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Best Kitchen Appliances in the Philippines for a Modern Home

Best Kitchen Appliances in the Philippines for a Modern Home


It usually goes without saying that a modern home must also have a modern kitchen. However, the kitchen is usually one of the most neglected parts of the house when it comes to home improvement. Some of the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines are perfect for these kinds of situations where you need to keep your kitchen or kitchenette up to speed with the rest of your house, be it stylistically, aesthetically, or just plain functional. But what do we mean by the term “modern” anyway?

When we say modern, we mean contemporary, relating to the present and now ⁠— not the design style of the early to mid-1900s. A contemporary home has to be updated with the newest advancements in appliances and technology that makes life easier and more efficient, whether it’s a humidifier or a smart television with a curved screen. Ideally, it should also have features that replace the more outdated/traditional features that old homes used to have. Your kitchen should also be updated to help you choose which appliances to add, here are some of the best local kitchen appliances perfect for a modern home.

Coffee Maker

Most people love to start their day with a good ol’ cup of coffee, so what better way to start this list than with a coffee maker. In the Philippines, the most common way of preparing coffee is by using instant coffee and/or a 3-in-1 mix. Just add these powders to hot water and voila, you have a nice warm cup of coffee. This may be an effective way to get your caffeine fix, but it lacks a bit of sophistication and leaves a lot of plastic waste.

To give your coffee drinking habits and your kitchen a more modern, refined approach, employ the use of a coffee maker. It makes your coffee less ‘instant’ in terms of preparation, but the advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages. It minimizes plastic waste, gives you a much tastier coffee (assuming you’re using decent coffee grounds), and best of all, it adds a fresh modern touch to your kitchen. Coffee mixers can also give your kitchen a nice coffee aroma, which is sure to help with any sort of fragrance problem your kitchen might be facing.

Food Processor

Food processors are some of the most essential kitchen appliances around simply because they can replace and/or facilitate some of the more repetitive meal preparation procedures. This can include, but not limited to: chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing almost any food. It can even be used to help make fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

While seemingly underutilized due to most people’s preference for manual food preparation, food processors have the potential to be one of the best local kitchen appliances around. Not only does it save you time and effort, it also saves you some space because food processors are usually in a singular spot on your kitchen countertop. Whether it’s a manual or an electric version, you cannot go wrong with this appliance. Clean-up is notably easy as well.


No modern kitchen is complete without baking instruments and apparatuses. In that same sense, mixers are essential because they are used to prepare the core components of most, if not all, of your favorite baked goodies. There are two types that will be detailed here for you to choose from:

Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are the cheaper and thus more common variety of mixers. This handheld mechanism allows for a full range of control and motion so you can prepare food just the way you like it. What sets this type of mixer apart is its ease of use since everything relies on your own hand control. It also takes less space, which is an important factor if you have a small kitchen and clean-up is rather easy. Just make sure to be careful when using it because you might be prone to making a mess if you’re not used to it.

Stand Mixer

Stand mixers, on the other hand, are literally the more stable option because they are affixed to a stand. While there is not much difference to the purpose that they serve, stand mixers are much better for those who bake in large batches as the mechanism is large and usually comes with a significantly larger bowl than the ones provided by hand mixers, if they even come with a bowl. The only downside is that it is more expensive. Just evaluate your situation and choose between this or the hand mixer. Either way, you’ll end up with a useful appliance while making your kitchen feel more functional and modern.

Deep Fryer

If you are a Filipino, then anything that can deep fry can be considered as some of the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines. This is because cooking Filipino cuisine means having a lot of fried or deep-fried dishes. From Crispy Pata to Lumpia, the fried dishes can be endless, and for that, you need a deep fryer. Deep-frying in a pan is well and good, but it can be a bit inconsistent in terms of getting an even fry, especially if you’re using a shallow pan. It can also make your pan degrade faster because of how much extra wear and tear it gets due to deep frying. Hot oil can also sputter furiously if you’re not careful and it could give you small burns here and there.

Deep fryers seek to replace the method of deep frying in a pan, and make it more effective and efficient. That is because they are significantly deep and come with a frying basket. Frying baskets eliminate uneven frying and allow you to cook more food due to its spacious nature. They also protect you from hot oil burns because the food is fully submerged in oil, minimizing the sputters. Baskets also allow you to remove excess oil from the food because you can usually hang the basket on top of the fryer allowing the excess oil to drip. A little shake also helps in that regard. 

