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Holiday Gift Ideas For The Modern Mom

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Modern Mom

Moms are essentially the queens of tidying things up and keeping the house squeaky clean. They wash clothes, prepare meals, vacuum the floor, and just maintain the overall comfort of your home every single day. This holiday season, get your mom a practical and functional present to make her know that you see her efforts. Gift her with a simple yet effective home or kitchen tool from a reliable online appliance store in the Philippines to make her everyday life easier. She will definitely appreciate it if you give her something that she can use every day to help with chores.   Infographic  

Flat Iron

Graphic of a flat iron Regardless of whether you are a teenager or a young adult, your mom may still be ironing your clothes for you. That is called a Filipino mom’s unconditional love. Reciprocate the love and care she gives you with a flat iron that delivers ease of operation. At only PHP580, Hanabishi’s HI-83 can provide your mom with an efficient and reliable way to get the wrinkles off of your clothing. Hanabishi’s flat iron prevents any common ironing mistakes and problems. It contains a pilot lamp indicator that reflects the operating condition as well as the variable temperature control. Thanks to this feature, your mom can say goodbye to wrinkles and burnt spots! The flat iron’s automatic thermostat control and aluminum soleplate can also produce heat quickly, making ironing easier and quicker than ever before. The black color of the flat iron can also suit any style of ironing board you have at home.  

Coffee Maker

Graphic of a coffee maker Mornings probably represent the most hectic time of the day for moms. It is impressive how they can juggle making the heartiest breakfast while preparing the kids for school. With all the things that need to be done, moms can kickstart their day by fueling up with a tasty cup of joe. At a price point of PHP780, Hanabishi’s HCM 15XB is ready to make a mom’s busy life easier by brewing a deliciously smooth cup of coffee. Aside from the outstanding features and specifications of the coffee maker, the aspect that stands out the most is its stylish reservoir for coffee. Its modern and ergonomic design, as well as its heat resistant glass container, makes pouring coffee easier with one hand. In addition to that, your mom can even share a cup with your father as the coffee maker can produce up to five servings.  


Graphic of a multi cooker Your multi-tasking mom deserves a multi-cooker that can keep up with her fast-paced daily duties. Make cooking for your mom easy and hassle-free with Hanabishi’s HMC 550SS for only PHP1590. With its nine ultra-efficient functions, the multi-cooker is designed to be a reliable kitchen companion. This will definitely help your mom create plenty of quick yet consistent and delicious meals! The multi-cooker can be used as a broiler, braising pan, steamer, slow cooker, as well as a deep fryer or for stir-frying. It can equally be utilized for making stew, barbeque, and for warming food. Thanks to its 3.0-liter capacity, it can produce a large amount of rice and viands. This means that families of up to six or even more will have plenty to share.  

Turbo Broiler

Graphic of a turbo broiler Another efficient cooking appliance that would make a delightful companion for your mom in the kitchen is a turbo broiler. A turbo broiler can prepare meat while charring its fatty parts, leaving it tender and juicy. If your mom loves healthy cooking methods, a turbo broiler is the perfect piece of equipment for her. Whether she is preparing chicken or pork, she can expect consistent results with this useful tool. Hanabishi’s HTB 140SS has a pilot lamp power and heat indicator that can give your mom absolute control of the temperature. At only PHP2530, you can get your mom a turbo broiler inclusive of a low rack, high rack, a tong, and a stainless steel pot. Replace your mom’s traditional oven or microwave with a turbo broiler that is both energy-saving and easy to use.  

Vacuum Cleaner

Graphic of a vacuum cleaner Moms are obsessed with cleaning. They cannot abandon an area if it is not squeaky clean! Naturally, they do this out of unconditional love for their family. There is never a day when your mom will not sweep the living room or even your bedroom. Make cleaning easier and more fun for her with Hanabishi’s HVC 40D. With its soft grip and ergonomic design, this vacuum cleaner is straightforward to maneuver. It can turn laborious cleaning into an even better and more comfortable experience. If you have a holiday budget of PHP3000 or below, you can get your mom a Hanabishi vacuum cleaner. For only PHP2675, you can get it in either blue or orange. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a multi-cyclone feature that separates dust and air. This can prevent any form of clogging. It can also continuously employ a high suction power that makes cleaning faster and more useful.  

Key Takeaway

During this gift-giving season, get your hardworking, loving, and caring mom a home or kitchen appliance that will make her everyday duties easier and more enjoyable. Find the best ergonomic products that are easy to use only at a reliable online appliance store in the Philippines such as Hanabishi. While flowers or chocolate can make a mom’s heart melt, there is an indescribable sentimental value that comes with gifts that can be useful for her everyday life.

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