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6 Maintenance Tips For Your Washing Machine

6 Maintenance Tips For Your Washing Machine


What are the maintenance tips for your washing machine?

  1. Use the right detergent
  2. Deeply clean your washing machine
  3. Clean the rubber gasket properly
  4. Make sure to protect the finish
  5. Protect it from spillage
  6. Keep checking the hoses 

Many of us depend on our washing machines to do the not-so-enjoyable task of washing our clothes. From our regular wear like tops, t-shirts, pants, underwear, and to other heavier clothes such as curtains, sheets, towels, and so on, our washing machines have made our laundry better and faster. So, they deserve to be properly taken care of by keeping them running in good condition.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best maintenance tips for your washing machine to help them run for years to come. Fortunately, you can do these with ease at home!

Use The Right Detergent

Use The Right Detergent

Using the right laundry products for your machine is important. This is especially true when it comes to your laundry detergent.

Most people choose their detergent based on their scent preferences, laundry needs, and budget. Some, on the other hand, use machine-specific detergents. Whichever one you are, just remember that the product you buy should not be too harsh or too heavily alkaline. 

These two qualities mean that they are more likely to damage the parts of your washing machine, and your clothes as well.

Deeply Clean Your Washing Machine

Many people believe that a washing machine is something that stays clean all the time — after all, it deals with soap and water. But this is not the case. Your washing machine can gradually collect residual dirt, soap, and other things while it washes your clothes. These can build up into blockages or scaling, which prevent your washing machine from properly cleaning your clothes.

To ensure your appliance can give a 100% performance every time, you need to regularly deep clean it. We recommend using a strong machine cleaner to remove scaling while protecting the metal and plastic parts of your appliance. 

Clean The Rubber Gasket Properly

The rubber gasket is another part of your washing machine that you need to clean regularly. It goes through a lot of wear and tear, as it is what protects your clothes from damage and your hand from sharp edges. 

This part tends to collect dust every time you open the machine. And, it can also end up collecting residual detergent and fabric softener.

You should clean this part regularly with a damp cloth to prevent any gunk or scale from forming on this part of your washing machine. 

Make Sure To Protect The Finish

Make Sure To Protect The Finish

Many washing machines have sleek, attractive finishes (like our Fully Automatic Washing Machine). However, it is common for many homeowners to forget about the look of their washing machines. As a result, people tend to leave the top or outside part of their machine uncleaned. 

Make sure to protect the sides and top of your machine using a glass cleaner to avoid damaging the finish. This will keep its finish in the best condition for the long run. Also, make it a point to cover your washing machine when it’s not being used, and avoid placing any other things on top of it to prevent dents or scratches.

Protect It From Spillage

Unfortunately, our washing machines also gather residues from spillage of detergent. This is because the detergent becomes sticky over time and starts to smell bad. 

However, the best way to clean this sticky problem is to wipe it with a mild dishwashing cleaner to protect it from spillage. So, always remember to clean the inside of the drum using a damp cloth to prevent it from developing detergent, dirty, and lint over time.

Keep Checking the Hoses 

Whether it’s semi-automatic or automatic washing machines, they have three hoses, with one being an outlet, while the other two are inlets. 

It’s a must to check the hoses of your washing machine for a smooth flow of water both outwards and inwards. Be sure to keep an eye on the hoses of the appliance. 

Make sure to properly connect them to the water source without any leaks or cracks, too. This helps to avoid the wastage of water while using the machine. Moreover, check the condition of your hoses if they’re drained or not.

Key Takeaway

Proper maintenance for your home’s washing machine is important as it helps prevent problems that may require professional repair. In this blog, we’ve covered all the easiest and most effective maintenance tips for your washing machine for you to follow at home.

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