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5 Appliances for a Student Dormitory

5 Appliances for a Student Dormitory


What appliances are best for a student dormitory?

  1. Microwave
  2. Rice cooker
  3. Portable stove
  4. Single door refrigerator
  5. Stand fan


  • In the hustle and bustle of student life, a well-equipped dormitory becomes a sanctuary of comfort and functionality.
  • Preparing for the academic year involves an essential spree for appliances that can turn your student dormitory into a haven of convenience.
  • Understanding local needs, Hanabishi provides a variety of appliances for every dormitory requirement, ensuring accessibility and affordability.

In the busy and fast-paced life of students, a well-equipped dormitory can make all the difference in building a comfortable and functional living space. One of the most important things to do before moving out of the comfort of your home is to go on an essential spree for appliances for your student dormitory.

In this article, find out what basic home and kitchen appliances you should purchase before the school year starts to have a fully functioning dormitory that will not disrupt your studies but bring comfort and ease instead.



A microwave is an essential kitchen companion, offering unparalleled convenience for students in a dorm setting. Its primary use is swift and effortless meal preparation within seconds or minutes.

Hanabishi’s microwave is designed with a 20-liter capacity, manual control, and six power levels. The glass turntable ensures even heating, and there's a handy defrost function. Set your cooking time with a user-friendly timer. Compact and convenient with a pull-out handle, it measures 440 x 328 x 259mm.

Whether reheating yesterday's dinner, whipping up instant meals, or even cooking certain dishes from scratch, the microwave is a time-saving ally. For students’ residences where space is at a premium, opt for a compact model to maximize efficiency and minimize the appliance's footprint.

Rice Cooker

One of the staples in any Filipino household is a trustee rice cooker. This kitchen appliance is celebrated for its rice-cooking prowess and unveils its potential as a versatile kitchen workhorse.

The Hanabishi Dark Grey Rice Cooker – your kitchen companion for hassle-free cooking. Available in six sizes, it's equipped with automatic features, a keep-warm system, and a steamer. Cook rice, lugaw, and soup effortlessly with the non-stick Teflon pot. Easy to clean with a detachable cord, and safety is ensured with thermal fuse protection.

Portable Stove

Portable Stove

While a rice cooker is a convenient aid for baon, the real hero during power interruptions is a portable stove.

This culinary maverick goes beyond the limitations of traditional kitchen appliances, providing versatility in various settings. Our portable stove boasts adjustable heat control, a user-friendly ignition system, and crucial safety features like a pressure-sensitive device and a secure gas canister locking mechanism, ensuring convenience and safety in unforeseen circumstances.

Single Door Refrigerator

Dorm life means ensuring how to budget for groceries. Thus, if you plan to purchase weeks' worth of meat and vegetables, keep in mind to invest in a refrigerator to keep these perishable items fresh.

Hanabishi’s single-door refrigerator is a kitchen must-have. With a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, this personal refrigerator is perfect for your place. Easily manage the temperature with mechanical control and adjust the legs for convenience. It comes with a separate freezer compartment, providing versatile storage. The unit dimensions of 447x485x837mm make it a sleek addition to any space.

Stand Fan

When cutting expenses for a dormitory, the stand fan emerges as the unsung hero for comfort and convenience. This home appliance is particularly crucial during warmer months in the country, and a stand fan provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to stay cool and comfortable.

With a 16-inch blade and 3-speed control, our high-velocity fan delivers a strong breeze. The adjustable stand and oscillation control let you customize your comfort. Safety is ensured with a thermal fuse-protected motor. Available in a stylish chrome-plated finish, it's your simple yet effective cooling companion.

Where to Buy Affordable Appliances for Your Dormitory?

Setting up your dorm with budget-friendly appliances can be both fun and practical. Check out Hanabishi's Online Store for affordable and quality appliances. Perfect for students on a budget, we offer a variety of products that balance affordability and performance, making your dorm life comfortable without breaking the bank.

Do not worry about the delivery of your appliances. Our team delivers in Metro Manila to assure you get your equipment on time and right at your doorstep.

Key Takeaway

Furnishing your student dormitory with the right appliances isn't just about convenience; it's about transforming your living space into a room of efficiency and comfort.

Choose the right appliance that can significantly impact your student life with Hanabishi. These appliances for a student dormitory can provide solutions for cooking, storage, and comfort. So, elevate your dorm life with thoughtfully chosen equipment, turning your space into a hub of productivity and relaxation.

Hanabishi provides affordable and quality appliances for all homes and homeowners. Get your needed appliances now when you contact us for your online purchase!

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