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Tips For Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Tips For Cleaning Up After The Holidays


What are some good tips for cleaning up after the holidays?

  1. Organize Your Refrigerator
  2. Clean and Sterilize All the Dishes
  3. Clean up the Accumulated Dirt With a Vacuum
  4. Use an Air Purifier to Clear the Air

After the holidays, it’s time to bust out the cleaning appliances and do some major cleaning. All the parties and guests probably left a lot of mess and clutter inside your house. Take this as a chance to organize and make your home look fresh and brand new. To make chores easier, here are some tips for cleaning up after the holidays. Read on!

Organize Your Refrigerator

Inside a refrigerator

During the holidays, chances are, you have accumulated a lot of food in your refrigerator. From Christmas dinner leftovers to gifted banana cakes — you probably didn’t have enough time to finish them all. Instead of leaving them stuffed in your fridge, take this chance to clean the clutter.

The first thing you should do is take everything out. Check for spoiled food and discard immediately. Be sure to disinfect and wipe all surfaces inside and outside the fridge. Thankfully, the Hanabishi HASREF 70S has a removable door seal for easy cleaning.

Organize everything by labelling containers. If you decide to make use of leftovers and raw ingredients, make a meal plan. This way, you can save money. After all, your wallet probably took a beating over the holidays.

Clean And Sterilize The Dishes


If you have a lot of dishes left over from parties, don’t let it pile up any longer. All the sauces and cake frosting can stick to the plates, making them harder to clean. Luckily, the Hanabishi HDISHWASH50SS has a hot water function to melt any hard to remove stains.

Aside from washing all the dishes and cookware, it is also a good idea to sterilize them. After all, you probably had a lot of guests eat at your place. With what is happening in our world now, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can opt to use the hot water function to do this or purchase a separate sterilizer.

The Hanabishi HDS 31CUFT has an ozone disinfection system and can kill up 99.9% of viruses and bacteria! The upper cabinet’s temperature is perfect for plastic and wood utensils while the bottom cabinet has a stronger temperature for glass, stainless steel, and porcelain. Now that’s a heavy-duty appliance that will do the work for you.

Clean Up The Accumulated Dirt With A Vacuum

A man vacuuming the floor

After all those parties and get-togethers, there are probably a lot of cleanups you need to do in your living room and guest rooms. The usual Filipino cleaning gear consists of a walis tambo, dustpan, and mop. While these tools may be enough for a small house, a large home will need stronger appliances.

While a walis tambo can help clean up torn wrappers or food debris, it is ineffective when it comes to dust on your carpets and rugs. It will just send the soot flying to another area.

To effectively clean all surfaces, including hard to reach areas such as below beds, the best tool to use is a vacuum cleaner. If you want a small version, you can opt for the Hanabishi HVC 40D. It has low noise, so you can use it even at night or in the early morning! If you want a heavy-duty vacuum for both wet and dry cleaning, you can pick the Hanabishi HVC 20B

Use An Air Purifier To Clear The Air

Air Purifier

After a major cleanup, the smell of cleaning products can stay temporarily inside your home. These toxins can be pungent. Your kids may also be sensitive to it as well. To trap these particles easily, you can use the Hanabishi HAIRPR10. It can purify the air in a room with an area of up to 30 sqm!

Because it has a HEPA filter, this air purifier is also effective in getting rid of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander! After all the going in and out of the house during the holidays, you may have forgotten to clean up regularly which can lead to all these accumulated particles in the home.

An air purifier is also good for people with asthma so if you or a family member has one, this appliance could be beneficial for you. Combine this will the steps above, and you will enjoy a dust-free and clean house after the holidays.

Key Takeaway

After the holidays you probably have low motivation and energy to clean up the mess. But with the right cleaning appliances, you don’t have to spend as much time and effort doing everything. 

An all-in-one dishwasher and sterilizer can do the washing for you. Just pop the dishes in and wait for it to finish. Meanwhile, you can start vacuuming all the surfaces in your house to clean even the hard-to-see particles and hard-to-reach areas. Finish it off by turning on the air purifier to get rid of any airborne allergen and toxins.

Next time you go shopping, be on the lookout for easy to clean appliances such as a refrigerator with removable parts. This can also speed up cleaning for you.

If you’re interested in Hanabishi products, you can check the online shop here. You just have to add to cart, checkout, and wait for your appliances to arrive at your doorstep. 

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