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Living Room Appliances List: 5 Things You Need

Living Room Appliances List: 5 Things You Need


What are the things you need on your living room appliances list?

  1. Smart TV
  2. Airconditioning Unit
  3. Electric Fan
  4. Water Dispenser
  5. Air Purifier

Are you moving to a new house or planning a living room renovation soon? If you’re planning to buy new items, you might be in need of appliance recommendations. Even though there are plenty of affordable choices in the market right now, you’re not sure about the durability and longevity of such products. As a #PraktikalNaNanay, Hanabishi can provide the best value for your money with their tried and tested home appliances, so you won’t have to sacrifice your family’s budget. Here are the things that should be on your living room appliances list

Smart TV

Television is an essential appliance for the living room. It allows the whole family to share laughs and tears over teleseryes and movies, so you can become closer to one another. But with the advancement of technology, you don’t have to be restricted to cable TV! If you and your kids have different preferences, you will find more options if you have a Smart TV.

A Smart TV can be connected to the internet so you can download applications for your viewing needs. From YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go—you can access the latest episodes and videos that you won’t find on cable! Fortunately, you can buy this appliance without hurting your finances. For less than 13,000, you can have the Hanabishi 32” Digital Smart TV HLED32HDDGSMT.

Airconditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Unit

With the hot summer season in the Philippines, an air conditioner is a must-have. It reduces the risk of heat stroke, which can be dangerous for your family’s health! Aside from that, wouldn’t it be nice to feel cool during your weekend nights of movie bonding?

Do you know that for less than 9,000 pesos, you can have your very own window-type airconditioner from Hanabishi? The Hanabishi HWTAC06U has 0.6HP, so it will work on living rooms with up to 12 sqm of area! You will also be getting a 5-year warranty on the compressor so you can have peace of mind on the longevity of this appliance. 

But if you have a larger living room, you might benefit from the Hanabishi Inverter Window Type HWTINVAC15HP. It has 1.5 HP and an inverter that can help save up to 60% of energy consumption, so you can feel cool without worrying about the electricity bills.

Electric Fan

If you want to circulate the cool air from your aircon all around the living room, you need to have an electric fan! You can use this alone during the colder months if you want to turn off the air conditioning unit. From stand fans, wall fans, air circulators, tower fans, and rechargeable fans—when it comes to this Filipino household must-have, Hanabishi offers a multitude of items for every need.

If you want to use an electric fan together with an aircon, you can purchase the Hanabishi Industrial Orbit Fan HIOF380R. It oscillates in a 360° direction, so the air is distributed on all four corners of the room. Aside from that, you can also use the Hanabishi Air Circulator HACF88, which has dual fans that can be arranged in multiple directions to circulate the cool air in the room. 

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Now that you and your family are feeling cool and cozy due to the aircon and electric fan, it might be tempting to stay on the couch even if you’re thirsty. If it’s too hot, you might also crave soft drinks, which can be bad for your health.

If you’re trying to cut out your consumption of soft drinks, having access to cold water can make it easier. For moms that have kids that don’t like to drink water, you can consider placing a water dispenser in your living room. 

For people that have a tight budget, you can get a hot and cold water dispenser for less than 2,600 pesos. Hanabishi has multiple options, so you can choose depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Air Purifier

Dust and pet hair can land on carpets, sofas, and throw pillows. You can vacuum them easily, but they can still stay in the air and cause asthma and allergies! If you notice that you’re sneezing more often in your living room, you might need an air purifier to improve your quality of life. Otherwise, you have to watch your favorite series with liquids dripping from your nose.

The Hanabishi Air Purifier HAIRPR10 has a HEPA filter to trap airborne allergens such as dust and pet hair. It also has an energy-saving inverter motor so you can save on electricity bills. This can be used in a living room of up to 30 sqm so you can watch movies without sneezing. The air quality and air filter indicator will inform you that you’re breathing fresher and higher-quality air!

Key Takeaway

Each family member has their own tasks and activities for the day. The parents are busy with working and feeding the family while the kids spend most of their time studying and finishing their homework. More often than not, you might only see each other when it’s dinner or movie time! That’s why the living room is one of the most important areas of a Filipino household. It allows the family to catch up and enjoy a special bonding time.

To design a comfortable living room, there are a few items that should be on your living room appliances list. To help you budget your money while getting the best items for your family, Hanabishi can provide you with tried and tested products! If you’re having trouble finding the appliances above, you can visit the official store at the Lazada Mall.

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