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What Are The Trending Kitchen Appliance Colors In 2022?

What Are The Trending Kitchen Appliance Colors In 2022?


What are the trending kitchen appliance colors in 2022?

  1. Black and white kitchen appliances
  2. Bronze kitchen appliances
  3. White kitchen appliances
  4. Silver kitchen appliances
  5. Red kitchen appliances

Home decoration is a hot topic every year, and which appliances you choose can help set the stylish tone of your home. That’s thanks to the fact that there’s more fun and flexibility than ever in appliance colors and finishes! 

That said, what’s in style changes up every year, so it’s important for you to keep up with the latest. If you’re worried about your appliances looking out of date, then you’ve come to the right place. We cover the trending kitchen appliance colors for 2022 here!

Looking for trending kitchen appliance colors (and some ideas on how to incorporate them into your aesthetic)? Then read on! 

Black and white

Black and white

Black and white is a timeless combination — so it’s always in! Combining these two colors makes your kitchen appliances look sleek, stylish, and modern. It’s a combo that goes especially well with minimalist and modern interior design.

The trick to using these in your kitchen is to balance out the levels of black and white in your kitchen. Too much black, then it could look monotonous. Too much white, on the other hand, and your black appliances stick out like a sore thumb. 

You need some careful planning to make your kitchen more appealing with the contrast of black and white kitchen appliances. If you’re looking for a black and white appliance for your kitchen, check out Hanabishi’s Food Steamer! You can now enjoy your steamed siomai or siopao with our modern-looking food steamer that’s super affordable and easy to carry.


Metal colors tend to cycle in and out of style, but bronze is one of those colors that have this classic feel to them. Get a bronze kitchen appliance, and you’ll have one that never goes out of style in your kitchen! This color trend goes well with traditional, farmhouse, and bohemian interior design styles.

This trending appliance color can also give your kitchen a pop of shiny color, which should add visual interest. Usually, bronze-colored kitchen appliances are fridges and ovens.



White kitchen appliances will always be part of the trend — they’re minimalist, and work well in just about any kind of kitchen. From industrial to rustic homes, white kitchen appliances are a sort of blank canvas that fits seamlessly into every design. 

White kitchen appliances are neat and old-fashioned but in a chic way. It gives a warm, familiar, minimalist, clean, and modern feeling when incorporated with a wood-featured kitchen. If your kitchen has wood accents, hardwood floors, and wooden counters, white kitchen appliances are the best to purchase for your kitchen.

This color for your kitchen appliances is also a good choice if you’re a bit of a neat freak. Thanks to their bright, clean appearance, you can easily spot dirt on your appliances before they stain or set in.

Want a touch of white in your kitchen? Our Double Burner Gas Stove comes in the perfect shade of white! This is a great choice for those who want to have a minimalist-style kitchen.



Silver kitchen appliances, which are usually made with a stainless steel finish, are another trending kitchen appliance color for 2022. Their sheen and silver color gives out the feeling of elegance, glamor, and even a bit of extravagance for your kitchen.

This color is generally durable, and resistant to heat, rust, and other forms of damage (thanks to its metal finish). Aside from these qualities, silver kitchen appliances are odor resistant — good news for the home chefs that love to use different spices and tons of garlic in their cooking1 

Purchasing silver pans, burner gas stoves, and ovens like our  Hanabishi Digital Microwave Oven will create a kitchen that oozes elegance. 


If you want to bring back that iconic look from the ‘50s diners and ‘60s Vogue then go for this trending appliance color: red. It’s a striking and stimulating color for your kitchen! And, when arranged right, it can call attention to cabinetry, walls, and other design elements in the room. 

Usually, red kitchen appliances are an oven, coffee maker, blender, waffle maker, and more. Whether it’s dark red, ruby red, or berry, having red kitchen appliances gives that extra energy in the kitchen. To add, there are limitless shades of red to choose from to brighten up your kitchen to make your cooking more memorable.

Our Hanabishi Air Fryer, which is one of our bestseller kitchen appliances, also comes in a bright, vibrant red! 

Key Takeaway

It’s always better to follow the trend for a fun, exciting, and thrilling lifestyle in your kitchen. This blog sums up all the trending kitchen appliance colors in 2022. Except for these colors, one factor to consider in buying kitchen appliances is to purchase from the leading home appliances in the Philippines! 

Here at Hanabishi, we have long-lasting, versatile, and modern kitchen appliances in different colors to match your kitchen style. Fulfill your dream kitchen layout by buying these must-have kitchen appliances for sale from the most trusted home appliance brand in the Philippines. 
You can shop for these appliances at our official Shopee and Lazada stores, or visit our website here!

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