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Home Essentials To Buy from an Appliance Store in the Philippines

Home Essentials To Buy from an Appliance Store in the Philippines


If you love your home then you want it to be complete. This should not only apply in the familial sense but also to the physical completeness of your home. Appliances, whether we like it or not, make up a big chunk of said physical completeness. However, don’t go rushing to the nearest appliance store in the Philippines just yet because you might not know which ones are essential or necessary for your particular home set up.

Another thing to consider is that as the years go by, newer technology can leave some appliances a bit outdated if not entirely obsolete. This makes being informed about new developments regarding home appliances a crucial part of having a complete house. 

To help you get up to speed here are home essentials that you can get from almost any given appliance store in the Philippines.

Cooking Appliances

It is no secret that Filipinos love their food, so what better way to start off this list than to begin where the real magic happens — the kitchen. It is probably a given that you already have an oven, a toaster, or even an oven-toaster, so we’ll skip some of the basics and go with some new household favorites.

Deep Fryer

For the longest time, people have been using pans of varying depths to facilitate their deep frying needs. Just think about food like french fries, fried chicken, or the Filipino favorite lumpia then ask yourself, “how can I consistently make those delicious dishes efficiently?”

The answer is simple: a deep fryer. You’ve probably seen this in your local fast-food chain, but don’t be fooled. This can become one of the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines and a staple for many progressive households. 

If you really think about it, it beats using a pan (for the purpose of deep frying of course) in virtually every aspect. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. It also has a big capacity if you’re hosting an event or if you’re just plain cooking for many people. It is also space-efficient and easy to store. 

And the best part? It protects you from dreaded oil splatters that burn your flesh. If you’re not sure what to get at an appliance store in the Philippines, then you can start with a deep fryer.

Trust us, once you try a deep fryer, you’ll forget about using pans for deep frying altogether (which, if you don’t know, helps preserve its longevity).

Hotspot BBQ Griller

As you have probably noticed in recent years, barbecue (BBQ) has been the in-thing for many people across the country. Filipinos love barbecue, but that has been elevated to new levels thanks to the advent of Korean BBQ. That simple observation alone is a testament to how important grills are to people, and this has implications for your appliances at home.

Hotpot – BBQ griller hybrids have been introduced in the market many years back, and are now becoming a household staple due to people’s increased preference for barbecue. 

The reason why this is essential is because of the value it gives you. Having your own grill at home allows you to save money by eating less outside where expenses are generally higher.

Eating barbecue using your own griller also simulates that same fun feeling of eating out with your friends and family without leaving the comfortable confines of your home. Factor in the extra feature of having a hotpot, then you have a singular appliance that fits the bill when it comes to different methods of eating. 

Look for a hotpot BBQ griller at your local appliance store in the Philippines to complete your set of kitchen appliances at home.

Sandwich Maker

To round out this list of new essential kitchen appliances for your home, we have the sandwich maker. This might seem like an already common feature in a given person’s kitchen, but we feel that it is still somewhat under-utilized.

Sandwiches are an efficient and interesting food choice. You have the potential to have a tasty, balanced diet within the palm of your hands if you manage to craft it well. The only hassle when it comes to this kind of food, however, is preparation. Many people ranging from students to office workers simply do not have enough time to make the perfect sandwich of their choosing.

This is precisely why sandwich makers are valuable to you and your home. Cold sandwiches every single day can be a thing of the past if you employ the use of a sandwich maker. Warm food can really make a difference in your day-to-day routine. You won’t have to dread recess or lunch breaks anymore because you can always have something different. For example, you can have a nice egg sandwich one day, then have grilled cheese the next.

Sandwich makers are valuable and you’d do well to take advantage of the value it brings to a given person’s life.

Refreshment Appliances

Now that you’re done reading up on kitchen appliances regarding food, let’s take a look at the world of beverages and how you can improve your home set-up with regards to that.

Everybody knows that a good meal needs to be accompanied by a good drink or beverage. That being said, here are some appliances that can help facilitate that pairing.

Juice Blender

Blenders, as the name suggests, blend and mix juice and pulp. Just take your favorite fruits and/or veggies, put them in the blender, and then, well, blend! What you’ll have (depending on your mix of course) is a healthy ‘smoothie’ that is perfect for your meals to balance out your diet. 

There are no rules when it comes to smoothies because you can mix and match any type of fruit or veggie. Refer to online recipes or print material, though, if you’re not sure what sets of fruit will go well together.


Juicers, on the other hand, extract juice from your fruit without including the solid, pulpy, and fibrous components of the fruit itself. The result is a light, easy to drink juice that releases energy quickly when compared to the slow energy release of ‘smoothies’. 

