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In A Hurry? Here Are 6 Kitchen Appliances For Fast And Easy Breakfast Preps

In A Hurry? Here Are 6 Kitchen Appliances For Fast And Easy Breakfast Preps


What are kitchen appliances for fast and easy breakfasts?

  1. Coffee Maker
  2. Juice Blender
  3. Sandwich Maker
  4. Microwave
  5. Rice Cooker
  6. Induction Cooker

Mornings can be very hectic, especially for parents, students, and working individuals. Because people are so busy preparing for school or work, cooking gets put on the back burner. Most people even opt to purchase their meals outside. Luckily for you, there are kitchen appliances for a fast and easy breakfast! With these, you can whip up your family a scrumptious breakfast spread with ease or even prepare a delicious baon. Keep reading to learn more!

Coffee Maker


Can’t start the day without a cup of coffee? To get that morning caffeine boost, a coffee maker is an appliance that deserves a spot on your kitchen counter. For as low as 680.00 pesos, you can take home the Hanabishi HCM 10B. It can brew 6 cups, which is perfect for the whole family. 

If you really want to level up your coffee experience at home, look into the 2IN1 GRINDER AND COFFEE MAKER HGRCM2IN1. It comes with a built-in grinder — perfect for that fresh brew. With this, you can effortlessly mimic the type of drinks that you get from your favorite coffee shop.

Plus, now that you have your own coffee maker at home, you can save time (and money!). There’s less of a need to purchase a cup of coffee for the day. It is surely a life-changing investment. 

Juice Blender

Hanabishi Juice Blender

Smoothies and juices are some of the fastest, easiest, AND healthiest breakfasts. It consists of good nutrients, and you can consume them within minutes. The preparation is also minimal. 

Whether you prefer strawberries, mangoes, spinach, or kale, the Hanabishi HJB326 will make your breakfasts more convenient. 

Instead of chewing your salad or eating your fruits, you can make a drink with a lot of health benefits

Sandwich Maker

Hanabishi Sandwich Maker

Speaking of toasts, one of the easiest meals you can make in the morning is sandwiches. There’s just so much you can do! Ham and cheese, burgers, avocado toast, or a simple peanut butter filling. The possibilities are endless.

With a Hanabishi sandwich maker, you can level up your sandwiches. It will be pressed to perfection! Plus, you can create paninis, waffles, quesadillas, pancakes, pillow cakes, and even omelets. 

There are 3 models to choose from, with triangular, circular, and waffle-shaped makers available on the online store. 


Hanabishi Microwave

Many people will agree that most dinner leftovers are reheated into breakfast meals! This is not only practical but also a convenient way to save time during the morning. Some moms even prepare meals for a whole week in advance. This is why having a microwave is very useful and beneficial, especially for busy people.

If you like to cook meals in the morning, the Hanabishi HMO MBD can speed up the time it takes to defrost frozen meats. With 10 power levels, you can adjust the setting depending on the food. If you want something new, there are also easy microwave meals you can make in a heat-safe mug like omelets, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and a variety of mug cakes!

Rice Cooker

Hanabishi Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food for Filipinos. The crowd favorites such as tapa, tocino, tuyo, and luncheon meat are perfectly paired with freshly cooked rice or sinangag. That’s why owning a rice cooker such as the Hanabishi HRC BRC is a must-have. 

You can easily warm up leftovers from the day before, or cook a new batch with ease. 

Did you know that aside from rice, it can also cook other dishes like lugaw and other soups? There is also a steamer feature, so you can also heat up siomai, siopao, dumplings, and more!

Induction Cooker

Hanabishi Induction Cooker

The induction cooker is all sorts of convenient. Because the heat is transferred directly to your cookware, your food will heat up faster. And if you do get spills here and there, the flat and smooth ceramic coating is easy to wipe. 

The Hanabishi HIC 200 is made with a slim design, which makes your kitchen space clutter-free. It also has 8 cooking functions—deep-fry, fry, slow fire, fierce fire, soup, braise, boil, and hot pot. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about overheating because it has an auto-cut off feature, which makes it safer and reliable.

Key Takeaway

If you experience a lot of busy mornings, you may benefit from these kitchen appliances for a fast and easy breakfast. These will make your meal preparations a lot more convenient! After all, you need a lot of energy to last you through a hectic day. 

Good news! You are now offered more options to grab your favorite Hanabishi appliances. You may now browse the Hanabishi official store on Lazada. Have your appliances delivered directly to your doorstep in days. Happy shopping!

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