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7 Best Refrigerators In The Philippines

7 Best Refrigerators In The Philippines


What are the best refrigerators in the Philippines?

  1. Personal refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF18
  2. Single-door refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF60HMBLK
  3. Double-door refrigerator: Hanabishi HADDREF78SSINV
  4. Showcase Chiller: Hanabishi HINVCHILL130
  5. Upright freezer: Hanabishi HINVUPRIGHT 80
  6. Chest freezer: Hanabishi HCHINVF20
  7. Side-by-side refrigerator: Hanabishi HASBSREF 18SSINV

Whether you’re living alone or with an extended family, a refrigerator is a must-have in your home. It makes storing food more convenient, so you won’t waste money on leftovers or spoiled ingredients! Aside from personal use, you also need this appliance if you have a sari-sari store or food business. If you’re having trouble choosing, keep on reading for the best refrigerators in the Philippines

Personal Refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF18

You need a mini-fridge if you have a limited space to work with. For example, you might want to store snacks and cold drinks in your bedroom especially if you’re working or studying from home. Other than that, you might also have a tiny kitchen, so a large refrigerator is out of the question.

For recommendations, you can purchase the Hanabishi Single Door Refrigerator HASREF 18. It has a 1.8 cubic capacity, which makes it a perfect option as a second refrigerator. Its compact size also makes it easy to place anywhere if you have a small kitchen. For less than 6,000 pesos, you’re getting a fridge with a freezer too! 

Single-Door Refrigerator: Hanabishi HASREF60HMBLK

Single-door refrigerator- Hanabishi HASREF60HMBLK

If you need more refrigerator space, you might also consider a standard-sized single-door refrigerator. This gives you more space to store food, and it’s a perfect option for couples or small families. 

In this category, the recommended choice is the Hanabishi Single Door Refrigerator HASREF60HMBLK which is available for an affordable price. It has a 6.0 cubic capacity, so you might be worried about the electricity consumption. The good thing is that it has an energy-saving feature and mechanical temperature control so you can lessen the bill. It has three shelves for food, a top-mounted fridge, and a designated drawer at the bottom for fruits and vegetables. 

Double-Door Refrigerator: Hanabishi HADDREF78SSINV

If you need bigger freezer space for meat or ice cream, then a double-door refrigerator is the recommended option for you. The Hanabishi Double Door Refrigerator HADDREF78SSINV has an inverter, which allows you to save up to 40% of electricity! 

Aside from a separate door, you also have dividers and extra door shelves in the freezer area. In the lower area, you will see more compartments and an area for a chiller too. This allows you to organize your fridge more efficiently.

Showcase Chiller: Hanabishi HINVCHILL130

Showcase Chiller- Hanabishi HINVCHILL130

If you’re handling a food business, such as a canteen, restaurant, or bakery, a showcase chiller might be a better option for you. Instead of waiting for your customers to ask what’s available, the transparent door allows them to see your products in an instant. They’re best for displaying drinks!

Showcase chillers are available in different capacities and prices. But if you’re looking for one with a large capacity and inverter feature, you can check out the Hanabishi Eco Inverter Beverage Showcase Chiller HINVCHILL130. It has 13 cubic feet and can help you save up to 60% of electricity consumption. It also has a wheel caster so you can move it around your establishment with ease.

Upright Freezer: Hanabishi HINVUPRIGHT 80

An upright freezer is a great option if you need an extra appliance but want to save space. It stands vertically like refrigerators, so it’s easy to find room to place it in your home or place of business. Another advantage of this design is that you’re getting more organizational baskets and shelves, so it’s helpful for organizing small items in categories. The items are also easier to reach because you don’t have to dig deep.

The Hanabishi Inverter Upright Freezer HINVUPRIGHT 80 has an 8 cubic feet capacity. It has seven large drawers where you can store your goods, so you wouldn’t have trouble finding a specific item. Other than that, you can also rely on the inverter to help you reduce your electricity bill. 

Chest freezer: Hanabishi HCHINVF20

Chest freezer- Hanabishi HCHINVF20

If you’re storing larger goods, a chest freezer might be a better choice. These also have a larger capacity compared to upright freezers, so you just need to find enough horizontal space in your room. 

For example, the Hanabishi Inverter Chest Freezer HCHINVF20 has a 20 cubic feet capacity, which allows you to store tons of items! It also has a dual function—chiller and freezer. 

Side-By-Side Refrigerator: Hanabishi HASBSREF 18SSINV

You will often see side-by-side refrigerators being organized and restocked in social media videos. This is because they have plenty of compartments where you can store your food and drinks. Other than the dividers in the main unit itself, there are plenty of shelves on the door. 

One example is the Hanabishi Eco-Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator HASBSREF 18SSINV. Other than the inverter which helps you save electricity consumption, there are many advanced features available such as electronic temperature control, super freeze, and power cool functions. 

Key Takeaway

A refrigerator comes in different sizes, prices, and designs. With all the options out there, you might be having difficulty choosing one. Fortunately, Hanabishi offers plenty of choices whether you live alone, with family, or run a food business.

If you’re looking for the best refrigerators in the Philippines, you can browse at the Hanabishi shop at the Lazada Mall!

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