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Affordable Appliances in the Philippines Under 15k

Affordable Appliances in the Philippines Under 15k


The key to a good home is having a good set of furniture and home appliances that meet all of your needs. No home would be complete without a set of quality appliances that help make living comfortable and convenient. For this reason, you should only aim to get the ones that provide the best value for your money. 

Like buying furniture, buying appliances must be treated as an important investment to your home. With so many available options on the market, it is important to get appliances that have great quality, functionality, and price. When it comes to prices, striking a balance between quality and affordability can be a challenge, as you would only want the best for your home.

What are the most affordable appliances in the Philippines under 15k pesos?

The best part about buying appliances for your home is the number of options on offer. If you are looking to maximize your budget when buying appliances, it is best to look for the most affordable appliances in the Philippines. These choices would not only make sure that you won’t break the bank, but also have the best appliances that will make your home living much better. Here are some of the most affordable appliances in the Philippines for just under 15k pesos:


During hot and humid days, having a good cooling system at home will help make these conditions much more comfortable for you and your family. From getting a good air conditioner or cooler, to having a set of electric fans, here are some of the best cooling options available from Hanabishi:

Air Conditioners

The best way to cool down rooms in your home is by adding some air conditioners. Air conditioners come in different types, like inverter, split type, and window type air conditioners. For the best value for your money, choosing the window type HWTAC-06U and the HWTAC-10S air conditioners will provide the best cooling for your home. The HWTAC-06U is good for rooms up to 12sqm, while the HWTAC 10S is good for those up to 18sqm. These window type units help provide quality cooling at an affordable price. For those looking for the best cooling solution for your home, these air conditioners are some of the best options in the market.

Electric and Industrial Fan

A household staple, electric and industrial fans provide your basic cooling needs at home. Dependable and durable, these fans will surely help you cool down during those hot days. For the best value for your money, you can choose among the many electric and  industrial fans from Hanabishi, including high velocity fans like the HVSF-18, stand fans like the CLASSIC AIR 16SF, and AERO-WINDMILL 16SF, or desk fans like the WINDMILL 16DF, THE SPACE 16T, CLASSIC AIR 16T, and the COOL FAN 10BLK. Electric fans are some of the best local affordable appliances around, and Hanabishi provides some of the top of the line products in the market.

Air Cooler

Another quality and affordable home cooling appliance, air coolers are another set of great local affordable appliances that will solve your cooling needs. Perfect for cooling large rooms in your home, some of the best options include the HAC 1300, HAC 2100, HAC 2200, and the HAC-500. With powerful motors and large air volumes, these coolers help make your rooms cool and comfortable.


When it comes to making cleaning chores a much better experience, having these cleaning appliances in your home will make things easier. From affordable local appliances such as washing machines, dish sterilizers, spin dryers, and vacuum cleaners, here are some quality options from Hanabishi:

Washing Machine

A home cleaning appliance staple, washing machines ensure that all of your clothes are kept clean at home. Hanabishi offers some quality affordable choices such as the HAWMD 170, HAWMD 175LX, HWM 162, HWM 170, and the HWM 190. With the best washing power and durable structure, along with being quiet and stable, these washing machines are the best options for your home’s basic needs.

Spin Dryers

After washing all of your clothes at home, the next step is to dry them up with the help of spin dryers. For spin dryers with the best performance, you can choose from Hanabishi’s line of spin dryers, such as the HSD-50, HSD-65SS, and the HSD-68. Quiet, stable, and very durable, having a good washing machine and spin dryer combination helps make cleaning clothes at home a much better experience than before.

Dish Sterilizers

Cleaning dishes can become a very challenging and tiring task at home, which is why having a dish sterilizer in your kitchen will make everything easier. You can get some of the best and most affordable dish sterilizers in the market from Hanabishi, with products such as the HDS 12 Cuft, HDS 18 Cuft, HDS 23 Cuft, and the HDS 31 Cuft

Compared to the traditional way of hand washing dishes, dish sterilizers ensure that all of your dishes and utensils are at their cleanest, heated, and protected from different kinds of bacteria, insects, and harmful molds. For a clean and safe kitchen, having a dish sterilizer is one of the best choices you can make.

Vacuum Cleaner

Another home cleaning appliance staple, vacuum cleaners help clear out all of the unnecessary dirt and dust present in your home. It is important to have a quality vacuum cleaner in your home, and Hanabishi has some quality options available. With choices such as the HVC 10A, HVC 30C, and the HVC 20B. Cleaning and removing dust and dirt in your home can be a huge challenge without the right tools, which is why getting a vacuum cleaner is always a must for any home.


