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How To Prevent Mosquito Infestations

How To Prevent Mosquito Infestations


How do you prevent mosquito infestations?

  1. Block Entry Points
  2. Get Rid of Stagnant Water
  3. Set Up Mosquito Traps
  4. Invest in Mosquito Killing Tools
  5. Keep Humidity Levels Low
  6. Regularly Clean Your Home

Among many other pests, mosquitoes are undoubtedly one of the most troubling. With their relentless search for blood, they can have you frantically searching for ways on how to prevent mosquito infestations. Luckily, we are here to provide you with answers to that!

Remember that mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they can also carry serious diseases such as malaria, the Zika virus, and dengue. According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes result in the deaths of millions of people every year. Learning how to repel them is an important step in safeguarding your whole family’s health.

Here are some tips to prevent and control mosquito infestations. Read on!

Block Entry Points

You have to keep in mind that just like any other pests, mosquitoes infest your home in search of shelter and food sources. Ensure that you block their entry points.

While there’s a wide variety of ways for mosquitoes to enter your home, one of their main entry points are open doors and windows. Keep them shut — especially when it’s raining. You would want even the smallest of holes in screens sealed because mosquitoes are minuscule.

If you want some air and proper ventilation inside, try to use fans like the  Hanabishi High Velocity Fan HVSF-16. Its 16-inch blades are sure to keep you cool throughout the whole day.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Mosquito breeding on water

Stagnant water or standing water is one of the most common mosquito breeding grounds. Once a female mosquito lays her eggs, it’s only a matter of days for those to turn into hundreds of fully-grown mosquitoes. With that being said, you should get rid of stagnant water immediately.

Where can you find stagnant water around your household? Inspect your old tin cans, discarded tires, buckets, pet bowls, water drums, plant pot drains, and other containers.

Don’t forget to empty out the natural water bodies such as downspouts and rain gutters as well. Even small puddles need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the chances of mosquito breeding. Taking prompt actions is essential to break their life cycle.

If you happen to have mosquito-infested waters already, make sure you kill them before throwing them out. This can be done simply by pouring one milliliter of dish soap for every gallon of water.

Set Up Mosquito Traps

Now is the time to maximize the use of mosquito traps. They are one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquito infestations in your home.

Remember that female mosquitoes are the only ones that hunt for blood sources because they need essential nutrients to develop their eggs. They detect their targets by using their antennae and their visual, thermal, or olfactory senses. A mosquito trap interferes with the process by tricking them with features that mimic the stimulus associated with the presence of humans.

The Hanabishi Indoor Mosquito Trap HINSTK 10 is your infestation prevention partner at home. First, a stable double-U light will lure the mosquitoes. Then, a powerful, yet quiet air vacuum will trap and kill them. The best part? It can also attract other pests!

To maximize its effectiveness, just remember to place the trap in dark and shaded areas because mosquitoes avoid exposure to sunlight which dehydrates them.

Invest in Mosquito Killing Tools

Mosquito killer by Hanabishi

A sure way to terminate mosquitoes is to invest in the tools that will kill them off. While it’s true that there are insect repellents available in the market, they can pose health risks given the harsh chemicals used. This is where the handy Hanabishi Insect Killer HINSK-70SQM comes in. Simply place it anywhere around your home. Sit back and let it zap those pesky mosquitoes immediately!

Keep Humidity Levels Low

Mosquitoes don’t take shelter in places with stagnant water alone. They will also get attracted to areas that have high levels of humidity.

Make sure to lower the humidity in your home. This can be done by keeping your home properly ventilated — especially in moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Try to crack a window open, or better yet invest in a good ventilation system. The  Hanabishi Ceiling Duct Fan HCDF-8SS is your best choice for this!

Regularly Clean Your Home

A family cleaning the home

Mosquitoes may inhibit your home if it is cluttered and damp. Make sure to regularly clean your surroundings. Mop, sweep, and vacuum. Wipe down every surface and take out the trash regularly. All these serve as preventive maintenance when it comes to stopping mosquitoes from breeding.

Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about how to prevent mosquito infestations, follow the six tips stated above. Doing these don’t only eliminate pesky mosquitos from flying around the home, it also protects your whole family from catching serious diseases. With everything that’s been going on, a trip to the hospital is definitely the last thing you want to happen.

At Hanabishi, our appliances offer effective solutions to get rid of your mosquito problems. Click here to learn more about products today!

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