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6 Best Fans and Air Cooling Appliances for Your Home

6 Best Fans and Air Cooling Appliances for Your Home


What are the best air-cooling appliances for sale in the Philippines?

  1. Hanabishi air cooler
  2. Hanabishi stand fan
  3. Hanabishi desk fan
  4. Hanabishi ground fan
  5. Hanabishi industrial fan
  6. Hanabishi wall exhaust fan
  7. Hanabishi high-velocity mini jumbo fan


  • Hanabishi offers a wide range of affordable fans and air coolers that are perfect for Filipino families.
  • From durable air coolers and electric fans to wall-mount exhaust fans, you'll find the perfect solution to keep your home comfortable.

The Philippines is a beautiful island nation bathed in sunshine year-round. But all that heat can get overwhelming! That's why fans and air coolers are must-haves in every Filipino home, keeping everyone cool and comfortable.

That's where Hanabishi comes in, offering a fantastic selection of affordable appliances for sale in the Philippines. In this article, you will learn about some of our budget-friendly electric fans and air coolers, ensuring you stay cool and refreshed any time of day.

Hanabishi Air Cooler

Hanabishi Air Cooler

The Hanabishi Air Cooler HAC730 features a large 30-liter water tank for extended cooling. It includes a honeycomb filter to improve air quality and a remote controller that can adjust among 3 modes for personalized comfort. This machine delivers powerful airflow of up to 11 meters per second, making it suitable for different room sizes.

For large Pinoy households navigating through humid mornings and sticky evenings, this air cooler brings relief. Its long-lasting cooling capability ensures continuous comfort throughout the day and night, transforming your home into a serene oasis where relaxation reigns supreme.

Hanabishi Stand Fan

Curl up on the couch with a good book or your favorite K-drama, staying comfortably cool with the Hanabishi Stand Fan Windmill WM16SF-WM18SF. Best for dorm rooms or apartments, its adjustable settings allow you to tailor the breeze for focused study sessions or relaxing downtime.

Available in two sizes with either a 16-inch or 18-inch blade, the Hanabishi Stand Fan lets you choose the ideal airflow for your space. Its durable blade and adjustable stand allow you to direct the breeze exactly where you need it, while the oscillation control ensures that cool air reaches every corner of the room.

Hanabishi Desk Fan

The Hanabishi Desk Fan Windmill 360 WM360DF is designed to combat heat with its durable 16-inch blade and industrial housing. You can also customize the airflow with its 3-speed control system. Plus, its circular swinging and translucent blades ensure a cool and pleasant breeze throughout your space.

The desk fan’s 360-degree oscillation allows for targeted cooling, whether it's directed at your desk, your bed, or your workstation at home. This focused approach not only improves efficiency but also reduces electricity costs, making it a perfect choice to stay comfortable and productive all day without overspending.

Hanabishi Ground Fan

Unlike traditional stand fans that circulate air at higher levels, the Hanabishi Ground Fan Windmill WM16GF-WM18GFs lower height focuses on air circulation closer to the floor.

This bottom airflow effectively displaces stale air and naturally draws in fresh air, enhancing indoor air quality and significantly improving overall comfort levels. Additionally, the fan’s oscillation control lets you enjoy a refreshing breeze that reaches every corner of the room.

Hanabishi Industrial Fan

Imagine hosting a lively fiesta or a warm family salo-salo in your backyard, where everyone enjoys the occasion in perfect comfort. The Hanabishi Industrial Stand Fan HISF30FL is designed to make such moments even more enjoyable. With a 26-inch fan blade and a high-velocity output, this fan ensures efficient air circulation, keeping your guests cool.

The three-speed control system lets you customize the cooling experience, while the adjustable angle and height provide targeted airflow. Its oscillation function ensures even air distribution, enhancing overall comfort. The durable mesh safety grill offers protection without compromising airflow, and operating at 210 watts, it combines power with energy efficiency. This robust and reliable fan is an excellent investment for Pinoy homes that love to welcome guests for parties and gatherings!

Hanabishi Wall Exhaust Fan

Engineered for superior airflow management, the Hanabishi Wall Exhaust Fan HEF effectively expels hot air and draws in cooler air, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your space. Larger fan sizes swiftly eliminate warm air, maintaining a consistently cool and refreshing atmosphere indoors.

Select from a variety of sizes, from 6 to 12 inches, to match any room's needs perfectly. With a thermal fuse-protected motor and metal shutter control, the Hanabishi Exhaust Fan ensures durability and efficient operation. It effectively cools your space, ensuring a comfortable environment no matter the external weather conditions.

Hanabishi High-Velocity Mini Jumbo Fan

Hanabishi High-Velocity Mini Jumbo Fan

When it comes to cooling capabilities, the Hanabishi HMJF7 High-Velocity Mini Jumbo Fan is surprisingly strong for its small size. It has three-speed options, so you can customize the airflow to your exact comfort level. Plus, the 90-degree tilt function lets you direct the air exactly where you need it.

Aside from being a reliable cooling solution at home, this portable fan also doubles as the perfect travel companion. Its lightweight design allows for easy packing in any suitcase or carry-on. Maintenance is simple and hassle-free, ensuring you stay cool and relaxed whether you're in a hotel room or at the beach.

Key Takeaway

Beat the heat with Hanabishi's affordable appliances for sale in the Philippines. With our wide selection of air-cooling machines, you will find the perfect solution to keep your entire family cool and comfortable all year round, without breaking the bank.

Creating a soothing home environment is effortless with Hanabishi, the leading provider of affordable, high-quality appliances. With over 3,000 outlets nationwide, our team ensures Filipino families have access to reliable cooling appliances, regardless of where they live. Explore our online shop or contact us today for more information.

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