The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a home, as this is where delicious meals and refreshing drinks are cooked, mixed, and prepared. Kitchen appliances are some of the most abundant and diverse, as you would need a number of appliances to help you cook and prepare your best meals at home. From electric and microwave ovens, coffee makers, induction cookers and gas stoves, food processors, hand mixers, rice cookers and refrigerators, having a kitchen filled with all of the necessary appliances will help make your home living experience that much better. Here are some of the best local affordable appliances for your kitchen:

Coffee Maker

One of the best ways to start your morning is by having a hot cup of coffee. Having a good coffee maker at home will surely help start your day on the right track, and help you mix some quality brews. Hanabishi offers quality coffee makers, such as the HCM 10B, HCM 15XB, HCM 20T, HCM 25XB, and the HCM 45GCM.

Juice Blender

For people who want to create their own delicious and refreshing drinks from the comfort of their own home, it is best to have a juice blender in your kitchen. From mixing healthy fruit shakes to refreshing cocktails, a juice blender will help you create some of the best drinks around. Some quality affordable juice blenders include HJB 118, HJB 122, HJB 124, HJB 126, HJB 123, and the HJB 226.

Electric and Microwave Oven

When it comes to heating and toasting your food, having a good electric and microwave oven helps you prepare meals in an instant. Hanabishi offers a selection of affordable electric and microwave ovens which would fit perfectly in your kitchen. Some of the best electric oven choices include the HEO 23R, HEO 30SS, HEO 45PSS, HEO 48 RED, and the HEO 90RSS. For microwave ovens, options include the HMO 20G, HMO 20MDLX3, HMO PSSM series, HMO MBD series, and the HMO 31 ZYM.

Induction Cooker

The latest in cooking technology comes in the form of an induction cooker. Powered by electricity, an induction cooker allows you to have the best and smoothest cooking experience available and create delicious dishes in just a few minutes. Hanabishi’s induction cooker products include the HIC 200 and the HIC 90, both of which offer the best home cooking ordeal.

Electric and Gas Stove

If you are looking for a more classic cooking set-up, you can go for an electric and gas stove. Hanabishi’s line of electric and gas stoves will help you have all of those delicious meals cooked in your kitchen with no problem. Electric stoves by Hanabishi include the HES 100, HES 60, HES 80, and the HES 120FC. For the gas stoves, these products include the GS 3500, GS 404, GS 303R, GGS 500SS, and the GS 1000G. When it comes to all of your home cooking needs, Hanabishi has the best options available.

Food Processor

A food processor is the best kitchen solution for grinding and chopping ingredients in a hurry. From grinding meat, mixing dough, beating eggs, and liquefying fruits and vegetables, food processors are some of the most handy local affordable appliances around. For your food processor needs, Hanabishi has the HFP 600.

Hand Mixer

For mixing ingredients for baking, having a hand mixer ready can help make things easier. Hanabishi offers some quality hand mixers, including the HHM 51, HHM 53SS, HHMB 120SS, and the HHMB 1500SS. If you are looking for a professional stand mixer, you can choose from products such as the HPM 600, HPM 800, and the HPM 500.

Rice Cooker

A classic Filipino and Asian staple, the rice cooker is a constant presence in kitchens across the country, providing warm, fluffy rice that completes any meal. 

Hanabishi offers some of the best rice cookers in the market, with products such as the, HJC 10, HJC 10SS, HJC 18, HJC 28, and the HJC 28SS. No Filipino kitchen would be complete without a rice cooker, which is why getting the most affordable rice cookers will help complete your kitchen set-up.


Another important kitchen appliance, the refrigerator keeps all of your food and drinks cool and preserved. Perishables are kept fresh until they are ready to eat. When it comes to refrigerators, it is important to buy one that will last a long time. In addition, you should find one that is sizeable enough to fit all of your food and drinks. 

Hanabishi has a number of quality refrigerator choices on offer, providing the best long-lasting quality. These products include the HAMDDREF 28, HAMDDREF 33RED, HAMDDREF 33SS, HAMDDREF 38, HAMDDREF 45SS, and the HAMDDREF 48.

Choose the Best Affordable Appliances with Hanabishi

For the best home living experience, having quality appliances at home will help make everything more comfortable and convenient. The best local affordable appliances by Hanabishi provide the best balance between quality and price. 

One of the country’s appliance stores in the Philippines, Hanabishi has provided over 30 years of quality service to customers across the country. Starting out by selling small appliances, Hanabishi has grown into a company that provides a wide range of both small and large appliances. 

With over 3,000 outlets nationwide, Hanabishi is committed to providing Filipino families with all of their home appliance needs. Our mandate for Quality and Affordability guarantees that we provide the most affordable appliances in the Philippines. 

Along with providing the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines, Hanabishi is also committed to giving back to the community, helping build over 500 houses in Iligan province, Tacloban, and Leyte. Hanabishi also provides training and career development programs to TESDA affiliated schools in the country. 

Hanabishi provides a diverse range of quality and affordable home appliances, and you can view all of our products here to check for new and hot products being sold. We also provide some effective home tips and cooking recipes that families will surely find useful. 

You can go to our home tips page if you are looking for home improvement tips, and you can go to our cooking recipes page if you are looking to create delicious meals.

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