The reason why both of these appliances are essential to your home is that they are both used to create healthy beverages. Whether you go for a ‘smoothie’ or a fruit juice, there is nothing more valuable than a healthy body and that should be enough to convince you to secure either or both of these fantastic appliances the next time you’re at your local appliance store in the Philippines.

Beverage Chiller

Veering away from the more laborious side of beverages and drinks and more on the maintenance side, we have the beverage chiller. Essentially, beverage chillers are just refrigerators made specifically for drinks. 

If you run a busy household, then you probably know how packed a regular refrigerator can get when leftovers and take-out and food supplies start to pile up. This is where beverage chillers make your life a bit easier because you can move your drinks away from the fridge and transfer them to the chiller.

It’s space management made easy while at the same time giving you the convenience of easy access to your drinks. For plus points, invest in a beverage chiller with a transparent glass door so you can see when you’re running low on your favorite beverages.

Appliances for Your Comfort

Now that you’re updated on the new kitchen appliance essentials, it’s time to move to other rooms. Comfort should be present in all rooms, if not your entire house. You should always find ways to take your comfort to the next level. This is why we have listed a few alternatives that can potentially enhance how you ‘chill’ in your home.

Air Cooler

First up, the air cooler. Air coolers (also called evaporative coolers) function similarly to air conditioners, but with their own new twists and innovations when it comes to cooling your room. 

The first thing to note is that it uses less electricity which means less expenditure on electric bills. It also doesn’t require any special insulation requirements nor any elaborate set-ups. They are mobile and almost always on wheels. The only big downside of this appliance is that you can’t use it in very humid places, but that shouldn’t be a problem inside your home.

Think of it as an air conditioner on wheels that uses less power while providing comparable cooling capabilities. We’re not considering it as fully essential, but it is definitely an option for those on a budget and is good for guest rooms with no installed air conditioners. The best appliance stores in the Philippines carry a good selection of air coolers, so securing one shouldn’t be a problem.

Air Circulator

Air circulators are the alternative to the electric fan. Traditional fans only bring cooling benefits when they are directly facing you. This is where air circulators bring major improvements because they keep the air in motion and make the entire room more comfortable to be in.

Think of it this way: fans only give you comfort in one direction, while air circulators literally help the air circulate around the room, providing some form of comfort to anyone inside.

Another thing circulators boast is their capabilities in different seasons, weather, and temperatures. What this means is that when it is cold, circulators help balance the cold inside a room eliminating cold spots. When it is hot, it does the same thing, it removes hot spots and pockets in a room providing a steady supply of air wherever you may be situated.

Just like air coolers, you may or may not consider this essential as well, but soon enough it will replace regular electric fans in every household. 

Try to stay ahead of the curve by getting one for your home.

Appliances for Maintenance and Cleanliness

Maintaining and keeping the household clean is a challenge in and of itself. Luckily for you, there are also appliances available that help you do just that. In that regard, we have listed two more appliances that seek to replace usual methods and become a staple to every single household nationwide.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are well-known essentials to any home. It is a must-have when cleanliness is involved. The one-two punch of broom and dustpan is the more popular choice when it comes to cleaning floors and other surfaces, but vacuums provide a whole different level of thorough cleaning. 

The best part of owning a vacuum is that you can use it to clean hard-to-reach places that a normal broom couldn’t even if it tried its best. Vacuums are also powerful and can suck up pretty much anything you throw in its path as long as it can fit in the tube. 

For thorough cleaning, the vacuum is a true essential, and you shouldn’t be confident in your floor’s cleanliness without one.

Washing Machine

Another ‘true essential’, washing machines are extremely convenient for busy people who don’t have much time to do manual laundry. It is also time-efficient because clean clothes are just a few buttons presses away, and require little to no attention during the whole cleaning process.

The only reason people have a slight aversion to washing machines is that it’s not that effective at removing deep dark stains that can be frustrating to deal with.

That, however, can be fixed with a good bout of manual scrubbing, so it’s not totally impossible. 

The selling point of washing machines is really its cost-efficiency and convenience. If you want to deal with laundry without the use of manual launderers or laundry shops, consider getting your own washing machine for your home.

Make Your Home Complete With Appliances from Hanabishi!

If you are looking to make noticeable additions to your home to give it a more complete, comfortable and graceful feel then look no further than the appliances listed above. The key is to know what your household lacks, and what house processes can be further improved with the offerings available at our online appliance store in the Philippines

That being said, you can get the perfect home appliances with one of the best appliance stores in the Philippines, Hanabishi! 

Hanabishi is a recognized leading home appliance brand for more than 30 years, having started in 1986. With their experience, quality, and the affordability of their products, Hanabishi is the best source for any kind of appliances for your entire home. You can browse and purchase our products here. Happy appliance hunting!

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