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How Useful Is A Slow Juicer?

How Useful Is A Slow Juicer?


How useful is a slow juicer?

  1. Sauce maker
  2. Smoothie booster
  3. Salad toppings
  4. Cocktails maker
  5. Dip maker
  6. Soup maker
  7. Vegetable crackers maker
  8. Vegetable burger patties maker

Making juice is a great element of a healthy lifestyle because of the many fruits and vegetable combinations you can choose from. It’s also the number one go-to drink for those who are exercising or want to start their morning with a healthy drink. 

The good thing is a slow juicer has made it more convenient and everyone can even make their own tasty and nutritious juice at home. Now you might be thinking, how useful is a slow juicer? Continue reading this blog to see the many uses of a slow juicer and how it can level up your favorite meals at home!

Sauce Maker

A slow juicer can also be used for making sauces, particularly for pasta or pizza. You can make tomato sauce by pushing the washed tomatoes through the juicer, and then you can use the juicer to blend the garlic and onions right into the juiced tomato. After that, simmer all the ingredients needed in a hot pot until they’re all combined well then add your choice of seasoning.

Smoothie Booster

Smoothie Booster

A slow juicer is also great for making smoothies at home. It helps you to absorb better nutrients because of the fiber content that pulped fruits and vegetables have. 

After juicing your fruits and vegetables, you can add the pulp to your smoothies. If you want to whip a smoothie, you can try freezing them in a freezer bag.

Salad Toppings

You can also use a slow juicer to make fresh salad toppings! Right after juicing your vegetables and fruits, save the pulp for your salad. 

It’s up to you if you want to use the pulp as it is or mix it into wine vinegar for salad dressing. Either of the two options can give your salad a healthy and shiny color with additional nutrients.

Cocktails Maker

Our slow juicer is also ideal for making cocktails by pushing the fruit through the juicer. Once you’re done juicing, you can pour the juice into a cocktail shaker with your choice of alcohol, shake, and enjoy your delicious cocktail! 

You can also enjoy a fresh fruit cocktail by chopping the ingredients into smaller sizes, juicing them, and adding vegetables, pepper, and salt, and you can stir in the alcohol after refrigerating the juice for an hour and it’s ready to serve!

Dip Maker

Using a slow juicer, you can make a tomato dip for salsa. Wash your tomatoes and put them through the juicer. Remember not to discard the pulp to make a tomato sauce because you need to transfer it into a pan and cook it on medium heat until you can see that half of its original volume has reduced. After that, add your onions, salt, garlic, pepper, and other spices to taste.

Soup Maker

Soup Maker

If you’re on a raw food diet, juicing your ingredients is the quickest way to make soup. Using a slow juicer, put the chopped tomatoes and carrots through the juicer. After that, put the rolled-up basil next then add pepper, parsley, and salt to taste. 

Once done, simmer the juice in a hot pot for about 10 minutes on medium heat to perfectly cook the ingredients. Remember to wash all the ingredients first before putting them through the juicer.

Vegetable Crackers Maker

If you still don’t know, a slow juicer can also be used for healthy homemade crackers. After washing your vegetables, juice them using a slow juicer, take the pulp, and put it into a mixing bowl. Then, you can add nutritional yeast and other spices to your vegetable crackers. Place the mixture on a baking sheet and be sure that it’s flat before you bake them in the oven and enjoy!

Vegetable Burger Patties Maker

The rewarding uses of a slow juicer can help you make vegetable burger patties as well! Prepare your ingredients such as beef, carrots, and celery pulp as the base for your vegetable patties. After that, get 2 cups of vegetable pulp and combine into a bowl with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and an egg. 

Once done, shape the mixed ingredients into patties and put them in a pan on medium heat. You can now cook your delicious vegetable patties, put some in a bun, add your favorite burger toppings, and enjoy!

Key Takeaway

Now that you know how useful a slow juicer is in our daily kitchen routine at home, you might be interested in buying one. If so, look no further than Hanabishi!

Our Hanabishi Slow Juicer HSJ1500 is an affordable, versatile, and sleek-looking appliance that will not only look great on display in your kitchen — but also provide the means to make everything we mentioned on this list! And, if you’re looking for more high-quality and affordable home appliances in the Philippines, visit our online store, or our official Shopee and Lazada accounts. Happy appliance shopping from Hanabishi!

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