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6 Things To Consider When Buying A Microwave

6 Things To Consider When Buying A Microwave


What are the things you should consider when buying a microwave?

  1. Set a budget and compare prices
  2. Consider manual vs digital microwaves
  3. Choose the right capacity for your needs
  4. Look for useful cooking functions
  5. Match microwave design to your kitchen aesthetics
  6. Explore the additional features available

A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance for busy people. It can help you heat up the leftover food from dinner, defrost meat for faster food preparation, and make easy mug cakes! This time-saving appliance is available in different variants, with some models having grill and bake functions too. If you’re interested in adding this to your kitchen, here are the things to consider when buying a microwave. Keep on reading!

Set A Budget And Compare Prices

If you have a family, you already know the importance of budgeting. From the rent, electricity bills, food, and other necessities—each expense should be calculated so that everybody gets what they need. As a practical mom, it is understandable if you’re hesitant to purchase new things for your home. That’s why Hanabishi offers affordable but durable microwave options for different price points!

For less than 3,200 pesos, you can purchase the Microwave Oven HMO20G without breaking the bank. This appliance helps you save time in the kitchen especially if you’re a working professional. 

Consider Manual Vs Digital Microwaves

Consider manual vs digital microwaves

There are various ways to categorize a microwave—you can do it by capacity, functions, and more. But one of the most important things you should consider is choosing between a manual vs a digital microwave. You will be using this kitchen appliance almost daily, so knowing the control options available to you is necessary!

For instance, those whole like straightforward kitchen appliances will appreciate the Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20MDRX2. It has manual dials for the temperature and the timer, which saves you the guesswork when reheating your food. If you want to add more minutes, you can just simply adjust the dial at any time. 

On the other hand, if you’re not good with estimating time, you will appreciate the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMOMBD.  You can choose from the 10 power levels and there’s even a defrost setting!

Choose The Right Capacity For Your Needs

Depending on your family size, the microwave capacity you choose would differ. For instance, if you’re only going to reheat single-serving food in your kitchen appliance, the 20-liter Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20G might be enough. It’s perfect for soups, coffee, and mug recipes. The size is also suitable for college students living alone!

But if you have a big family, you might need to consider the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMO2IN136, which has a 36-liter capacity. This lets you heat larger dishes in one go so you can save on electricity.

Look For Useful Cooking Functions

Look for useful cooking functions

Other than reheating your favorite ensaymada and coffee in the mornings, there are microwave models nowadays that offer cooking functions! This lessens the need to purchase additional kitchen appliances because all the settings you need is available in one product. And as a bonus, you can save kitchen counter space!

For example, the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMO4IN130 is an all-in-one cooking appliance option. It offers 4 functions such as microwave, grill, convection, and air fryer. This way, you can use it to fry Lechon Kawali, bake a chocolate cake, and make BBQ Ribs. It has 10 auto menus and 5 power levels which make reheating and cooking convenient!

Match Microwave Design To Your Kitchen Aesthetics

Other than the functionality of your microwave, you can also consider its design and imagine how it will fit with your kitchen aesthetics. For instance, if you have an all-white cooking area, the Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20GS is a nice option.

But if you have a home that has an industrial look, you can opt for black and metallic microwaves such as the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMOPSSM and Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20MDLX3.

Another example is choosing a microwave that can fit both vintage and modern aesthetics. If you want to go old-school, analog microwaves are the perfect option while digital ones fit a modern kitchen.

Explore The Additional Features Available

Explore the additional features available

Now that you know all the main functions and designs you want in a microwave, you can explore the extra features available! This can improve your user experience of the kitchen appliance. 

For example, if you have kids running around the kitchen all day, you don’t want them to accidentally turn on the microwave. In that case, you can look for a kitchen appliance with a child safety lock feature such as the Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven HMO4IN130. It also has a defrost function which is beneficial if you thaw frozen ingredients often.

Key Takeaway

A microwave is a must-have kitchen appliance for busy moms, working professionals, students, and people who want to save time. Other than that, it’s also perfect for people who want to reduce their expenses because there are models which let you fry, bake, and grill your food too in one microwave. This way, you don’t have to purchase additional cooking appliances!

Now that you know the things to consider when buying a microwave, you can choose the right one that fits your needs. If you can’t find a specific Hanabishi microwave in physical stores, you can head to the official store at the Lazada Mall.

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