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Air Fryer Cleaning And Maintenance

Air Fryer Cleaning And Maintenance


How do you clean and maintain your air fryer?

  1. Clean your air fryer after cooking
  2. Deep clean it from time to time
  3. Grease your fryer with some oil
  4. Get rid of the white smoke
  5. Use foil and baking paper
  6. Be careful when cooking light items

Over the years, many Filipinos have discovered the wonders of using an air fryer. That’s why Hanabishi’s HAFEO23SS, HAFRYER32, and HAFRYER70 are seen inside almost all kitchens today. But with the increase in numbers of people owning this kitchen appliance also comes a lot of questions about air fryer cleaning. To know some tips and tricks, keep on reading!

Clean Your Air Fryer After Cooking

Cleaning supplies

Because of the frying basket, you will see a lot of oil build up on the bottom of the pan. This is why you should always clean your air fryer after cooking.

To do this, make sure that your air fryer is unplugged and has cooled for some time. Transfer the oil to a container and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. After this, you can wash the air fryer basket (and also the baking pan and rotisserie tool for Hanabishi HAFEO owners) with soap and water. Only use a non-abrasive sponge when cleaning this kitchen appliance.

Deep Clean 

Depending on how much you use your air fryer, you might need to deeply clean it often. Unplug your air fryer and let it cool for some time. After that, you can wash the basket according to the same instructions above.

Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe the interior part of the air fryer. You can use a bit of dish soap for this process. Afterward, wipe again with a clean damp cloth. You can clean the heating element on the upper part of the air fryer the same way. For hard-to -remove stains, you can combine baking soda and water and scrub it off with a soft-bristle brush. 

Grease Your Fryer With Some Oil

Chopping board with oil

To prevent crumbs and other food pieces from sticking to your air fryer, it helps to use a small amount of oil whenever you’re air frying. Use a tablespoon (or less) to cover the surface that food will be placed on. 

Stay away from store-bought aerosol cooking sprays as this might damage the nonstick coating. Opt for oils that have high smoking points as the temperature inside this appliance can get very hot. 

Get Rid Of The Smoke

Because of the high heat inside the air fryer, some fatty foods—like bacon, sausages, and chicken thighs—can create smoke.

When you notice that your air fryer is smoking, remove the excess oil at the bottom of the pan with a paper towel. Avoid overcrowding the basket and always clean the heating element to prevent this from happening. 

Use Foil and Baking Paper

Woman placing parchment paper on a table

If you often cook marinated food—such as chicken inasal and liempo—you will notice that the sauces can stick to the baking tray even if it is made from non-stick material. Aside from greasing with oil, you can also use aluminum foil or baking paper when cooking in your air fryer. 

Make sure that there is always food placed on the foil and baking paper to prevent it from flying inside the kitchen appliance. Only place a small amount that will fit inside the basket to prevent it from sticking to the heating element.

To prevent a chemical reaction when using aluminum foil, avoid cooking these acidic food:

  • Fruits
  • Vinegar 
  • Tomatoes 

Be Careful When Cooking Light Ingredients

Because your air fryer has a fan at the top, light items like baking paper and foil can easily be blown away. In addition to this, ingredients like egg roll wrappers and spinach can fly around inside and get stuck on the heating element.

This is the same for your favorite seasonings and breading too. When cooking breaded dishes, coat the main ingredient with a beaten egg before putting on the bread crumbs. Tap off the excess before frying. For herbs and spices, mix it with a little oil before spreading it on your food.

Key Takeaway

While the Hanabishi Air Fryer is easy to clean and maintain, all kitchen appliances should be cared for to keep it in the best working condition. By following these simple and easy steps, all your recipes will always be cooked to perfection. For more air fryer cleaning questions, do not hesitate to send a message here.

Due to the high demand for the Hanabishi air fryers, some physical stores can be out of stock. To get this crowd’s favorite kitchen appliance, you can order through Hanabishi’s official store on Lazada Mall.

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