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6 Affordable Christmas Wishlist for a Workplace Party

6 Affordable Christmas Wishlist for a Workplace Party


What are affordable Christmas wishlists for a workplace party?

  1. Desk fan
  2. Electric water kettle
  3. Pop up toaster
  4. Coffee maker
  5. Sandwich maker
  6. Flat iron


  • Workplace parties and gift exchanges are a cherished tradition, but finding the perfect gift on a budget can be stressful.
  • Christmas gifts for workplace parties can be practical items like a desk fan, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, sandwich maker, and flat iron.
  • This curated, affordable Christmas wishlist caters to your colleagues' needs and personal preferences, ensuring that your presents bring joy and warmth to your workplace party.

While workplace parties and gift exchanges are a cherished tradition, they can sometimes bring a touch of stress, particularly when finding the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

But fear not, for this article serves as a guide to complete your affordable Christmas wishlist for your office party. Not only will these budget-friendly gifts bring joy to your colleagues, but they also serve as essential household items that your workmates are sure to appreciate.

Come prepared at your workplace’s annual Christmas party. Read along to find the best present to give under P1,000 your Secret Santa this holiday season.

Desk Fan

Desk Fan

First on our list is the Hanabishi desk fan. This is a thoughtful gift that offers relief to your workmates as it stands out as the perfect present on scorching afternoons, delivering a breath of revitalizing air that invigorates and refreshes.

This desk fan, with its 8-inch blade, 3-speed control, and adjustable head for directing airflow, offers a refreshing break for your colleagues in the warm Philippine weather.

Safety is ensured with a thermal fuse-protected motor, and its wall-mountable design adds versatility, all powered by an efficient 35-wattage mechanism.

Electric Water Kettle

If you've spotted a colleague whose day revolves around instant coffee or noodles, our electric water kettle is a must-add to your affordable Christmas wishlist.

This isn't just a kitchen appliance; it's a versatile and time-saving ally that boils 1.7L of water quickly. It's safe with thermostat control and automatic/manual shut-off. The pilot light shows when it's on. Compact (210x150x250mm) and packed neatly (190x195x243mm), it's an ideal gift for a caffeine and noodle-filled workday.

Pop-Up Toaster

The pop-up toaster, a humble kitchen appliance, is essential in any household. Its practicality is undeniable, making it a well-loved gift for colleagues who enjoy the simplicity of toasted bread or their favorite panaderia for their daily breakfast routine.

This 2-bread toaster makes breakfast cozy and easy. It smells delightful with freshly toasted treats. Easy to clean with a removable crumb tray, it has buttons for cancel, reheat, and defrost. It even has a bun burner and turns off the heat automatically for ease of use. Thus, a thoughtful gift for simple morning joys!

Find more affordable appliances here: Affordable Appliances in the Philippines Under 15k

Coffee Maker

What’s a good breakfast without coffee?

Coffee lovers, a tribe known for their deep appreciation of the dark elixir, will rejoice at the sight of a coffee maker as their gift. This appliance that’s under P1,000, boasts a 6-cup water capacity, an anti-drip feature, a swing-out filter basket, a water level indicator, and includes a glass pitcher.

Having a coffee maker in the office not only elevates the coffee experience but also fosters communication and camaraderie as colleagues gather around for a cup and share moments during breaks.

Sandwich Maker

For those who relish the idea of warm and crispy sandwiches for lunch or merienda, a sandwich maker is a fantastic choice.

Beyond being a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift, it elevates a simple sandwich, whether at home or the office. This 4-slice triangle sandwich maker features a non-stick toasting surface for easy cleaning, a safety thermal cut-out, and thermofuse for added security, 2 pilot lights indicating power and heating, a heat-insulated handle, and a convenient locking system.

It's the perfect addition for transforming ordinary sandwiches into delightful treats, enjoyed during breaks, meetings, or presentations. Choose gifts like these, reliable and versatile throughout the seasons.

Flat Iron

Flat Iron

For our colleagues who appreciate garment care and understand the importance of looking dapper and smart in the office, a flat iron can be a practical gift tailored to their grooming routine.

This flat iron ensures neat clothes with features like a non-stick Teflon soleplate, thermal fuse protection, variable temperature control, and more. It reflects confidence and attention to detail, going beyond a cosmetic accessory. This thoughtful gift enhances self-presentation. It's also stylish in blue, with compact dimensions of 289x119x140mm.

Key Takeaway

When buying the perfect present for your officemates, the meaning your gift holds should be considered because the true essence of the season is found in the thoughtfulness of your gifts rather than their price tags.

Explore our budget-friendly Christmas wishlist designed for your colleagues, offering practicality and personal appeal. Find gifts under P1,000, featuring Hanabishi's appliances, guaranteed to be loved by all. Check out our products on the online store and contact us for inquiries and orders today.

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