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How To Keep Your House Cool Without An Air Conditioner

How To Keep Your House Cool Without An Air Conditioner


How can you keep the house cool without an air conditioner?

  1. Make Use Of Your Industrial Fans
  2. Choose The Best Electric Fan
  3. Invest In An Air Cooler
  4. Do Your Chores At Night
  5. Mind Your Windows and Curtains

Let’s face it, no matter what season, it's always warm in the Philippines. As much as air conditioners are there to keep you cool, it may not be the most affordable option. You may think that it is the only appliance to cool you down during the summer, but that’s not the case! There are many tips on how to keep the house cool without cranking up your air conditioner AND your electricity bill. We’re here to give you a list of tips and affordable Hanabishi appliances to help you beat the humid Philippine weather. Read below for more!

Make Use Of Your Industrial Fans


Industrial orbit fans can be used on your ceiling or your walls to keep your house cool. The INDUSTRIAL ORBIT FAN HIOF-380W by Hanabishi can be mounted on any surface of your home to keep your spaces cool while minimizing the amount of electricity you have to spend. If you’ve ever seen a traditional ceiling fan before, this is a more innovative and modern take.

Since this is a 360 oscillating fan, everyone in your space can feel the coolness and breeze. It's also perfect for on-the-go parents with little ones at home. Since these fans are mounted off of the floor, it minimizes tripping hazards and dangers to children whenever you can’t keep an eye on them.

Choose The Best Electric Fan


Looking for a more convenient fan to supply you with coolness and breeze? Hanabishi has a wide variety of electric fans made for different personalities, lifestyles, and budgets. The most popular one today is the AIR CIRCULATOR HACF 88 because it supplies double the air to your space with its dual-fan and swing functions. If you live alone or in a condo-type space, a Hanabishi Desk Fan may be for you. Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate energy saver fan, the RECHARGEABLE FAN hrdf 14USB can last up to 4.5-15 hours! It also comes with a rechargeable battery.

Remember to optimize your fans to help them run more efficiently. Clean them regularly to not only make them dust-free but also so that they can work better. Make sure that you polish the blades and carefully wipe them out when residue and dirt accumulate. Lastly, maximize their features! Adjust the settings to your liking if you want to feel cooler through the speed control system and adjust its height and the oscillation control to your preference.

Invest In An Air Cooler

Hanabishi's AIR COOLER HAC 2100

Want your appliance to mimic the coldness of an air conditioner? An air cooler is the perfect choice for you. With this appliance, you get the exact coolness and breeze of an air conditioner without increasing your electricity bill. You will surely notice a significant drop in your energy bill amount since this appliance runs more on water.

You’ve probably seen one of these in events and large areas but Hanabishi also has one for your home! You can move it from one room to another without any hassle for immediate cooling needs. This 7-liter water tank capacity AIR COOLER HAC 2100 will supply your space with immediate cooling when needed.

Do Your Chores At Night

Mother and daughter doing laundry at night

Other than your appliances, another way to lower down the temperature in your home is by minimizing the amount of heat that you are generating. If it is possible for you to do the laundry at night or even after the peak hours of the day, it may be a good option for you if you want to keep your house cool. This also helps you save some money on your electricity bill because you avoid peak electricity hours.

Mind Your Windows and Curtains

A woman closing the windows to keep out the heat

Although natural light can be great, too much of it can turn your home into a sauna. Since all the light comes in from your windows, its best to draw your blinds to flush out the warmth and heat, especially in the warmer parts of the day. To double the protection against heat, you may want to invest in blackout curtains.

Key Takeaway

It’s always warm in the Philippines, and everyone’s always looking for ways to keep the house cool without using the air conditioner. Fortunately, these fans and coolers by Hanabishi are here to save the day. The best part? All these appliances come at the most affordable prices. Shop now and keep your home cool today!

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