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6 Common Vacuuming Mistakes You Might Be Making At Home

6 Common Vacuuming Mistakes You Might Be Making At Home


What are the common vacuuming mistakes you might be making at home?

  1. Vacuuming too quickly
  2. Using the vacuum in one direction
  3. Letting the vacuum bag sit for too long
  4. Forgetting to vacuum frequently
  5. Cleaning the furniture after vacuuming
  6. Not using the right attachments
It requires time and energy to manually sweep the floor tiles with a broom and a dustpan, making sure that every particle makes it to the trash bag. That’s why, whether you’re working a full-time job, juggling several side hustles, or too busy with other chores, you need to think smart. A vacuum is a handy appliance that can help you efficiently clean your home. But if it’s your first time using one, you need to know the different vacuuming mistakes.  You might be looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner that will perform well but will also fit your budget. Here at Hanabishi, we can provide you with a list of options — from a stick vacuum, canister vacuum, and wet & dry vacuum cleaners! Prices start at only 2,999 pesos.  Once you’ve ordered a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to learn the vacuuming mistakes you need to avoid. Keep on reading!

Vacuuming Too Quickly

It’s tempting to start power walking around your house with your vacuum cleaner in an effort to finish cleaning sooner rather than later. This is especially true if you have so many other chores to attend to afterward. However, doing this can be counterproductive.  When you vacuum too quickly, you don’t give your vacuum cleaner enough time to properly suck in all the dirt and contaminants on the floor. Take your time and vacuum slowly to suck up dust effectively.

Using The Vacuum In One Direction

Aside from vacuuming too quickly, many people also make the mistake of only using the vacuum in one direction. If you do this, you’re only sucking up half of the contaminants. There might be other dirt, dust, and hair hiding under the strands in the carpet or stuck to the floor. Vacuum around the same area a few times to allow the vacuum attachment to shake off the dirt stuck on the object or surface you’re cleaning. Make sure to vacuum in all directions if you truly want to deep clean an area.

Letting The Vacuum Bag Sit For Too Long

If you’ve owned a vacuum cleaner before, then chances are you’re guilty of the habit of letting the vacuum bag sit for too long. While it’s easy to just use the vacuum and stow it away afterward for later use, letting the bag fill up completely before emptying it can affect the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner.  Vacuum cleaners with bags should always be only filled until half full to maintain efficiency. Try to empty the bags outdoors to prevent the dust from getting released into your home. 

Forgetting To Vacuum Frequently

Don’t wait until your floors are dirty before you use your vacuum cleaner. Dirt can pile up in crevices, cracks in the floor, and under the carpet fibers. Remember to check under furniture too, as dust can easily accumulate in there especially if you don’t vacuum the area often. Before long, you might experience allergy flares and asthma symptoms due to the allergens.  Set a regular vacuuming schedule that is most convenient to you. You don’t have to vacuum the whole house. Focus on one area per day so you can keep your home clean even if you’re busy. 

Cleaning The Furniture After Vacuuming

There are days when you will feel the motivation to clean your whole home. Aside from the floors, you might also be inclined to dust the sofa, wipe the tables, and get rid of dirt from your home decor. But you must do this before you vacuum the floor, not afterward. By dusting your furniture, you’re letting the particles float into the air and settle into the floor. If you do this after vacuuming, then you’re just back to where you started. 

Not Using The Right Attachments

Vacuum cleaners have different attachments that will make it more convenient for you to target problem areas. For instance, crevice tools can make it easier for you to clean corners, edges of the room, or hard-to-reach areas. Attachments with brushes can help you with the gentle abrasion to dislodge dust from window screens, baseboards, and the like. Make the most out of your vacuum cleaner by using all the attachments that it comes with, as this can make your cleaning routine so much more convenient and efficient!

Key Takeaway

Avoid these vacuuming mistakes to make the most out of your Hanabishi vacuum cleaners! Make sure to take it slow, vacuum in all directions, and target problem areas with attachments. Dust the furniture first before cleaning to be more efficient. Aside from that, remember to vacuum often and change the bag when it’s half-full. These habits can help you maintain a cleaner, hygienic, and allergen-free home that is more comfortable to live in.  If you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you can check out our official store at the Lazada Mall. We can also provide you with other affordable cleaning and sterilizing appliances — such as air purifiers, dish sterilizers, portable UVC sterilizers, and more.

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