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Air Conditioner Placement Tips For Your Home

Air Conditioner Placement Tips For Your Home


What should I know about air conditioner placement?

  1. Distance unit from heat sources
  2. No obstacles to interrupt airflow
  3. It must not block the passageway
  4. It must be away from electrical appliances
  5. Ideal for uniform flow
  6. Place it near an outlet
  7. Obtain a suitable AC for the room
An air conditioning unit will not be maximized if it is located in areas of the house that limit its full cooling potential. Even the best air cooler in the Philippines will not work efficiently if not installed properly. Normally, air conditioning systems are installed where it is convenient to be reached by users or in a space in the room that can fit it. While some houses have pre-holed walls to retrofit a unit, it does not mean it is the best placement. If changing filters or cleaning the outdoor unit is not working to fix cooling related issues, then you might want to consider the air conditioner’s current placement. To obtain the best features for your air conditioner, here are some placement tips to follow for any room layout.

Distance Unit From Heat Sources

Distance Unit From Heat Sources Placing the AC unit near heat sources will decrease the amount of cold air that can spread across the room. If you plan to place an air conditioner unit in the kitchen, make sure that it is far from the stove, oven, and other appliances that emit heat. Whereas for bedrooms, AC units should be away from the area where you typically iron clothes. The logic behind this is that the thermostat of the air conditioner unit will read the wrong data. This is what causes it to not deliver the precise cooling temperature. Moreover, some air conditioning units are supposed to shut off or hibernate once the specified temperature is achieved. If the unit is subjected to direct contact with heat-producing sources, it will continuously run because of it.

No Obstacles To Interrupt Airflow

When an air conditioner unit’s airflow is interrupted, its lifespan is equally affected. Locating the air conditioning unit behind a large cabinet or tall piece of furniture that obscures virtually half of it obstructs its airflow. This will push the unit to work harder to produce cooler air. The unit’s blower fans can get burnt-out due to the surplus of power it would need to maintain the airflow. This leads to a decrease in the product’s lifespan.

It Must Not Block The Passageway

It Must Not Block The Passageway The ideal placement of the air conditioning unit is through recessed installation. While most units are installed through a hole in the wall, there are some houses that do not allow it. In this situation, choosing the location turns out to be more complicated. Opt for air conditioning units that will enable you to have flexible installation options. Moreover, go for units that consume less floor footprint to maximize the space underneath or above it. The standard height of a unit is recommended to be at least 6 to 7 feet from floor level. For rooms with low ceilings, it is best to place them at least 1 to 2 feet above the floor.

It Must Be Away From Electrical Appliances

Never place an air conditioning unit above other electrical appliances you have at home. While units are sealed to prevent leakage, an equipment malfunction is inevitable. To prevent trouble caused by leaking water, do not place it on top of appliances that may be damaged.

Ideal For Uniform Flow

Ideal For Uniform Flow Airflow from air conditioning units naturally reaches approximately 3 to 5 feet, depending on its range capacity. With this, it is best to consider your furniture layout and openings as well as the size and shape of the room. Before installing an AC unit, you must be able to visualize how it can work efficiently to consume less power. Additionally, air conditioning units work harder if the airflow is blocked and if it detects erroneous readings due to being near heat sources.

Place It Near An Outlet

Air conditioning units will need a power source. It is best to position it where there is a nearby outlet to avoid running extension cords around the house. Most house structures have pre-holed walls to allow tenants and homeowners to place their units where there is an outlet. For houses that do not have such structural features, choose to hire professional services to install the unit. Usually, appliance stores in the Philippines offer in-house and after-sales services.

Obtain A Suitable AC For The Room

Obtain A Suitable AC For The Room Choosing the right air conditioning unit will require you to calculate the size of the area. Before you start investing in an air conditioner, you have to consider three things: the horsepower of the unit, its energy efficiency, and the room size. To fully obtain the benefits of an air conditioning unit, you must know the measurement of a room in square feet. Here is a quick guide on choosing the most suitable unit depending on the floor area and the AC size:
  • 10.5 sqm - 0.5 HP
  • 11 to 14 sqm - 0.75 HP
  • 15 to 21 sqm - 1.0 HP
  • 22 to 25 sqm - 1.5 HP
  • 26 to 28 sqm - 2.0 HP
  • 39 to 48 sqm - 2.5 HP
To gain accurate knowledge on the right size of AC to acquire, choose to consult your local sellers. They will be able to provide you with the best unit suitable for your floor needs.

Key Takeaway

Installing an air conditioning unit can be simple for a handyman. However, to achieve the best results, air conditioner units are recommended to be serviced by the manufacturer of only the best air cooler in the Philippines. A unit placed in the most ideal area will not have to work hard to quickly cool it. This way, the unit consumes less power and at the same time maintains its produced air quality.

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