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Tips To Keep Your Home Cool For The Summer

Tips To Keep Your Home Cool For The Summer


How can you keep your home cool for the summer?

  1. Draw Your Curtains
  2. Let Cool Air Circulate
  3. Refresh Yourself With Cool Beverages
  4. Keep Your Appliances Clean
  Summer is just around the corner and you all know how hot it can be, especially with the tropical Philippine heat. Everyone is planning their yearly summer vacations and getaways, but besides that, your kids are definitely going to spend most of their time at home. This season is an opportunity for them to recharge and take a break from school. Keep your children comfortable and sweat-free by keeping your house cool for the summer with these home cooling tips. You might think that the only way to beat the heat is to crank up the AC, but it isn’t your only option, especially if you don’t want to increase the electricity bill. Read on to learn how you can make your home the freshest and coolest it can be this summer!  

Draw Your Curtains

A woman drawing the curtains to keep heat out It’s best to start with your windows since they are where almost all of the heat comes from. During the summer, it’s recommended that you draw your curtains to keep the intense heat out. Keep your house cooler by keeping the sunlight and heat from coming in. If you still want natural light to enter, especially in the day time, attach curtains that are lighter but thicker. This way, you can keep your house cool without having to sacrifice natural light throughout the day.  

Let Cool Air Circulate

A family singing karaoke in their living room with a fan Without air coming into your house, the summer humidity will have you sweating loads, especially if you don’t turn on your air conditioner. To solve this, look for ways to retain the cool airflow in your home. Air coolers, circulators, or fans, can create cooler air movement in your home that will help you feel refreshed. This is also a more cost-efficient way of keeping your home cool for the summer. Have your airconditioning rest and turn to your trusty electric fans to expel warm air and humidity during this hot season.  

Refresh Yourself With Cool Beverages

Refreshing blended beverages Make beating the summer heat an opportunity to bond with your kids by making smoothies, shakes, and other refreshing drinks together. Treat yourself and your family with the various beverages and simple treats you can easily create. To achieve this, all you need is a blender or a juicer plus your favorite ingredients. Hanabishi’s various household appliances have innovative and easy-to-use features that can assist you in preparing your favorite beverages and treats. The SUPER BLENDER HJB 128SS will make it easier for you to create enough refreshments for the whole family. Its 1.5-liter glass jars, stainless blades and stainless body are durable enough to crush ice and generate the smoothest consistencies. In addition, its safety lock feature makes it perfect for your children’s safety. Meanwhile, making healthy and cool fruit juices doesn’t need to be a messy process with the help of fruit juicers such as Hanabishi’s JUICER HPJ 50. Simply pop in your preferred fruit and let this excellent appliance work its magic for you! You can even purchase ice popsicle makers to make it more exciting for the kids.  

Keep Your Appliances Clean

A kid sick with a cold Every appliance that you purchase in your home will eventually collect a build-up of dirt that you can’t easily see. When appliances turn dirty, it doesn’t just look visually unappealing, but particles of dust can affect its functionality. It can even cause you and your family members to catch a cold. For the summer, keep your electric fans, refrigerators, aircon, and even vacuum in tip-top shape by cleaning them regularly. They will surely operate like brand new once you incorporate a cleaning routine.  

Key Takeaway

Don’t allow the warmth to bring you down this summer. Beat the heat at home with these home cooling tips. Give your home the best advantage by incorporating these tricks to give your family a relaxing stay at your home during the hot, warm season. You can even create memories with your children by concocting unique and fun recipes with refreshing beverages! Here at Hanabishi, we provide your home with more convenient and cost-effective ways to make it the coolest it can be this summer.

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