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9 Practical Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

9 Practical Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas


What are practical Christmas kitchen decoration ideas?

  1. Holiday-printed hand towel
  2. Christmas-themed oven covers
  3. Merry Christmas letterings
  4. Candy cane refrigerator magnets
  5. Christmas ball-filled vase
  6. Tabletop Christmas garlands
  7. Santa socks
  8. Holiday-inspired potholders
  9. Festive-colored hot pad
  More often than not, people forget to decorate their kitchen area for various reasons. It could be due to the scarcity of materials or the budget may simply not allow for it. But, you do not have to break the bank when finding festive decorations. From refrigerator magnets to oven covers, here are some kitchen decor ideas that you and your family can work on together.  

Holiday-printed Hand Towel

A holiday themed plate and utensils Hanging a Christmas-themed hand towel is a practical way to decorate the kitchen. Replace those old towels with a holiday-printed one on the lower door handle of your refrigerator. It doubles as decoration and as a hand drier. Any print that displays the icons of Christmas will be a great kitchen decoration for the Holiday season. From reindeer, a snowman in white snow, or even the night-blue sky.  

Christmas-themed Oven Covers

Another way to add Christmas decorations in the kitchen is to put a cover on your oven with prints of snowflakes, bells, or the iconic Santa Claus. If you cannot find any Christmas-themed oven covers, you can go for solid festive colors of green, red, blue, or purple with minimal prints. Oven covers are not only for decorations, but they also serve the purpose of keeping the kitchen equipment free of dirt that may contaminate the food being heated. In addition to that, it keeps your children from turning the knobs in different directions.  

Merry Christmas Letterings

Merry Christmas Letterings This Christmas decor can be a DIY project which you and your family will enjoy doing together. Using old cardboard or shoe boxes, trace and cut the letters to spell out “Merry Christmas”. Paint the cutouts with festive colors such as green, gold, red, blue, or purple. To make it look more pleasing, add white glitter for a snow-like effect. If you are feeling more creative, cut out stands so that you can put the letterings on top of the refrigerator or water dispenser.  

Candy Cane Refrigerator Magnets

Magnets are also great decorations. For the holiday season, put down those regular magnets and stick holiday-inspired magnets on. For as low as PHP50, you can find festive ones that will be great replacements for your regular magnets. If you are worried about the end of the holidays, think again! You can hang these festive magnets all year round to keep the Christmas spirit in the kitchen.  

Christmas Balls-filled Vase

Christmas Balls-filled Vase The Christmas ball-filled vase is another DIY project that you can do at home. Using scrap materials such as an old vase, Christmas balls, a few garlands, faux acorns, and poinsettias, you can already create a festive treat. If there are unused decorations intended for the Christmas tree, you can stuff them all in this vase decor. Place the vase on top of your refrigerator or water dispenser. In addition to that, you can put the vase on top of the dining table to serve as a centerpiece.  

Tabletop Christmas Garlands

Festive Christmas garlands are considered one of the best pieces and icons of the Holiday season. You can either display paper, cellophane, metallic paper or faux grass depending on the availability of your materials or your budget. Metallic paper is the most popular material for making garlands. The shiny garland will surely bring life to the dull surface on top of your kitchen cabinets. If you have faux grass garlands on-hand, place them on top of your refrigerator together with a Christmas ball-filled vase. They make great and eye-catching kitchen decorations.  

Santa Socks

Santa Socks hung up Santa socks are typically hung in the living room. For a change, bring them to the kitchen and put one sock each on every overhead cabinet you have. Make sure to personalize the socks by including the names of each family member. For a little fun, regularly put little gifts or trinkets inside each sock and on Christmas day allow your children to open their gifts. It can be mints, candy canes, small toys, or some of their favorite school supplies.  

Holiday-inspired Potholders

Practical, functional, and decorative, these festive potholders double as kitchen decorations as well as to hold hot pots or pans. Make sure to obtain polyester or cotton potholders to avoid getting burnt from gripping hot kitchen cooking tools and pieces of equipment.  

Festive-colored Hotpads

A group of people saying cheers while having a Christmas meal Hot pads are used for protecting the table from any hot dish. It is a kind of table mat but used for small to large pots and pans instead of plates. They are usually made of soft material with stuffing inside that absorbs the heat. If you are having difficulty searching for a festive hot pad, obtain a regular color and place a festive cloth on top of it. This way, the hot pad is concealed yet still effective in preventing the heat from causing cracks on the table.  

Key Takeaway

If you have finished decorating your living room and the exteriors of your house, consider these kitchen decor ideas. They should help you find practical decorations that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Most of the ideas included can be done at home using scrap materials and leftover decorations. A gentle reminder: be aware of where you display decorations. Putting an object on top of an oven might not be safe unless it is a cover that you must remove before usage.

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