Since your deep fryer will be situated on your kitchen counter, take note of the dimensions of the model you are interested in, so that you are sure that it will fit your kitchen set-up. There are also models that have dishwashing safe parts for easier cleanup. All-in-all, the deep fryer is a sure upgrade and a welcome addition to your budding modern kitchen set-up. Filipinos definitely love their fried food, so keep that in mind the next time you go appliance shopping.

Food Steamer

A not-so-common kitchen fixture, a food steamer (also called a steam cooker) has so many advantages which make it a must for anyone wanting to add a functional yet modern appliance to their homes. For one, steaming food is a healthy way to cook because it doesn’t involve any sort of oil which can contribute to cholesterol-related health problems. Steam cookers also have a form of juice catchment component which collects nutrients that are usually lost as steam in normal cooking processes. With steaming, dishes get to maintain their nutritional integrity and color without compromising its taste and preparation.

On top of all that, steamers don’t release the same amount of heat in the kitchen as other cooking devices. This makes your kitchen cooler while cooking food, especially in the middle of the afternoon or during a hot summer. They are also space-efficient with multiple levels for you to cook different food in the same steamer. Cleanup is also not a hassle because, at the end of the day, you’re cooking with steam ⁠— no residue, no stains.

Induction Cooker

Induction cookers are arguably the face of modern kitchens around the world as they are a product of technological ingenuity mixed with ergonomics. The mindboggling part about induction cookers is that they do not use an open flame nor any electrical heating element. As crazy as this sounds, even if you put your palm or any part of your body on top of an induction cooker, you won’t feel the slightest bit of heat. As the name suggests, these cookers or ‘hobs’ use electrical induction in order to heat your pans given that they are cast iron or stainless steel (this means copper or aluminum pans don’t work).  

You can consider induction cookers to be one of the best local kitchen appliances due to several safety features, energy-efficient and easy to clean. They are also digital in nature and have an elegant, modern glass-look that does not have knobs. Say goodbye to your regular old gas stove because induction cookers are a must if you want to take your kitchen to the next level in terms of modernity.

Dish Sterilizer

Unlike western countries that use dishwashers, many people take pride in their dishwashing because it guarantees cleanliness rather than leaving it up to a machine that doesn’t even scrub the plates manually. However, there is a new challenger in town that can possibly cement its place as one of the best local kitchen appliances around, and it comes in the form of a dish sterilizer

A dish sterilizer is a form of dry heat sterilization that is tailor-made for your dishes and utensils. After your regular soap and water dish-washing routine, placing your items in a dish sterilizer is a good way to guarantee their cleanliness and integrity. This is because they kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. They also prevent the growth of mold and other fungi. Another good thing about sterilizers is that they are closed devices which mean protection from insects, pests, and air-borne bacteria. A revolutionary device with a rather important duty, make sure to add dish sterilizers to your list of appliances to buy when looking to make additions to your kitchen.

Beverage Chiller

One characteristic of a contemporary home is its apt usage of space. Modern homes are spacious and functional yet elegant. In accordance with those qualities, beverage chillers definitely fit the bill when it comes to appliances. While refrigerator space isn’t a problem for most folks, most people aren’t aware that they can get more refrigerator space by simply separating the beverages from the food. This is to say that both of them should have their own proper refrigerating apparatus. 

When you use a beverage chiller, you can efficiently make any drink of your choice cool while keeping everything else organized. Many beverage chillers are relatively small, allowing you to place them in strategic locations where you can get your drinks within arm’s reach. Just think of how awesome it is to have cold drinks stored in your own room or the living room. Another advantage? Many chillers have transparent glass doors allowing you to see if you are running low on your favorite beverage.

Get the best kitchen appliances for your modern-style home with Hanabishi

If you are looking to make noticeable additions to your kitchen in order to achieve an elegant, sophisticated, and modern look, then the appliances listed above should give you an idea on which appliances to include in your list. 

Whether you are in need of affordable appliances in the Philippines or otherwise, the key is to look at what processes need improving and what can be made more efficient and effective around your house. That being said, you can get the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines with Hanabishi! 

When it comes to appliance stores in the Philippines, Hanabishi has been a recognized leading brand for more than 30 years, having started in 1986. With our experience, quality, and affordability of our products, Hanabishi is the best source for any kind of appliances for sale in the Philippines, not just for your kitchen, but for your entire home. You can browse and purchase our products here. Happy appliance-hunting

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