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7 Kitchen Appliances That'll Make Her Women's Day Special

7 Kitchen Appliances That'll Make Her Women's Day Special


What are some kitchen appliances you can gift your loved ones for Women’s Day?

  1. Microwave Oven
  2. Coffee Maker
  3. Pop Up Toaster
  4. Juicer
  5. Induction Cooker
  6. Oven Toaster
  7. Water Dispenser

The month of March celebrates women from all around the world! Make them feel appreciated this month by carefully wrapping gifts that they’ll truly appreciate. If they love cooking and baking, this article is for you! We rounded up some of the best kitchen appliances for Women’s Day gifts.

It’s the perfect time to give them something that will make their everyday routine a lot easier and their women’s day more memorable by giving them some of the handiest appliances!

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

It may be time to upgrade your home’s trusty microwave. The perfect gift can be the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven! This kitchen staple makes cooking and reheating meals quicker and more convenient.

Our digital microwave oven comes in different sizes, so, make sure to pick the best for her and the rest of the family. She can pop any of her favorite microwave-friendly dishes inside and enjoy the food while she rests from work.

Coffee Maker

If she’s a coffee lover who dreams of making her lattes at home, then you know exactly what to give her – a coffee maker! With this handy appliance, you encourage her to explore different coffee blends she can make from home.

Both of you can start every morning with the best cup of joe in the comfort of your own home.

Pop Up Toaster

Pop Up Toaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! While this classic saying stands true, plenty of women go on out to work without eating in the morning because of their hectic schedules. They prioritize feeding every member of the family but sometimes, they ignore their meals.

Give her no excuse to miss a meal by gifting her with our Pop-Up Toaster here at Hanabishi. All they need to do is pop up two slices of bread in this handy appliance. Once it’s ready, it simply pops out just like it did in her favorite cartoon shows as a kid.

You can also make this extra special by preparing toast with her favorite jam or spreads whether it be a good cheese spread, fruit jam, or good old margarine!


This can be a thoughtful and health-promoting gift for the many women in your life especially if they’re into juicing already! Having a juicer in your kitchen can be a useful tool for not only her but also the whole family. You can whip up fresh, nutritious dishes from fruits and vegetables!

Having this in your home can also be more convenient and time-saving. There are many pre-made juices available on the market, but these can be a little too expensive for some.

So, gift her a juicer this Women’s Day, especially if she likes to drink more potent, concentrated juices that aren’t as filling as others. Our juicer will do its work to make her the best drink!

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

If she’s still using the old-fashioned gas stove that takes her too much time to cook, it’s time for an upgrade! Our induction cooker is just what she needs in the kitchen today.

This appliance makes use of electromagnetic files that heat cookware directly. It means that she can heat up and cook food faster than with traditional stoves. If you have children at home, this is also a safer choice since there is no flame in this stove.!

Water Dispenser

Drinking water is essential to ladies as it keeps them active and rejuvenated. It also keeps their skin becomes more vibrant and hydrated, immediately avoiding dry and itchy skin that no one likes. However, some don’t drink that much because they’re busy or they forgot to drink throughout the day. Yes, it does happen!

So, encourage her to drink plenty of water every day by gifting her (and the whole family) a Water Dispenser from Hanabishi! It’ll surely motivate her to gulp the right amount of water because of your sweet gesture.

Key Takeaway

If your favorite lady is a homemaker, then handy kitchen appliances are the way to her heart! We’ve provided you with some of our best kitchen appliances for her this Women’s Day! She’ll surely appreciate you more and would love to use our affordable kitchen appliances for her budget-friendly appliances.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines, look no further than Hanabishi! We have affordable, premium appliances under 15k, and home essentials that’ll complete your sweet home! Contact Hanabishi here to learn more.

You may also find our Hanabishi products in any physical stores, or our official store at the Lazada Mall!

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