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5 Signs That You Need A New Washing Machine

5 Signs That You Need A New Washing Machine


What are the signs that you need a new washing machine?

  1. Loud noises
  2. Drum issues
  3. Leaking tub
  4. Dirty clothes
  5. Need for upgrade

The reason that you bought a washing machine was to make garment cleaning more efficient. But if the machine is not working as it should, it might be time to look for appliances for sale in the Philippines. Not only will a broken washing machine make cleaning more difficult, but it might not clean your clothes properly too! Here are some signs that you need a new washing machine. Keep on reading!

Loud Noises

Loud and excessive noises can indicate that you have a serious problem with your washing machine. If it’s rumbling more than usual, then consider investigating rather than leaving it on its own.

For example, you may hear loud noises from the washing machine if you haven’t loaded it properly. An unbalanced load occurs when there is a single large item inside the machine, such as a blanket. This will hug one side of the washer, throwing it off balance and causing it to vibrate. Fortunately, this is fixable. You just need to add one or more towels to redistribute the weight.

If this doesn’t work, the machine could be uneven. There may also be a blocked filter or something is broken inside. If no fix is effective, it might be time to replace your washer.

Drum Issues

If you notice that the drum doesn’t fill with water, there are a few things you can do. You can check if there is a water valve or filter problem first. In any case, you can have a mechanic take a look, but if you have an older model it might not be worth a fix anymore.

Other than that, you might also notice that the drum won’t spin at the end of the cycle. When you take your clothes out, they should be wet, but not drenched in water. This can happen because of a pressure system fault or a worn motor. This can be a sign that the machine is on its way to needing a replacement.

Leaking Tub

Leaking Tub

Do you notice puddles of water on your floor when you use your washing machine? If this happens frequently, then it’s a sign that you need to get your appliance checked out. This could simply happen due to a loose water hose connection.

But other than that, it could also happen due to a broken hose or a cracked drum. If you can’t have these repaired, it’s time to get a new washing machine.

Dirty Clothes

The goal of using a washing machine is to clean your clothes without having to manually scrub each one. But what if you end up getting dirty and smelly clothes, even if you used the appliance correctly? You might notice dirt, grime, or even detergent left in your clothes.

This can happen when the washing machine isn’t draining properly. All the residue from the previous wash will always be left in the drum. You can fix this problem by checking the filter for clogging. Or maybe you’re overloading the machine, making it work harder. If these fixes and cleaning don't work, it might be a sign to shop for a new appliance.

Need For Upgrade

Need For Upgrade

If your bills are suddenly increasing, but you haven’t made a huge change in the past month, then check if your washing machine is the problem. If it’s not as efficient as before, it will increase your water and electricity bills.

In most cases, older washing machines are not as efficient as their latest counterparts too. If your appliance is more than 10 years old, it’s time to replace it soon. Older appliances are more vulnerable to problems. Or maybe you have a larger family now and are in need of a bigger machine. Plus, you will also get more features in newer washing machines.

For example, the Hanabishi Fully Automatic Washing Machine Eco-Inverter HAWMD195INV is made with an inverted motor, so you can save up to 35% on electricity consumption. It also has features such as one-touch wash, fast clean system, and triple punching flow.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know the common signs that you need a new washing machine,you can be more observant the next time you use your appliance! If it’s not as efficient as it was before, is older than 10 years, or not enough for your big family, it’s recommended to find a replacement soon.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options here at Hanabishi! For as low as 4,105 pesos, you can get a new washing machine for your home. From single tubs, twin tubs, automatic washing machines, top load washing machines, and more — we have it here at Hanabishi.

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