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5 Top BBQ Grills for Father's Day

5 Top BBQ Grills for Father's Day


What are the top BBQ grills for Father’s Day?

  1. Hanabishi Griller
  2. Hanabishi Electric Griller
  3. Hanabishi Smokeless Infrared Griller
  4. Hanabishi Smokeless Indoor Grill
  5. Hanabishi Hotpot BBQ Griller


  • Many Filipino dads love spending time outdoors, especially grilling food for their families.
  • Traditional large grills can be complicated to set up and clean.
  • Hanabishi offers a range of compact, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly grills, perfect for Filipino-style grilling and ideal as Father's Day gifts.
  • Hanabishi grillers offer diverse options: HGRILL100 for easy-to-clean grilling, HGRILL380 for multifunctional cooking, HLRV-INFGRILL725 for smokeless and oil-free meals, HSMOKELESS50 for mess-free indoor grilling, and HHOTPOTBBQ100 for versatile cooking.
  • Hanabishi offers a wide selection of BBQ grills and home appliances that make everyday living more convenient.

Some dads, especially Pinoys, love spending time outdoors. They love it even more when it involves grilling delicious food for the whole family. Whether sizzling inihaw or smoky barbecue, grilling is a way for dads to be backyard heroes. But those giant, old grills can be complicated to set up and clean.

Luckily, Hanabishi has a fantastic selection of compact, easy-to-use grills perfect for Filipino-style grilling. They're light on the budget too, so you can spoil Dad without breaking the bank by gifting him the perfect BBQ grill for Father's Day.

Here are some grillers for you to take home to Dad!

Hanabishi Griller

Hanabishi Griller

This Father's Day, surprise Dad with the Hanabishi Griller HGRILL100. It's a double threat – a 2-in-1 appliance that lets him grill like a champ. The marble-coated plates make cleaning a breeze, and the temperature control ensures perfectly cooked food every time. It's the perfect gift for a stress-free and delicious grilling experience.

Imagine Dad preparing classic Filipino favorites like inihaw na hipon – large shrimp marinated in garlic, butter, and calamansi juice, grilled to a pink perfection. Or maybe inihaw na talong – whole eggplants grilled until soft and smoky, ready to be peeled and served.

Hanabishi Electric Griller

Why go out if you can enjoy a hearty meat pot and vegetable stew alongside a mouthwatering barbecue at home? With the Hanabishi Griller HGRILL380, every meal becomes a cherished memory, as Dad takes charge of the grill and everyone enjoys a flavorful, homemade feast.

This appliance is a multi-tasking marvel. It lets you grill, simmer a hotpot, or prepare a steaming bowl of soup. The non-stick plates make cleaning easy, and the variable heat control ensures perfect results every time. This grilling powerhouse is the perfect gift for dads who love to cook and entertain.

Hanabishi Smokeless Infrared Griller

Say goodbye to greasy takeout and smoky backyards with the revolutionary Hanabishi Smokeless Infrared Griller HLRV-INFGRILL725. It's Dad's perfect indoor grilling companion. Here's why he'll love it - this innovative smokeless griller cooks to perfection without a drop of oil, offering a healthier way to enjoy all the deliciousness of barbecue.

The detachable oil reservoir catches excess grease, and the non-stick Teflon grill pan wipes clean effortlessly. It ensures even cooking and quick, efficient results.

Hanabishi Smokeless Indoor Grill

Take Dad's grilling game to the next level with the Hanabishi Smokeless Indoor Grill HSMOKELESS50. It has a non-stick ceramic plate for hassle-free cooking, along with a removable drip tray to catch any mess.

Grilling becomes safe and enjoyable with handy features like adjustable temperatures, cool-touch handles, and a glass cover, grill up a feast of pork BBQ, succulent bangus, or flavorful squid – all without the smoke and mess.

The spacious ceramic plate lets you arrange everything to perfection, and trust us, that marinade will baste beautifully for an explosion of flavor in every bite. ThisFather’s Day, skip the takeout lines, celebrate indoors, and grill easily.

Hanabishi Hotpot BBQ Griller

Hanabishi Hotpot BBQ Griller

Dads and grilling go hand in hand, but this appliance can do so much more. It lets you grill, fry, simmer soups, and cook hotpot – all on the same griddle. Plus, with total temp control, every dish is cooked perfectly. Its aluminum die-cast surfaces are built to last and are easy to clean, which means more time for grilling and less time for scrubbing.

With the Hanabishi Hotpot BBQ Griller HHOTPOTBBQ100, Dad can focus on his specialty: making wonderful meals for the family with minimal effort. He can grill delicious steaks, create chicken sopas, or fry lumpiang Shanghai without worrying about burning anything or jumping from one appliance to another.

Key Takeaway

Our dads deserve the best celebration. Discover Hanabishi's wide selection of BBQ grills for Father’s Day grillers and home appliances designed to make everyday living more convenient.

With over 30 years of experience, we've established ourselves as a reliable provider of high-quality and affordable appliances in the Philippines. Let us assist you in finding everything you need to elevate your home living. Contact us today or browse our selection of grillers here.

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