour out the water. Do this twice to completely clean the coffee maker. 

Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean For Longer

Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean For Longer If you want to keep your coffee maker cleaner for longer, there are some things you can do. For one, you can use demineralized water for brewing. To prevent coffee grounds or residue from getting into the reservoir, make sure to only use a clean carafe when using it to measure the water before brewing.  Other than that, make sure to immediately remove used coffee grounds in the coffee maker, because this can cause bacteria to grow when left for a long time.   

Key Takeaway

By knowing how to clean a coffee maker, you can make a good cup of coffee anytime! Start with daily cleanings and make time to deep clean the machine every month too. This will only take a few minutes of your time, so you can do it! If you’re interested in purchasing a new coffee maker soon, you can check out our products here at Hanabishi! Our coffee makers start for as low as 835 pesos, so you don’t have to hurt your wallet. These are made with high-quality and durable materials that will last a long time. If you’re interested in a particular appliance but can’t find them in physical stores, you can also check out our official store at the Lazada Mall.

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