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How To Make Yogurt With A Digital Pressure Cooker

How To Make Yogurt With A Digital Pressure Cooker


How do you make yogurt with a digital pressure cooker?

  1. Step 1: Choose the right digital pressure cooker
  2. Step 2: Have your ingredients ready
  3. Step 3: Heat your milk in the pressure cooker
  4. Step 4: Cool the milk until a specific temperature
  5. Step 5: Pour in the yogurt starter
  6. Step 6: Incubate the yogurt for 8 hours
  7. Step 7: Chill your yogurt, serve, and enjoy

Yogurt is a great addition to your family’s diet. It can be served with oats, used as a dip for your crackers, drizzled on your salad as a dressing, added to smoothies, and even enjoyed on its own! The bacteria cultures in the yogurt provide great health benefits for your gut too. Unfortunately, high-quality yogurt can be costly if you purchase them from the grocery store. Some products are filled with sugar too! That’s why you should know how to make yogurt with the help of a digital pressure cooker. Read on!

Step 1: Choose The Right Digital Pressure Cooker

Step 1- Choose the right digital pressure cooker

The easiest, fastest, and most effective way of making yogurt is through a digital cooker. It requires no fuss and can help you make a successful batch every time! This is because it can maintain the right temperature where the good bacteria can multiply—not too hot or not too cold. 

If you need an affordable and reliable digital pressure cooker, you can take a look at the Hanabishi Electric Pressure Cooker HDIGPC10in1. It has 10 programs you can choose from, including yogurt making! All you need is to click a button when you need to use a specific function.

Step 2: Have Your Ingredients Ready

Now that you have your kitchen appliance ready, all that’s left is to prepare the ingredients. All you need to make your yogurt at home is milk and a starter. Choose whole milk if you want a creamier and thicker consistency. For the starter, you can buy any plain yogurt that has active cultures in it. 

The great thing about homemade yogurt is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving! For the next batches, you don’t need to buy a new pack of yogurt. You can keep a small amount from your previous batch and use it as a starter! So make sure you store ¼ cup of yogurt from each batch.

Step 3: Heat Your Milk In The Pressure Cooker

Step 3 Heat your milk in the pressure cooker

Before you use your digital pressure cooker, make sure that it’s clean. If you want your yogurt to be successful, you need to start with a clean inner pot. Remember to sanitize it with boiling water too!

After that, you can pour 8 cups of milk into the pot. Lock it and boil your milk until it reaches 180°F. It is a good idea to have a food thermometer for this step. This can take up to 30 minutes of waiting time. 

Step 4: Cool The Milk Until A Specific Temperature

After that, turn off your pressure cooker. Put the thermometer in the milk and wait until it reaches 116° F. In most cases, this can take an hour. This step is crucial because you wouldn’t want to mix your yogurt starter in hot milk because the heat can kill the good bacteria.

You can also speed up the cooling process if you place the inner pot into a bowl of ice water. Just heat it in the digital pressure cooker again if the temperature dips down too much.

Step 5: Pour In The Yogurt Starter

Step 5 Pour in the yogurt starter

Now that your milk is nice and warm, you can pour in the yogurt starter. You will only need two tablespoons for this step, so you can eat the rest! Make sure to use a clean spoon to mix in the yogurt.

Other than that, make sure that the yogurt you’re buying is plain and unsweetened, otherwise, this recipe might not work. 

Step 6: Incubate Your Yogurt For 8 Hours

The hard parts are done, and all that’s left is to incubate your yogurt in the digital pressure cooker for 8 hours. You can leave it up for 12 hours if you prefer a more tangy flavor. To do this step, follow the instructions from the manual that came with your kitchen appliance. Some units allow you to adjust the time manually after pressing on the “Yogurt” button. 

The advantage of using a digital pressure cooker is that it can maintain the temperature for you for hours. You can leave it in a safe place until the timer is finished. 

Step 7: Chill Your Yogurt, Serve, And Enjoy

Step 7 Chill your yogurt, serve, and enjoy

After 8 hours, you can check your digital pressure cooker. Remove the inner pot from the kitchen appliance, allow it to cool down on the counter, and transfer to a clean container before chilling in the fridge.

Now you have your homemade yogurt, which you made for a lot less compared to buying it from the grocery. You can also control the ingredients you put in too, so you know what goes into the food your family eats. You can top it off with some fruit, nuts, oats, and other toppings!

Key Takeaway

Making yogurt at home is fulfilling and cost-effective. Aside from saving money, you also get to control the ingredients you put in, so you can monitor your family’s diet! Making it from scratch is easy, fast, and cheap. 

Now that you know the steps on how to make yogurt,  you can purchase your digital pressure cooker from Hanabishi! For an affordable price of 4,210 pesos, you can make a variety of recipes on this kitchen appliance with the press of a button. This is a must-have if you want to save time cooking meals! If you can’t find the unit in physical stores, you can visit the official Hanabishi store at the Lazada Mall

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