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6 Affordable Appliances for a Modern Home

6 Affordable Appliances for a Modern Home


What are some of the affordable appliances for a modern home?

  1. Air cooler
  2. Automatic washing machine
  3. Dish sterilizers
  4. Vacuum cleaner
  5. Induction cooker
  6. Food processor


In search of budget-friendly appliances to modernize your home? Check out our curated list of Hanabishi products – from air coolers and automatic washing machines to vacuum cleaners, induction cookers, and 9-in-1 food processors. Transform your home into a modern haven for less than ₱15,000 with Hanabishi. Home upgrades have never been this exciting!

Can you believe we're almost halfway through the year? As we move forward, there might be a nudge in our hearts to start fresh and upgrade our homes.

Family life is easier and more enjoyable when you have the right appliances tucked into your home, but acquiring them shouldn't cost a fortune. Looking to modernize your home while sticking to a budget? You're in luck! For less than ₱15,000, you can upgrade your home with the help of modern appliances! Now, let's unveil our hand-picked list of appliances for a modern home without the need to break the bank.

Air Cooler

Let's start with making it cool to our nest. You know how hot it can be in summers in the Philippines and even not summer, our humid weather can be a headache sometimes. An air cooler is your pocket-friendly alternative to aircon. It's effective in maintaining a comfortable room temperature without draining your electricity.

Our top pick? The Hanabishi Air Cooler (HAC500), comes in at ₱8,515.00. This beauty packs a 10-liter water tank capacity, a handy remote controller, and a 24-hour timer. Take your pick from three modes based on your comfort level and enjoy wind speeds up to 12 m/s thanks to the efficient honeycomb filter. And guess what? They're also eco-friendly because they use water instead of harmful chemical refrigerants.

Automatic Washing Machine

Okay, let's admit it – laundry is not the highlight of our weekends. If you’re looking for a way to do your laundry without tiring yourself, you can check out the Hanabishi Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine. This machine, with a 7.5kg capacity, comes in at ₱12,630.00. It offers a great set of features: a quiet, low-noise motor system; steady operation; an all-plastic, rust-proof body that's durable and temperature-resistant; and a high-power cleaning system. Plus, its compact size of that won't occupy too much of your laundry space.

Try loading your clothes into an automatic washing machine, then press start and let it do the work. The best part is you can relax or enjoy a leisurely merienda while your laundry is taken care of. More time for family, less time for stress!

Dish Sterilizers

Dish Sterilizers

The global pandemic taught us that cleanliness is a top priority. Never underestimate the power of a humble dish sterilizer. Consider the Hanabishi Dish Sterilizer (HDS12CUFT) for enhanced kitchen hygiene. Priced at ₱5,790.00, this compact device has a power button with three levels and uses UV light to kill bacteria.

It's heat-resistant up to 80°C, perfect for sterilizing plastic utensils and baby bottles. This machine also protects against insects and rodents, kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and prevents mold growth. It guarantees your family's safety by eradicating bacteria and germs on your dishes and utensils.

Vacuum Cleaner

Let's talk about cleanliness a bit more. While the trusted walis have served Filipino homes for centuries, it's in for some friendly yet high-tech competition – cue the vacuum cleaner! Trust us, it's a game-changer.

Meet your new household helper: the Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner (HVC30C). Priced at a reasonable ₱5,450.00, with multi-cyclone technology, a permanent filter design, and high suction power, it's designed to tackle dust efficiently. To top it off, the automatic cord rewinder and telescopic metal tube simply mean added convenience for you.

Not a fan of noise? This vacuum cleaner has got you covered, operating at low noise levels. With a considerable cable length of 4.5m and a sturdy 1600-watt motor, this cleaner is definitely worth every peso!

Induction Cooker

Declare independence from traditional gas stoves. Induction cookers are rising stars in Filipino kitchens, offering fast and convenient cooking with less energy consumption and the added safety feature of zero open flames.

Let's introduce the Hanabishi Induction Cooker (HIC200) for an affordable ₱3,610.00. Its slim design coupled with 80% cooking efficiency elevates your cooking game. An easy-to-read LED display, eight cooking functions – ranging from soup to deep fry bring versatility at a finger's touch. Additionally, safety features like an overheat auto cut-off and high-quality ceramic plate make this induction cooker a worry-free choice.

Food Processor

Food Processor

Last but certainly not least, food preparation has never been so easy with a food processor. Sauteing onions? Check. Grating carrots? Check. Blending tomato sauce? Check. All these with just one device! It's the multi-tasking appliance every Pinoy home needs to speed up meal prep and ensure more bonding moments around the dinner table.

The Hanabishi 9-in-1 Food Processor (HFP800) has a modest price tag of ₱4,905.00, which is a true ace in the kitchen. Its chopper bowl features a stainless steel blade for precision, while the 1500ml blender is perfect for your smoothie and soup recipes.

But it doesn't stop there. This food processor offers you nine functionalities including chopping, blending, grinding, juicing, slicing, kneading, shredding, granulating, and even French fry cutting.

Key Takeaway

Upgrading your home with just the right appliances can provide comfort, convenience, and a modern atmosphere for everyday living. And as we've demonstrated, getting these fantastic appliances for a modern home doesn't have to be a strain on your wallet. Life in the fast lane doesn't have to be costly – it's all about making smart choices, diskarte as every Pinoy has! With this guide, we hope you found your perfect, budget-friendly match.

Hanabishi as the leading appliance store in the Philippines is your partner in upgrading your home, offering exceptional quality at irresistibly affordable prices. Discover the Hanabishi difference today and contact us or visit our shop.

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