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The Best Living Room Appliances for the Filipino Home

The Best Living Room Appliances for the Filipino Home


In today's fast-paced world, our living spaces have evolved into personal refuges where relaxation and enjoyment are essential. That's why top-quality living room appliances in the Philippines play a significant role in enhancing our daily lives.

At Hanabishi, we bring you the ultimate home living experience. As one of the country's leading appliance providers, with over 3,000 outlets nationwide, we are committed to delivering quality and affordability in every product we offer. With over 30 years of trust and excellence, we take pride in providing a wide range of both small and large appliances tailored to meet the needs of every Filipino family.

Join the countless customers who trust Hanabishi for their living room appliances in the Philippines.

Essential Cooling Appliances for the Living Room

Keep your living room comfortably cool with our essential cooling appliances. In the scorching heat of the Philippines, a well-equipped living room is a sanctuary to relax and unwind.

Electric Fans

This living appliance in the Philippines is nonnegotiable for many Filipino homes. They help many cool down in the country’s tropical climate.
Hanabishi fans cater to a variety of cooling needs. The HRV16SF and HTOWF1300 offer simplistic, economical cooling with 3-speed controls, while the latter's remote control adds convenience.

Air Conditioners

Experience superior cooling comfort with our advanced air conditioners designed for larger spaces. The HPORTAC10HP portable air conditioner and HSTAC20HP split-type air conditioner offer a range of features, including adjustable modes, energy-saving functions, and air filtration, ensuring you have full control over your cooling experience.


Entertainment Appliances for an Engaging Living Room

Beyond enhancing your home's aesthetics, these living room appliances in the Philippines are an investment in comfort and convenience. Imagine the joy of cozy movie nights, where vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and fine details immerse you in your favorite movies and show like never before.




LED TVs are a staple in Filipino living rooms, offering crisp imagery and vibrant colors for an enhanced viewing experience. 

Hanabishi provides a variety of LED TVs tailored to different needs. For top-of-the-range visuals, the HLED-504KUHDDGSMT-8G presents vibrant, full HD resolution. Enjoy the slim design that is a signature feature of Hanabishi, a leading brand for living room appliances in the Philippines.


Digital Smart TV

Digital Smart TVs are an essential living room appliance in the Philippines, especially with the rise of streaming services. The Hanabishi HLED32HDDGSMT8G offers high-definition resolution, enhanced imagery, and sound equalization, enriching your viewing experience. Its ultra-slim design and Miracast feature add to the appeal. 

Connect to the internet and access a wide range of entertainment, including popular streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, all on your TV screen. Hanabishi Digital Smart TVs offer exceptional picture quality, immersive audio, and seamless streaming, making them an intelligent addition to your living room.

Digital Smart LED TV

Digital Smart LED TV

Imagine combining the beaming backlighting of an LED TV and the intelligent features of a smart TV. What you get is a Digital Smart LED TV, one of the most popular living room appliances in the Philippines. All models from Hanabishi come with a sound equalizer, ultra-slim design, and 8GB ROM that ensures smooth performance.
The HLED-504KUHDDGSMT-8G and HLED-654KUHDDGSMT-8G versions provide an even better viewing experience with their ultra-high-definition resolution. These TVs not only offer the bright, vibrant colors of an LED display but also the capability to explore a world of digital content via internet connectivity. Choose a Digital Smart LED TV from Hanabishi for the best blend of picture excellence and smart viewing in your living room.

Upkeeping the Cleanliness and Freshness of Your Living Room with Hanabishi Appliances in the Philippines

Elevate your living conditions and create a homier, healthier space by upkeeping the cleanliness and freshness of your living room. Discover how Hanabishi’s living room appliances in the Philippines can make the task effortless and enjoyable, transforming your living space into a sanctuary of comfort and well-being.

Vacuum Cleaner

Discover the convenience and efficiency of Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaners, your ultimate solution to keeping your living room dust-free and pristine. With a range of options to choose from, maintaining a clean and comfortable living space has never been easier.
For cordless cleaning with powerful performance, consider the HVC50WHT
or the HVC50E, both featuring 2-speed control and LED brush lamps for flexible cleaning. If you prefer a traditional vacuumcleaner with high suction power, the HVC40D or HVC30C is perfect for you the latter even comes with an automatic cord rewinder for added convenience.
Indoor Insect Traps

Indoor Insect Traps

To avoid the nuisance and potential health threats brought by mosquitoes, consider our indoor insect traps This appliance lures and traps insects, reducing their presence in your living room and making it a more pleasant, bug-free space.
All of Hanabishi’s indoor insect traps are equipped for hanging, and the thermal fuse-protected appliances come with a removable tray for easy cleaning. The HINSTK20 and HINSTK10 mosquito traps are child-safe and feature a detachable air intake grid and double-U light technology, differing mainly in size.
Portable Sterilization

Portable Sterilization

Hanabishi's portable sterilizers are an essential living room appliance in the Philippines that promotes healthier living by eliminating harmful bacteria and germs. These devices can be moved around to target specific areas, assuring your living room is not just clean, but also safe.
HUVC30 is a sterilization box perfect for small items, while HUVC50 and HUVC10 are lamps, suitable for larger spaces like cars and rooms. The HUVC 20 is a wand, designed for surface sterilization, making it an ideal tool for daily use. All models kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

Why Choose Hanabishi for Your Living Room Appliances in the Philippines

Hanabishi stands as the epitome of quality, affordability, and trusted service for over 30 years. As a leading home appliance provider, we take pride in fulfilling the unique needs of Filipino families. Whether you seek comfort-enhancing air coolers or dynamic entertainment systems, Hanabishi offers a diverse range of durable and efficient living room appliances in the Philippines

Trusted Brand

Hanabishi is a well-established and trusted brand in the Philippines. We’ve been in the industry for more than 3 decades, proving that we are reliable for providing the best living room appliances in the Philippines.

Wide Range of Products

With Hanabishi, you can find everything you need in one convenient place, making your shopping experience seamless and hassle-free. Explore our diverse selection and discover the perfect living room appliances for your home.

Affordable Pricing

At Hanabishi, we understand the importance of affordability when it comes to living room appliances in the Philippines. Our products are renowned for their budget-friendly pricing, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. With us, you can find a diverse range of high-qualityliving room appliances without breaking the bank.

Local Service and Support

At Hanabishi, being a Filipino brand comes with the advantage of providing excellent local service and support to our valued customers. When you choose Hanabishi for your living room appliances in the Philippines, you can count on our dedicated team to assist you with installation, maintenance, or repairs whenever you need them.

Energy Efficiency

At Hanabishi, we prioritize energy efficiency in all our living room appliances in the Philippines. Our commitment to designing energy-efficient products ensures that you not only enjoy top-tier performance but also save on electricity bills and reduce your environmental impact.

User Friendly Features

We understand the significance of easy operation and maintenance, especially for frequently used appliances in the living room. With intuitive controls and straightforward interfaces, our appliances are designed to be accessible and hassle-free.

Choose the Best Brand for Living Room Appliances in the Philippines Hanabishi!

Experience the ultimate transformation in your living room with Hanabishi, your trusted partner for quality and affordable living room appliances in the Philippines. We are not just a brand; we are a trusted partner dedicated to bringing quality and affordability to every Filipino home. So don't wait! Upgrade your living room experience now. Choose Hanabishi, the best brand for living room appliances in the Philippines.

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