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7 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

7 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner


What are some signs that you need to replace your air conditioner?

  1. Problematic airflow
  2. Loud noises
  3. Smoky or foul smells
  4. Excess energy consumption
  5. Broken thermostat
  6. Need for frequent repairs
  7. More ecological and economical models are available

As heat levels in the Philippines rise, our need for air conditioning increases with them. The air conditioner, AC, or aircon has become an important if not an essential home appliance in the Philippines, which is why you regularly need to make sure it’s in good working condition and doesn’t need replacing.

But how do you know when your aircon has gone past its prime? Here are 7 signs you need to replace your air conditioner.

Problematic airflow

The point of an air conditioner is to keep a room cool. So if your AC is not doing its job, or doing so poorly, that’s your first and most obvious sign that something is up. 

For example, if the AC is blowing hot air or cooling unevenly, that might mean there’s clogging in the vents, a problem with the thermostat, or a freon leak. 

Loud noises

The sound you hear from an air conditioner should be that of gentle air blowing, and maybe an occasional beep from the thermostat. No rattling, shaking, or squeaking allowed! 

Once you hear any or all of these, you can do a quick checkup of the appliance, or consult someone to take a look at it. But if the problem persists, maybe it’s time for a bigger—and more permanent—solution.

Smoky or foul smells

In the same way that you don’t want any loud noises coming from your aircon, smelling something strange from the machine also usually means something’s amiss. A smoky scent is a big warning sign that you should turn your AC off, unplug, and maybe even replace it immediately. 

Worse, a foul smell could indicate that pests have gotten into the appliance, or that chemicals are polluting your airflow. That’s the last thing you want, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Excess energy consumption

Excess energy consumption

If you’re the one in charge of monthly expenses, you’re also usually the most conscious of your household’s energy consumption. Big, unexplained spikes in consumption (and therefore in your bill) can mean one or more of your appliances has an issue. 

If that appliance happens to be the air conditioner, consider going for a more energy-saving model that won’t hike up your electricity costs.

Broken thermostat

The thermostat is important for two reasons: it dictates how strong the airflow needs to be by measuring the room’s temperature, and once it’s faulty, you might as well say the rest of the machine is broken, too. 

A weak thermostat means either fixing your aircon or getting a new one altogether—but to fix or to replace? That is the question.

Need for frequent repairs

Need for frequent repairs

Again, to fix or to replace? Well, a sturdy air conditioner can last about ten years at its peak performance. But once it breaks, it might cost a lot to repair, and it never really becomes “good as new.” 

Additionally, sometimes poorer-quality air conditioners get broken again even soon after they’ve been fixed, and you might end up calling the repairman multiple times a month. 

So consider your options: do you want to keep paying for repairs, or invest in a new aircon with better quality that will save you money in the long run?

More ecological and economical models are available

More ecological and economical models are available

Climate change is very real. In fact, it’s the whole reason why days keep getting hotter and why we need the aircon so much in the first place. The good thing, though, is this: an aircon that consumes less energy is also cheaper for your home overall. 

So when you choose a replacement AC, make sure to choose well. Saving the Earth starts right at home, so do Mother Earth a favor when you opt for an energy-saving model — like this split-type air conditioner model from Hanabishi!

Key Takeaway

The air conditioner has become one of the most popular appliances in the country, and it’s no surprise that many consider it an essential part of the home. 

So why tolerate a faulty air conditioner when you can invest in a replacement that’s sturdier, more eco-friendly, or lasts longer? Once you notice these signs you need to replace your air conditioner, maybe it’s time for a change!
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